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Mel_Ingram_Field.jpgMy name is Ashley Hood. Born and raised here in Grants Pass. Once a cavemen, always a cavemen. And most importantly a proud sister in law of an amazingly talented and deserving brother who happens to be a Senior during this strange school year.

These kids have had so much taken from them. Loss of connection, loss of socialization, loss of physical activity with their friends, loss of as many opportunities for scholarships, and so much more.

Finally there seems to be a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel with them being able to return to school and start playing sports games. Now take a minute to reflect back on your high school years... the memories, the experiences, the high of a good ol' home football game. These Seniors deserve to get to experience a football game with spectators in the stadium like we all did!

This years super bowl allowed 25,000 spectators to view the game out of a total "normal" capacity of 65,000. The stadium was allowed to welcome a reduced capacity of spectators for the game, in line with local government protocols such as mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing and controlled entry and exit points around the stadium.

Let's now put numbers into perspective for our Cavemen. Mel Ingram's stadium's total capacity is around 3,500. 25% of this would be 875 people. This years Varsity Football team roughly dresses down around 35-40 players due to covid-restrictions. If each player is allowed 10 tickets for their family members to watch and support in the stands, that equals 400 people (Well under 25% capacity.)

 My proposal that I hope is taken into serious consideration is:

- To allocate 10 tickets (at minimum) for each football players family to attend the home games watching in the stadium.

-Each family would be at least 6 ft apart.

-Controlled entry and exit points around the stadium.


Let's try and give these kids as much of a normal rest of the school year as possible by showing them our support in the stands. That their hard work and dedication doesn't go unnoticed. 


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