NO to Online-Only Grad Programs at GVSU


Grand Valley State University President Philomena Mantella has decided on behalf of the student body to transition to online and hybrid-only graduate programs by Spring 2021. 

This means that entire graduate programs will become online-only or hybrid, which is an online course that meets on campus only 1-2 times a month. 

We, the student body, were willfully left out of this decision, despite being the University's most affected and invested stakeholder. 

Tell President Mantella that you reject the plan to turn Grand Valley State University into the next University of Phoenix - sign this petition!


EDIT 2/24/20:
This petition will be removed with confirmation from GVSU Administration that this will NOT be the course of action/direction the University takes or plans to take in the future. 

This petition is not meant to misinform - it is based on the information given off-the-record and informally by various faculty members.

 If you have further information or believe something in this petition to be misleading, please email me at

Lastly, If this reaction from a student is surprising to you, you must not be in the classroom. This conversation has been happening amongst students quite often - I chose to provide an outlet for our confusion/frustrations.