No more online classes!

Many students, whom most I personally know, are struggling with their studies in Malaysia and it is not from laziness or incompetence but from the drawbacks of online classes. Sure, online classes may seem like the future of education or whatnot but it is a huge pain for those who actually pay attention in classes and those who are willing to fight to succeed. Here are some of the drawbacks of online classes :

Lack of equipment - 13% of students in Malaysia have no Internet or reception and an unknown percentage of students have inadequate Internet. There are also cases of students not having the electronic equipment they need.

Harder to focus - Those who do have electronic equipment often play games instead of learning and paying attention to the class. I also have played during classes a number of times. The number of people being distracted in online classes is bigger than you thought, my own recent survey uncovered that out of 25 people in my class, only 4 people paid attention. Others either scrolled through socials or indulged in games.
During a get-together of my batch, out of 148 students, only 70 of them attended it and a few people actually responded.

Not familiar for both students and teachers - Easily put, my generation has never been in such a situation now and it's a difficult time to be put through. This generation of teachers has also never been in a situation like this before (maybe SARS or idk).

Look, I'm not an ignorant person. I know there is a virus that is rampaging our country as I type. But more available masks and hand sanitizers, better social distancing, frequent site evaluations from KKM of school buildings, the rampant rollout of vaccines and boosters, we can actually have face-to-face classes normally again.

TL: DR no more online classes because I'm failing to focus on my studies.

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