Remaster Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

This Game Means A Lot To Me! Not Only Is It The First Call Of Duty Game I Actually Bought And Played For Hours On End, But It Was The Last Game I Ever Got To Play With My Cousin Before He Past Away! Few Months Before His Death, He Would Come Over To My House And Challenge Me To A Match And I Worked Night And Was Tired So I Just Let Him In To Play By Himself While I Went To Sleep! The Day Before His Death He Got Kicked Out Of His Fiancé's House And Need A Place To Stay, He Massaged Me While I was Asleep And About To Head To Work Saying, "Hey Bubby, I Know Your Probably Still Asleep, But I Was Wondering If I Can Come Live With You Til My Fiancé Takes Me Back?, Maybe Even Expand My Winning Streak On COD:BO2 Against You? LOL Love You Bubby, I Miss You!" That Night He Went To A Party And Shot Up With What He Didn't Know Was Tainted Heroin And Died Later That Night! He Left Behind His 8 Month Old Daughter and Unborn Son At The Time, Leaving The Same Way His Mom Did To Him! I Wish I Could've Answered And Told Yes, Skip Work And Play Black Ops 2 With Him! It Was His Favorite Game In The World At The Time! So I Would Like To Pass This Petition To Remaster Black Ops 2! Not Only Was The Game, Storyline, The Maps, And DLCs Good, But It Has A Huge Sentimental Value To Me! My Cousin Was Like A Brother To Me And Had So Much To Live For, I Want This Honor This Game In The Memory Of Him!