Reinstate Mr. Liscinski as WHS Biology/Anatomy/Zoology Teacher

Mr. Liscinski has impacted many students throughout his 4 years at WHS. He was wrongly removed and replaced by a teacher that is highly favored by the board and superintendent. He was given the option to be removed or resign and chose to resign so that he could keep his options in the education field would still be open.

 Factors leading to his removal

  • Student who did not favor Mr. Liscinski complained to their parent on the school board
  • Replacement has bragged to other teachers that this was planned
  • He was evaluated as unfavorable on an outdated, unused observation form
  • He was not given an improvement plan, which most teachers receive


Mr. Liscinski's replacement

  • Talked to other teachers that she and the Superintendent planned this
  • Is a member of the Superintendents church and has gained overwhelming favoritism with the superintendent
  • Supported by a prominent board member who's daughter did not like Mr. Liscinski

Mr. Liscinski has helped the community in many ways, especially in the athletic areas of education. He was co cross country coach and volunteered to run with the distance squad during track season. He has also  gotten local businesses (In His Home Town) to donate running shoes to cross country athletes as well as starting a fund to buy running gear for an athlete during the 2016/2017 Cross Country season. In the academic areas of WHS Mr. Liscinski has helped many students pursue science based careers, encouraged positive study habits, stays after school hours to give extra help to students that request help, and created a positive, fun work environment. He also has taken many extra college classes so that he could teach Zoology, but was removed before he could begin to teach that class. The overwhelming majority of students want Mr. Liscinski back as a Biology/Anatomy teacher and anticipate having him back to teach Zoology.