SAVE 40 baby monkeys from being sent for experiment at poison lab

I here sign this petition and demand that the Minister of Environmental Protection in Israel close the                                                         "Mazor farm" urgently and indefinitely!!!!

"The Mazor Farm",
in Israel breeds monkeys and sells them to poison labs around the world. Harsh experiments
are done, mental and physical abuse. These animals suffer daily torturing until they are
terminated when no longer needed. Mazor farm is planning to fly 40 BABY MONKEYS to the United States to the
SNBL poisons lab to be tested on.

I plead to you to save these monkeys and many more like
them, close this death farm for once and for all. The monkeys are kept in crude,
small cages until they die or are sent in tea bags to fly to hell. This will
continue if we turn the other cheek. As human beings do not have the right to
knowingly torture and destroy Gods creation been created by God, for our
selfish benefits.


If you can't show your child pictures of what's been
done to millions of helpless, voiceless, animals you know something very bad is
being done and it has to stop. Hundreds of millions of
animals are killed each year from lab testing.