Protest against the results of parliamentary elections

QEYD: Bu məktub AŞPA deputatlarına göndəriləcək ki, qış sessiyasında Azərbaycanda 7 noyabr parlament seçkilərinin müzakirəsi zamanı AŞPA deputatları yalnız "müşahidə" missiyasının deyil, Azərbaycan vətəndaşlarının da seçkiyə etiraz mövqeyindən xəbərdar olsunlar.


Dear Members of  PACE observation mission in Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan,


We, citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, are deeply concerned about the massive fraud that took place in the last parliamentary elections in our country. It is highly frustrating to see officials claiming that the elections were free and fair, especially in the age of social networks, YouTube, new media and thousands of tiny cameras attached to different gadgets in people's pockets. It is also frustrating to see institutions which our nation is a member of to send numerous observers, spending large amounts of money that actually belongs to the taxpayers of the countries they represent, and to know that these missions' work results in nothing but a report. Do mandates of COE and PACE really not allow them to refuse to accept representatives sent by a parliament that was "elected" through massive election fraud? Is there really nothing to do about it? We are presenting a video made on the election day at one of the polling stations of the fourth Khatai constituency number 36 (Baku). Ballot stuffing is conducted to get a seat in the parliament for Mr. Samad Seyidov. The latter has been leading the Azerbaijani delegation at PACE for the last 5 years:


This is only one of the many videos made in different polling stations on the election day.


We urge PACE and COE to act for the sake of the principles of policy ethics, democracy and human rights in COE member states as well as the reputation of these institutions.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Best Regards,