Save The Pringle Bay Alpacas

  • By definition they are long-haired domesticated South American mammals related to the llama, valued for its wool.  The wool of the alpaca is a mixture of wool, alpaca, and silk.
  • All close neighbors and the fire chief approved in writing before they arrived on 2 Feb 17.  They received no objections from the Pringle Bay rate payers association.
  • Considered guard animals and are bred to protect sheep herds.  They have soft feet (like dogs) and are easily trained.
  • Make no noise, have no smell and do not attract flies.
  • Are keeping the vacant plot clear of excess local and alien vegetation, thus reducing the hazard of wild fires to the town.  They also eliminate the requirement to use petrol powered brush cutters which produce a great deal of noise and carbon pollution.
  • Tourist attraction in that approximately 100 visitors have stopped by to take pictures and feed them since they arrived one month ago. 
  • The local school wants to feature them at their fundraising in late April.
  • Local estate agents are bringing prospective buyers to the plot to assist in selling local properties, thus stimulating the local economy.
  • They are settled in and well adapted to the Pringle Bay environment. Moving them at this point is animal cruelty.