Petition to Finalize Approval of Prairie Village Subdivision #4 ASAP

Petition to the Maharishi Vedic City Council    

We, the undersigned homeowners and future homeowners of Prairie Village, MVC residents, Prairie Village contractors, and others petition the MVC Council, to approve the new subdivision in Prairie Village by June 10, 2022.   By putting obstacles in the way of this subdivision moving forward, the following is occurring:  

1.  Loss of Interest Rate for Thompsons - If the subdivision is not approved immediately, the Thompsons cannot close on their house and will lose their locked in interest rate in the next couple of weeks forcing them to pay more money per month for their mortgage.  

2.  Preventing MVC from getting property tax money. The first homeowners who moved in 2 years ago will be starting to pay Property Tax this September. This amounts to a minimum of $2,300 or more per house. The longer it takes to approve this new subdivision, the longer it will take before MVC sees any property tax money from future sales.  $2300/house x 32 houses = at least $73,600 per year. 

3.  All of the 32 houses but 4 are sold or pre-sold. There are future homeowners who have sold or are actively selling out-of-town homes whose new homes here are now on hold. The developers are making very little on each house. Yet, they are doing this to help people live in affordable Vastu.  

4.  Stopping the work flow. When the Developers sell a house then, with that money, they move on to building the next house.  If the Thompsons can’t purchase their house, it will stop the tradesmen from being paid and other homes from being renovated. Once the workers are laid off, it’s nearly impossible to get them back with the current worker shortage.  

5.  Maharishi’s Vision. Maharishi gave us an incredible vision for all people to live in Vastu and grow more quickly to Enlightenment.  Keep Vedic City growing!  

More population in Prairie Village means more amenities for all of MVC, larger program groups, dining options, community event venues, gym, elder care, etc.  

These Vastu homes are very affordable.  These two developers made it possible. One homeowner lived in the trailers on MIU campus for over 20 years and can now have an MSV home.  A former Purusha, full time and part-time TM Teachers, MIU faculty and staff are now able to and about to buy a Vastu home here. 

The Developers are converting a broken-down disintegrating group of homes into beautiful Vastu homes.  All of us who live here already love living here and want to see it grow.  

6.  Living in MSV Vastu - These MSV homes, designed and approved by the MSV office, are an expansive, incredibly powerful and evolutionary experience.    

 Approve the subdivision ASAP without contingencies just like the other prior 3 subdivisions were approved. Keep the contingencies separate, to be discussed and documented later as a separate issue from renovation of the homes.

Please do it now! Thank you!  

Lohrainne Janell and Janice Haynes    Contact the author of the petition

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