Possible Fraud committed (MIDAS)



I am the shareholder of this company. It is totally unacceptable and big surprise that the management of Midas have failed to carry out their fiduciary duties and suspect of fraudulant plays by the company. We hope the regulatory authorities should take action to investigate the matters and hold management accountable of failure in carry out theirs duties.

Michael tan (Singapore, 2018-02-09)


I'm signing because this is a fraudulent company. I would like the authorities to investigate this company and the employees of the company.

Diane P. (Singapore, 2018-02-09)


As a share investor, I feel being coned and misled by MIDAS. The business was poorly managed and the share price deliberately manipulated. So I would like to send in my request to have authority of Singapore to look into this fraudulent behavior of the S-chip. As Singaporean investors, we need to be treated fairly.

Jincheng Zhao (Singapore, 2018-02-09)


I am a shareholder in Midas. Midas' equity and reserves as of last financial statement is RMB 3.9 bn and the disclosed impact is about 10-12% of this amount. However the company announcement talks about "fact finding still being on and hence the Board continues to assess if Midas can operate as a going concern".

On the basis of details disclosed (frozen cash and shares; entities' commercial operations not affected) in the announcement, why should this question of "going concern" arise?

Given that the Board has flagged this as a risk and reason for suspension, it is their duty to provide a more detailed update on the exposures within a relatively short period (say) within 7-10 calendar days. Hence my submission.

Venkataraman Krishnan (Singapore, 2018-02-09)


Unacceptable behaviour.

Tan Kim Poh (Singapore, 2018-02-09)


This is classic fraud case...
Urge SGX and MAS carry out investigation.
It's shame to let this happen and called yourself as financial center...

Shen MU (Singapore, 2018-02-09)


I need a clear explanation from Midas management and the board.

b c yew (Singapore, 2018-02-09)


When SGX queried Midas share price down suddently issue on 24 Nov, but Midas responced SGX was not aware anything. Can company tell lie to SGX?

Lai JD (Singapore, 2018-02-09)


Early 2 profit alert news also were false signal to let people buy Midas share.

Tan XJ (Singapore, 2018-02-09)


Please investigate this Midas n its management team for not knowing the several litigations, enforcement orders and court orders of its subsidiaries.(.Dalian WFOE, Nanjing JV, Luoyang Midas), and the big share price difference between SGX n HKEX since 3rd Jan'18 and also a few marriage deals traded above the SGX share price of that day.

Seah SC (Singapore, 2018-02-10)


Pls make things right & be fair to all investors

Amanda Tan (Singapore, 2018-02-10)


I am investor of the company and demand a answer from the company. How can a company that awarded the most transparent company award during 2012-2015 have this kind of scandal?

Jun yeow Teo (Singapore, 2018-02-10)


want justice to be done.

yeo kok kiong (singapore , 2018-02-10)


signed james lim

james lim (singapore, 2018-02-10)


I was mislead by various stock broker, research time and news to invest in this stocks.

Kwek Jia Chen (Block 613 Bedok Reservoir Road #04-1178, 2018-02-10)


It is definitely a fraud
3/1 Announced 2.6B contract to play up to download then announced litigation and frozen
Now then they know about these litigation?

alvin nah (Singapore , 2018-02-10)


Is SGX sleeping all the while....

Lai JY (Singapore, 2018-02-10)


I hope action can take asap.

Tan Siew Fang (Singapore, 2018-02-10)


I highly believe it is a well planned fraud to scam investors. It is a total failure of corporate governance and a total disgrace. It tarnishes the reputation of Singapore ad a financial centre.

Chew Chong (Singapore, 2018-02-11)


Invested in Midas

Hans Kho (Singapore, 2018-02-11)


I am signing because I am one of the shareholders.

Lynn Teo (Singapore, 2018-02-11)


我希望这件事可以盡快平息 為我们討回個公道 公平公正地公開唔好再有隱瞞谢谢

Lai Yes tek (Singapore , 2018-02-11)


Urge SGX to launch investigation against all directors and senior executives for professional negligence AND potential criminal conduct.

Urge to launch investigation against Auditor.

K Bao (Shanghai, 2018-02-11)


We need the mgmt hold accountable for failing their duties! Throw them to jail.
We need to investigate the syndicate controlling the price movement of the share price and held them accountable too! MAS and SGX please wake up!

Lim TM (Singapore, 2018-02-11)


Time that SGX and MAS do more to protect the small investors

Thong Chua Koh (Singapore, 2018-02-12)


Retail investors must be protected. They invested their hard earn money. The management of the company must protect the interest of all who have invested in the company.

Tan CS (Singapore, 2018-02-12)


This is outrageous! How can such S-chip scandal happen time and time again! Someone must be held accountable! SGX and MAS must investigate!

S.H Kwek (Singapore, 2018-02-13)


In addition, kindly note CPF monies and SRS monies are allowed to be used to purchase Midas shares. Hence, our retirement monies are affected if Midas has problem to continue as a going concern.

Leong Wan kham (Singapore, 2018-02-19)

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