Honouring our World Champions



It would be a lovely way to honour our very own gold medal champions!

(Stittsville, 2017-04-18)


They have great work ethics and totally deserve this honour

(Ottawa, 2017-04-19)


It is important to recognize all athletes that represent our country and not just the ones that are paid well for what they do. This would be a great step forward to show we support our special Olympics athletes and so they are just as important as our other athletes. Helps with inclusion for all.

(Ottawa, 2017-04-19)


Jack and Katie are an inspiration to us all. Go after your dreams no matter what. I applaud their courage and perseverance!

(Gatineau, 2017-04-19)


We fully support Special Olympics and think that it would be great to name the rink after these amazing WORLD CHAMPIONS!! They truly deserve it!!

(Ottawa, 2017-04-19)


I know Katie and Jack because my daughter is in the Special Olympics skating club with them. All the other kids look up to these two as great role-models of what can be achieved with hard work and determination.

(Kanata, 2017-04-19)


Proud coach of the Goulbourn Skating Club

(Kanata, 2017-04-19)


Jack and Katie deserve the recognition!

(Kanata, 2017-04-19)


Their hard work and amazing achievement should be recognized in some manner. To name a rink where they honed their skills is a good starting point. Continued success.

(Stoney Creek, 2017-04-19)


They are an inspiration on how to really live!

(Greely, 2017-04-19)



(ottawa, 2017-04-19)


They represent the spirit of true champions

(GUELPH, 2017-04-19)


They deserve the recognition!

(Toronto, 2017-04-19)


Katie and Jack are phenomenal athletes and deserve every ounce of recognition they have and will receive.

(Ottawa, 2017-04-19)


Katie and Jack rock!!!

(Kanata, 2017-04-19)


These skaters of the Special Olympics deserve recognition

(Manotick, 2017-04-19)


I am honoured to know them because they skate with my son.

(Ottawa, 2017-04-19)


I have seen these Athletes perform, and their dedication to their sport is Amazing !!!

(Garibaldi Highlands, B.C., 2017-04-19)


I think this is a great way to honour these award-winning athletes. Their names will be a much more fitting name than, "Rink A".

(Ottawa, 2017-04-19)


I used to train there

(Ottawa, 2017-04-19)


I had the honour of being Jack and Katie's Mission Staff at World Games and can say without reservation that these two athletes embody the spirit of what it means to be World Champions.

(Vancouver, 2017-04-19)


They are role models for their community, this city, our country, and ice-dance. Bravo!!

(Ottawa , 2017-04-19)


to promote their hard work and their athletes spirit.

(ottawa, 2017-04-19)


Wonderful skaters that represent Ottawa and Ontario so well. I have seen their hard work!!

(Richmond, 2017-04-20)


I completely agree that Jack and Katie should be honoured for their hard work, dedication and amazing achievements.

(Ottawa, 2017-04-20)


We need to recognize the hard work and effort that Special Olympic skaters do just like we recognize other athletes.

(Rochester, 2017-04-20)


I am a proud supporter of Special Olympics Athletes

(Regina, 2017-04-20)


They deserve to be honoured just like everyone else who has achieved something great.

They're world champions!!

(Gatineau, 2017-04-20)


We need to honour all of our local athletes who have achieved success in their sports!

(Stittsville, 2017-04-20)


Great athletes with sportsmanship!

(Kanata, 2017-04-21)


I signed because I believe in equitable opportunities for people with disabilities.

(La Ronge, SK, 2017-04-21)


I'm signing because I work for Special Olympics Canada and I know for sure that Jack Fan and Katie Xu so deserving :) Thank you.

(Toronto, 2017-04-21)


This is a huge accomplishment and should be recognized as such! Well done!

(Ottawa, 2017-04-21)


very good idea

(Prince Albert, 2017-04-22)


I believe this is an excellent way to honour the achievements of these athletes.

(Orillia, 2017-04-22)


I am proud of them and it's couraging lots of others.

(ottawa , 2017-04-22)


Proud of them!

(Ottawa, 2017-04-22)


This is a great way to commemorate these two wonderful athletes.

(Trenton , 2017-04-24)


their great efforts and inspection

(ottawa, 2017-04-24)


I support Jack and Emma and the Special olympics. Way to go Canada!

(Stittsville, 2017-04-24)


We are so proud of Jack and Katie! Congratulations!

(Stittsville, 2017-04-24)


To recognize such special athletes

(calgary, 2017-04-24)


These two athletes are amazing World Champions.

(TORONTO, 2017-04-26)


Stittsville is so proud of what Jack and Katie (with the fantastic help of Cathy Skinner) have achieved and we want to recognise their hard work at the spot where they have worked so hard

(Stittsville, 2017-04-27)


I fully agree with the proposal!!!

(Stittsville, Ontario, 2017-04-29)


They work hard and are world champions. They make Canada oroud

(Dundas, 2017-04-29)


I think this is a great idea and would recognize a great achievement of these two young people.

(stittsville, 2017-05-04)


I believe they need to be honoured!

(STITTSVILLE, 2017-05-04)


I have had the pleasure of travelling with and cheering for these athletes alongside my own Special Olympics skaters!

(Kingston , 2017-05-07)