No Mandatory Vaccination or Vaccine Passports! Do Not Discriminate Against Unvaccinated

Dear Sirs, 

I am disturbed by the measures put in place by you to manage the COVID situation in Singapore. The measures are excessively strict and have affected the freedom and health (both physical and mental) of many who live here. I understand that you are concerned about the number of individuals (particularly the seniors) who are COVID-unvaccinated. But, please, please understand that getting the vaccine or not is a personal choice. Every single human being has the freedom to choose to say yes or no to the vaccine. Please respect their decision and stop blaming your strict measures on the unvaccinated.  

You claim that one of the reasons for returning to Phase 2(HA) is to protect unvaccinated seniors. Please stop using them as a scapegoat for your poor decisions and oversight in managing the situation in Singapore. Unvaccinated individuals have not asked for your protection. Many are informed individuals who have made the choice not to take the vaccine. Your constant insinuation at how they are the ones making the situation in Singapore worse is causing animosity between vaccinated individuals towards the unvaccinated.  

Vaccination is not the best way to end this pandemic, especially because the vaccine does not stop people from getting or spreading it. The best way to remain disease-free is by living a healthy lifestyle. Vaccinated individuals who continue to make poor lifestyle choices will not only get and spread COVID, but other infectious diseases too. On the contrary, unvaccinated individuals who lead a healthy lifestyle could likely stay free from COVID and many other illnesses.  

Why doesn’t the government try harder to encourage people in Singapore to eat healthier (I mean, every shopping mall has at least 10 fast food restaurants, which are always sporting long queues), be more active and get outdoors more (many Singaporeans either work indoors all day or are so afraid of the sun they are probably Vitamin D-deficient). It is difficult to make lifestyle changes, but, in the long run, Singaporeans will be healthier and happier.  

Instead, you use fearmongering and bribery to coerce Singaporeans into taking the mRNA vaccines. For example, vaccinated individuals can still get and spread COVID, but they get to dine in and use the gym? Also, making healthy people and children get the vaccine is irresponsible. I would understand if you were concerned about the elderly and people with comorbidities and encourage them to get vaccinated. But healthy individuals and children are not vulnerable to COVID and are very unlikely to get seriously ill. It is not right to push these people into getting mRNA vaccines that could mess with their well-functioning immune systems.

Aren't all lives equal to you? If an otherwise healthy child or adult has their health compromised for life (there have been people suffering from heart attacks, paralysis and neurological issues after getting the vaccine) because you forced them to take the vaccine, do you seriously think it is worth it? Every medication, including these vaccines, has side effects. FOR CHILDREN AND HEALTHY PEOPLE, THE RISKS OF THE VACCINES MAY OUTWEIGH THE BENEFITS.

Therefore, I urge you to NEVER IMPOSE MANDATORY VACCINATION on us. It would be UNETHICAL. Please remember that we have the FREEDOM to choose what goes into our bodies. Not every unvaccinated individual is misinformed or a conspiracy theorist. In fact, many have taken the time and effort to read up on the pros and cons of the mRNA vaccines. Many have made a well-informed choice. Please respect their RIGHTS. 

I also urge you to reconsider implementing domestic "vaccine passports", where the unvaccinated are banned from places. Already, the mainstream media has caused a huge divide between vaccinated and unvaccinated people in Singapore. Many vaccinated individuals believe that the unvaccinated are going to cause them their lives, their freedom, and they have lashed out with anger and hatred at the unvaccinated. Some have casted out their unvaccinated friends; others have ridiculed and shamed the unvaccinated.

In addition to that, due to the narrative that you have been putting out since the vaccine campaign started, many amongst the vaccinated have started advocating punishment for and discrimination towards those who chose not to get the vaccine. But, JUST AS THE VACCINATED HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE TO TAKE THE VACCINE, THE UNVACCINATED HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE NOT TO. There is no difference between the two groups apart from them having made different decisions for themselves. There shouldn’t be any difference, but the division has started. You have followed in the footsteps of countries like Israel and France that have made the tyrannical decision of treating the unvaccinated vastly differently. You are causing the rift between the vaccinated and unvaccinated to get bigger.  

Is this what the government wants? For the country to be so divided? For one group of Singaporeans to feel hatred and anger, as well as superiority, towards another group? Don’t you see what this is leading to? Implementing vaccine passports will lead our country down a slippery slope. It won’t be long before one group is treating the other group like cattle class and advocating their extermination. This has happened before in history, and it can happen now if you allow it to. 

In conclusion, I ask you to show compassion towards your countrymen. Please respect the choices that people have made, and please let both the vaccinated and unvaccinated resume their normal lives, preferably as one strong unit regardless of their differences in opinions and choices. You have the chance to be on the right side of history. Please make that choice.

Yours sincerely,
A concerned Singaporean

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