Say NO to Housing proposal for Sullivan and 40R

URGENT!! Please say no to turn Sullivan School into more affordable housing, as well as a proposed zoning plan that will affect the entire city. The city already exceeds the federal guidelines for affordable housing. The 30 year tax abatement will increase our taxes more and we will pay double that they contribute after 30 years. The developer would not have to pay the 10,000.00 for at least 2 years until the federal money and grants come in. It is the start of a bigger plan for the 40r zoning plan for downtown for more affordable housing, that in the long term will burden tax payers and the city even more. This will deplete our tax base. We need infrastructure, updated police, fire,city departments along with public schools. We need incentives to bring new businesses in to go the direction the city is visioning for the art industry. We should be fixing Mohawk theater,  a staple in this city to bring back entertainment to create more foot traffic for these businesses downtown. We need businesses and trades. We should revisit the manufacturing trade idea for that school. It would create more trade jobs, possibly bring some industry back to go hand in hand with the art industry and our own rich history. The city needs to move forward not backwards, not just relying on federal funding for our city to get by. We the people have become complacent through the years. NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE PEOPLE TO BECOME MORE INVOLVED TO MAKE THIS CITY THRIVE!!

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