Resolve request for the Finance Minister Mramor

It is necessary to resolve the Finance Minister Mramor because of:

-he do not work iout professionally and responsibly since it only raises the revenue side of public finances over the burden on taxpayers and businesses (higher VAT, petrol 10 cents, etc ..)

-he use the advantage of its position as dean and makes policy change morally wrong disbursement of continuous readiness while the rest of the civil servants salary decreases

-Because the expenditure side lowers merely the general reduction in the rights of citizens (lower pensions, fixed social transfer programs not comensated with the growth of living costs and inflation, etc.)

-Because his statements or lying to deceive the public, which is done with the argument that in case of the state intervention in CHF borrowers case would make them privileged compared with EUR borrowers which is not true. Swiss franc borrowers would be in worse position in all of the proposed solutions

-Because he did poorly prepare project of the bad bank and now more and more demands for the establishment of yet another bad bank

-Because he do not care for proper oversight of the Bank of Slovenia


This shows that work entrusted to him is not perform as expected. At the same time some of his statements are violations of certain laws, so far as we want to solve the financial system, we must first remove minister Mramor.


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