Provision of separate degree certificates for 3-year honor's and 2-year PG


  1. Honorable Vice Chancellor,Cluster University Srinagar. 
  2. Registrar, Cluster University Srinagar.
  3. Controller Examination, Cluster University Srinagar.
  4. Dean Academics, Cluster University Srinagar.
  5. Principal's of Constituent Colleges, Cluster University Srinagar.

Respected sir,

We the students of various IG courses of Cluster University Srinagar acquaint your goodself towards the fact that as you are aware of the fact that we have been demanding Separate degree certificates for 3-year honor's and 2-year PG for our integrated programs since November 2022.Though University has kept it on agenda in the tomorrow's academic council meeting .But the thing that has prompted us to sign this petition  is that we want  separate degree certificates i.e 3-year UG and 2-year PGat the end of our 5-years to avoid any problem in the future . Kindly look into this matter again in detail.

We shall be grateful to uhh.

                                                                            Yours Sincerely

                                                                            Students of IG courses.


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