Ron Paul 2016! Petition to Let Dr. Paul Know We Want Him To Run

Ron Paul,

We want you to run for President again. We stood by you in 2008, 2012, and we will stand by you in 2016. The time we supporters have spent electioneering for you has been well spent! It has made a long lasting impact and our country is awakening to the message of Liberty. We Ron Paul supporters now control more then a foothold in the Political infrastructure of this country. So let’s exploit it!

The worst-case-scenario is that we don't win, but we succeed in exposing more fraud, more inefficiency in Government, and the Liberty Movement grows.

Even though Rand is a good candidate, we are not as passionate about him as we are about you and your unwillingness to compromise with the "machine". Rand still has many years ahead of him.

Dr. Ron Paul, please let us know if you will run again? As your faithful and passionate supporters we will pledge our time and money for Liberty to support you!


Love Liberty PAC