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As far as the current time schedule shows, there seems as if every class we are going to have is online except for the methodology workshop class. Hence, our goal is that this will also be an option for those of us that wants to take this workshop online. This is not an easy time we are in at the moment, and many feel much safer in our own homes, countries and so on. Also, we do not know what will happen concerning the matter of air traffic and possibly quarantine. We understand that this is a difficult time for our professors and university as well, and would be greatful to participate remotely in this class as well. These signatures does not mean every participant necessarily want to participate only remotely, but that they will have that as an option if somethings were to happen, i.e, one gets sick, quarantine and so forth. Furthermore, some may only want to participate remotely for now, and thus these signatures signifies an option to do this as well. 

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