The BBC has decided to close down its popular Tamil Language Broadcast  “ThamilOsai” from London  and transfer the entire operation to New Delhi, early in 2015, after serving for nearly 74 years,  arguing that they do not have funds to continue the service from London. This fails to take account of the need of the Tamil Service to guide the English sections of BBC like the BBC TV and BBC online and more importantly to provide independent and better focus to their Sri Lanka coverage without getting overwhelmed by the regional or Indian news agenda to win over more audiences. It is on the brink of losing its independence and efficiency.

The Sri Lankan audiences still need a global news organisation like BBC Tamil to focus on their continued problems. Though the war has ended, the humanitarian crisis lingers on. The political grievances underlying the conflict have not been addressed. Of late, the country still faces the rise of the Buddhist organisations like BBS, which are terrorising the minorities in the country. The move to Delhi would also limit the access to the Tamil diaspora groups in the west to engage with them.


War Coverage:

The BBC Tamil, despite severe restrictions, covered the last phase of the war, though the Sri Lankan government banned the media from entering the war zone.   

Using the London based producers, the Tamil service brought to light the human tragedy that was unfolding in the war zone, through interviews and getting peoples voices from the ground.


Stop the Move

There are many more reasons to save the LONDON BBC TAMIL SERVICE; so please, please take a moment to sign this petition. With enough support, we may be able to convey the needs of the Tamil Community to the "Decision Makers". Public pressure can stop the move. Every signature counts!


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