Romanian citizenship titled "honorary citizenship"


Scientific and cultural personality of Prof. Fawaz Al-Azki is well known in Syria and Romania, and throughout the Arab world and the world...

and his love for Romania, and his constant concern, since 1985, to promote its image over abroad through various ways: novels, newspapers, courses and conferences, museum, etc.

All are beautifully presented in the book "Prof Dr Eng Fawaz Al-Azki" - Facebook version;, as well as on: http://www.G.C.E.E.Monachus,, but also on many other websites - pages presenting the scientific, cultural and educational work of Prof. Fawaz Al-Azki.

Those who know (directly or indirectly) on Prof., but those who do not know yet and they want to know, I ask them to read these pages.


Wanting to give him a gift for all his work done to promote Romania abroad, we filed on the date of December 20, 2012 a memorandum to the Government of Romania which we applied for recognition of his work to promote Romania abroad and granting Romanian citizenship title as an "honorary citizenship" for Prof. Fawaz Al-Azki - a legal right won by this work!

Since 2012 until now, the Romanian Government led a fierce campaign of mockery against Mr. Prof.:

1.      of ignorance of Romanian legislation (in particular the Government Ordinance no. 27/2002 on regulating the settlement of complaints - published in Official Gazette no. 296 of 30 April 2002, and Romanian citizenship Law no. 21 of 1 March 1991, as amended, published in Official Gazette no. 576 of 13 August 2010), the case was "walked" in the first instance to all sorts of other Romanian institutions, although citizenship Law CLEARLY says in article 36, paragraph (1): "Romanian citizenship titled" honorary citizenship" is... give strangers…, on a proposal from the Government, without any further formality, by the Romanian Parliament."

2.      although Government Ordinance no. 27/2002 on regulating the resolution of petitions CLEARLY says in article 8, paragraph (1) that: "Notified public authorities and institutions are obliged to communicate of petitioner within 30 days from the date of registration of the petition, answer...”, and in Article 9 that: "If the petition approached aspects require further research, public authority or institution head may extend the period referred to in Article 8 to 15 days.", for 9 months (December 20, 2012 - October 1, 2013), we have not received from the Government any official address through which they communicate to us that the file has been received and it is in their analysis, and approaches taken.

However, we have consistently called for the Government to inquire into the case. Meanwhile: 1. we were walked from one office to another; 2. they told us to wait because they gave us answer; 3. although we asked all the time to get into the audience to the Prime Minister, this was not allowed ever - although it is a legal right of ours!!!; 4. we were lied that everything is ready and that Government Decision shall enter into the Government meeting, and it will then be sent to Parliament for approval. Later, they told us all the time that we misunderstood and that we should wait!

3.      from the moment we threatened them that we give them to court, and then during the 2 trials that followed in the Court, those of the Government (Director of the General Secretariat of the Government and the General Secretary of the Government) invoked all sorts of reasons IMPROPER LEGAL reasons:

% "The final evaluationwill be conducted once the situation in Syria will allow...". Romanian citizenship Law CLEARLY says in article 36, paragraph (1): "Romanian citizenship titled" honorary citizenship "is ... give some foreigners for special services to the Romanian country and nation, ...", therefore, not depending on the situation in their home country;

%  “…your request is carefully analyzing the Romanian competent institutions". We asked all the time in the process to inform us that those institutions, official addresses where they called in this analysis, and analysis. And that, because we know WELL that everything is a lie and we wanted to prove that legally! But this was not possible due to "purchase" the 2 judge! Moreover, according to Romanian citizenship Law, jurisdiction solves the problem has requested the Romanian Government, as stated in the National Citizenship Authority by letter no. 360ANC / .2013 dated January 29, 2013.

%  “…if Mr. Fawaz Al-Azki is aware of the request... and if he wants to acquire the title of honorary citizen of Romania". All the time, we presented his involvement in compiling the file, and how eagerly he awaits title. To this testify his personal papers, photographs taken and sent to our suggestion, recommendations of Univ. Profs. in Bucharest and of Mr. Honorary Consul of Romania in Lattakia, but mostly "The self-describing" of Prof.

Although it can communicate easily with Prof. both directly by phone, e-mail or chat, or indirectly by the Romanian Embassy in Damascus, this has not been done ever by the Government of Romania!

% that we abandon the appeal of the first trial - on the advice of our attorney, not of our own desire!, lawyer who subsequently did nothing but rob us, doing nothing in the second trial and "disappeared" at the last meeting of the process!



In 2002, it was also given such a title of Swedish, Mr. Ion Micloṣ for the same "facts": promoting Romania's image in Sweden"by translating Romanian poetry and prose, ...organization in Sweden, of exhibitions of Romanian painting, drawing and sculpture, of some artistic groups from Romania, ...lecturing about Mihai Eminescu, ...cooperation with our diplomatic mission, in Sweden, etc. Here, there must be an indication that in fact we did it: Mr. Ion Micloṣ is Swedish citizen of Romanian origin, who has promoted HIS OWN COUNTRY!!! While Prof. Fawaz Al-Azki is Syrian citizen, but beats a heart of Romanian citizen, and so, who promoted HIS DEAR COUNTRY!!!

And, ironically, while we "fight" to receive this title, in October 2013, the Government proposed to grant such a title of a Nigerian footballer Kehinde Fatai, although he did nothing for our country - but because it was in the interest of Government. Here, I also remember in Nigeria were problems! But in this case, did not put questions like: "the final evaluation…will be conducted once the situation in Nigeria will allow ...", "... if Mr. Kehinde Fatai is aware of the request ... and if he wants to acquire the title of honorary citizen of Romania", etc. Rather, the Government Secretary said: "It is not a request, a case was filed" ... "until tomorrow, at 12.00, we must find the way required. Together with Immigration or the authority in charge of people seeking to find a solution". As noted above, since 2012 we fight to obtain this title - and that is because the Government has found all sorts of reasons!!!

Football is the Romanian Government interest??? Scientific, educational, cultural developing fall in Government priority interests??? A nation not develops through football, but through science, education and culture. Professor Fawaz promoted Romania. When Fatai passed on it, and why??? the title "is granted to foreigners for special services to the Romanian country and nation". Professor Fawaz wants to continue working to promote Romania on line scientific, educational, cultural. But he is blocked by the Romanian Government!!!


Please sign the petition for recognition of his work to promote Romania abroad and for obtaining the Romanian citizenship titled "honorary citizenship" for Prof. Fawaz Al-Azki - legal right won by his work to promote Romania abroad since 1985.

Help us to do right!

Help Mr. Prof.! He deserves full!