Save Buffelspoort Dam and the surrounding environment

Buffelspoort Dam is one of South Africa’s most vibrant and beautiful sites. It is a home away from home for family’s who want to fish, camp or do some waterskiing and many other recreational activities that bring the community together.

The land directly across from the dam is soon to be handed over to a local mining company which will inevitably destroy the local ecosystem. This will lead to unnecessary pollution of the cleanest dam in South Africa and kill majority if not all of the life in it. Apart from the extermination of the aquatic and land life the harmful chemicals used during the mining process carry unintended consequences as when rain washes the loosened top soil into streams, sediments pollute waterways.


There are countless generations of families that have grown up in the area and are hoping to be able to raise their children here one day and it doesn’t take a biologist to understand how the mining will destroy this possibility through destruction of the ecosystem. The Dam Water is also used for other purposes such as farming by local farmers and this is their main water supply. This is a petition by concerned teenagers that are either third or fourth generational members at the dam. There are so many problems in our country as it is and corporations trying to make a quick buck need to be back into their place. Help us save our home.

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