CREA WebForms 2019 Issues



The current webforms is taking away from our ability to do business in an efficient manner. This is not what members want and we do not pay for CREA to mandate what we work with.

Shannon Unger (North Bay, 2019-07-30)


We need a user friendly model and were happy with the previous system. I do not want to use Webforms 2019-it is a very difficult and cumbersome software.

Lorri Roberts (North Bay , 2019-07-31)


Lost all my contacts. My offers are taking hours to write! Cant add a page when the clauses don't fit! The writing is too small if you put too much in the allotted space. The amendment for is flawed can't add a page without requiring more signatures. These forms are not user friendly! I do like the preload info part. There are just some serious flaws that need to be addressed!

Nicole Porter (North Bay, 2019-07-31)


I’m signing because the new interface is INFERIOR to its predecessor, it’s redundant and there is no reason to change. I’m not interested in change for the sake of change. If it were better sure, but it’s trash.

Jarrod Pandolfo (North bay , 2019-07-31)


This is not user friendly we didn't ask for a change, old webforms worked perfectly fine.

Kerry Nelson (North Bay , 2019-07-31)


Because the system that we have been using for years understands the Realtors needs, simple, quick, friendly system, that makes our busy schedule less stressful, knowing we will have that paperwork Professionaly ready in time to meet with our Clients .

Rose-Mary Gagnon (North Bay, 2019-08-01)


I find the new webforms to be awful. There are so many issues I do not use it. It needs to be fixed

Margie Prestwich (Algonquin Highlands, 2019-08-01)


I have spent a lot of time on the new system and used many different features of it. There are a lot of enhancements to this system that I quite like. The most frustrating part to me is the Schedule A of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. It is very convoluted to write a multiple page Schedule A and my time that is wasted is extremely frustrating. That component is not user friendly and not acceptable for a new system.

Jacqueline Liddle (North Bay, 2019-08-01)


I’m signing because CREA did ask for input from Realtors in regards to this new platform and there was no provision for the migration of existing contacts, contracts and templates from the legacy webforms.

Keith Bogard (Greenwood, 2019-08-01)


I cannot believe the system is so unfriendly to users

Mary Walsh (Windsor, 2019-08-01)


I tried using the new format and it is just cumbersome and I was unable to bring my transaction kits over from Legacy. If you can't improve, at least allow Legacy to continue.

Vicki Forgie (Belleville, 2019-08-01)


This new web forms is unable to sync the precious transactions I did. Liiks like it will be gone when it is coming in effect.

Shirzad Hamadamin (St. Catharines , 2019-08-01)


I don’t like the new system it is not user friendly and not being able to transfer my transaction kits

Deanna Pavlovich (Utopia, 2019-08-01)


The updated version is overly complicated, training is not well done, there was no discussion with members on the choice to implement

Andrew McCrea (Peterborough , 2019-08-01)


This is an awful and frustrating system.

Linda Miller (Sarnia, 2019-08-01)


The new version is terrible.

Mark Lepage (Bonfield, 2019-08-01)


Hate the new webforms. Not user friendly at all. Using old one.

dave roach (waterlo, 2019-08-01)


I was part of the Beta testing group for the new WebForms, but there wasn’t enough functionality and features working at that time to truly test it. They should not have released it until all features were working properly. It does not pull in information from MLS#s, and even information typed into the transaction kit fields does not populate to the forms so it’s essentially creating double the work if you don’t realize that and fill the transaction fields in before the forms. I think the whole program was rushed out and should have had several months of testing instead of a couple of weeks.

Leslie Turner (Campbellford , 2019-08-01)


I tried this application a d had so much trouble with it. It ended up making my front so tiny I couldn't read it even after exiting and going back in the problem was still there. It is way more difficult to use than the legacy version

Angela Berriman (Elora, 2019-08-01)


Make it user friendly, Lone Wolf has a reputation for being overly complicated. And no support! Closest is Dallas Texas.
And how about have a seasoned Realtor help design it, not a bunch of tech teenagers trying to show how smart they are. I don’t have time to figure this all out.....again! Leave it alone and let us sell Real estate!

Brian Ames (Whitecourt, 2019-08-02)


Webforms 2019 is so confusing I had to switch back to original webforms.

Cori Kugler (Ottawa, 2019-08-02)


Webforms 2019 is full of glitches, is very hard to navigate, information populated in the wrong spots, it’s just a horrible platform and appears designed by a company with no knowledge of how a real estate transaction is performed.

Jamie Vieira (Oakville, 2019-08-08)


The wizard fills spots incorrectly and the setup is much less intuitive than the legacy version

Marshall Sherman (Woodstock , 2019-08-09)


I don't like the updated WebForms --find it hard to use, and don't like that older 'kits' can't be accessed.

Dave McMurray (Barrie/Muskoka, 2019-08-09)


There seems to be more time consuming more difficult to navigate and less added benfit

Susan Favretto (North Bay, 2019-08-14)


Can the Westcoast sign this too??? 5 days in and hating the new platform. I don’t use templates I have a kit that I copy for each deal. Gone. Just not user friendly and CREA tells me to watch the video.

Carolyn Azar (Vancouver , 2019-08-25)


There was no change needed. This is not well thought out not user friendly too many errors

Bianca Myddleton (Surrey , 2019-08-25)


This platform is absolutely horrid and I don't have TIME to help you CREA discover the multitude of shortfalls this rollout has to offer. I was completely happy with the original version. I find it difficult to believe you actually thought this was a good idea.

Sharon deLisser (Vancouver, 2019-08-26)


I am tired of paying so much for board fees and especially technology and spend too much of my time trouble-shooting ill-created apps, waiting to use the sites due to 'maintenance' and then find impossible 'user' issues that take my time away from my business. I don't like tech, so I did not choose a job in that field, I should not be wasting my day trying to figure out someone else's badly designed program.

Tracey Rinas (Vancouver, 2019-08-27)


I have downloaded the first pages of instructions and am already completely lost. Cannot understand why they have created this complicated new platform; leave us the option to continue using the existing WebForms - it's not broken and doesn't need fixing!

Jackie Smith (Lancaster, ON, 2019-08-28)


Terrible user interface, complicated, buggy, does NOT make our jobs easier like it should. This was clearly NOT designed by Realtors or by anyone who understands what we do. Stick with the old version.

Emma Van de Wetering (COQUITLAM, 2019-08-29)


The new version was released before it was being tested and ready. There are a lot of bugs which should have been fixed before releasing. I think CREA should be responsible for the mess.

Jennifer Lee (West Vancouver , 2019-08-29)


This is absolutely shameful technology that has been foisted on us without proper testing.

Sharon Audley (Whistler, 2019-08-29)


Also keep the current Webforms for at least one or two more years. Few months is not going to transition well..I promise!!!

James Lee (Burnaby , 2019-08-29)


The new web forms are a joke! So clumsy and bug ridden. Whoever designed this mess should be fired. My dues shouldn’t have been spent on this mess.

Jeff Pryputsch (Vancouver, 2019-08-29)


This whole roll out to one our industries most important tool is a complete joke. I actually think they didn’t test this at all before rolling it out. What a complete joke!

Russ Macnab (Pitt meadows , 2019-08-29)


It is ridiculous for us to managing technical struggles when there are enough talented people out there to creat a better software

Nargis Kakar (Burnaby, 2019-08-29)


Why is this being forced on us when it is inferior to what we are using? Makes no sense at all.

Henriette Leschert (Delta, 2019-08-29)


Poor state of new forms.

Cam Foster (Vancouver , 2019-08-29)


What isn't broke, doesn't need fixing, especially if the new system it terrible!

Paul Bale (Vancouver, 2019-08-30)


This platform is not user friendly and needs to be at least workable before it is rolled out.

Allison Glencross (Gibsons, 2019-08-30)


I am shocked at the ineptitude displayed by actually allowing this web form version into our system making it hard , time-consuming and embarrassing to have to deal with something that should have been presented to us as a totally functioning, glitche free tool.... shame on you!!

LOLA Bradfield (Burnaby, 2019-08-30)


The new webforms should be making our business more efficient - NOT more complex and open to omission or error.

Wendy BETTS (LADNER, 2019-08-30)


I am quite adept at learning a new program but this new Webforms is horrid. So unused friendly. I don’t see what was wrong with the legacy version and would prefer to keep that one.

Phyllis Stelting (Coquitlam , 2019-08-30)


I am signing this cos I also found the new version is more complex to use even for someone can navigate computer.
It is more a generic format and I like the old simple format .
This has taken much more learning curve and I still don’t know if I get it all correct and this is one of the if not most important part of our work in writing offers

Henry Fung (Vancouver, 2019-08-30)


More accuracy is helpful for agent to follow.

Max Zhang (Vancouver, 2019-08-30)


Why try to fix something which ain’t broke???
I have wasted so much valuable time trying to get around the new system and am very frustrated

Anthea Hewett (Vancouver , 2019-08-30)


Because CREA has broken a well run program with a program that is loaded with bugs. Not only it is highly unprofessional, but also wasting Realtors' time for using an app that is full of bugs.

Min Kuan (Vancouver , 2019-08-31)


I believe Realtors should have a voice in the upgrades and changes in our software. It effects our day to day work lives and we know where the previous system was flawed and what worked.

Shannon Ezekiel (Vancouver , 2019-09-01)


I hope that this shows those of us that are true professionals and have busy business have spent money and time setting up our systems and don't need a beta form being rolled out without these considerations. We need to be able to keep and use our kits we have created.

Robyn Lau (Port Coquitlam , 2019-09-03)


I'm signing this as I would prefer to use the old WEBForms that worked great and was designed in a more intuitive and up to date web style than the new Authentisign version (which I do not use as a signing app) The new version that CREA has introduced does not meet my basic of needs and needs to go away.

Shawn Nesbitt (Vancouver, 2019-09-08)


Webforms 2019 is HORRIBLE. I have been trying for months to get used to it. so glitchy and not user friendly
adding forms - can't there be a form category?
while working in a transaction kit - how do you move around inside the kit without having to go back to the main menu?
the whole programs SUCKS - what was wrong with the old one? It was much easier to use
HATE HATE Webforms 2019.



Very cumbersome and time consuming. Not to mention frustrating!

Debra Evans (Bracebridge, 2019-10-17)


There were very few opportunities to attend the courses offered in our Board. I am hearing numerous complaints about the new web forms that need to be fixed before we are mandated to use the program.

John (Jay) Houston (Bracebridge, 2019-10-18)


This is beyond "not user-friendly." This update is so buggy and awkward that it's actually dangerous. It is crystal clear that whoever designed this program knew little to nothing about our industry or the way we function, especially in a high stress situation (ie, multiple offer, tight deadline, or other delicate legal situation). This needs to be scrapped and started over, or at the very least, refined before they lock us out of a program that is already working quite well.

Tanya DiNicolantonio (Hamilton, 2019-11-20)


This system is an absolute joke. Whose pocket is getting stuffed by allowing this garbage?

John Deak (Vernon BC, 2019-11-26)


Too many problems when trying to use new platform. Duplications, not being able to add pages. Too many steps!

Michelle Little (Vernon , 2019-11-26)


New web form very complicated

Barbara Pasternak (Osoyoos, 2019-11-27)


The new WebForms is frankly horrible. Some fields fill with left alignment, others with centre and no way to change this. Some fields will not populate even when filled in. I am embarrassed to send forms like this to our clients. They look very unprofessional.

Tracie Gobelle (Vernon, 2019-11-27)


Webforms 2019 has not been user friendly or made it possible or easy to do offers with

Kerry McCarl (Guelph, 2019-12-07)


The new eebforms does not work....I have had to use my esignature program to make corrections that webforms will not allow

brendan thomson (Collingwood, 2019-12-07)


The user interface is absolutely terrible compared to what we had with legacy. Add the fax function, but this is not an improvement.

Maral Alinejad (Toronto, ON, 2019-12-07)


The NEW webforms is Brutal, keep legacy why fix something that is not broken. someone got paid off.

Stephen Stables (Barrie, 2019-12-07)


Removing the ability to download editable forms (eg something partially completed to finish on the road) has forced me to change my entire workflow for the worse!
For me this was NOT an improvement—adding features I don’t want, and taking away basic functionality at the same time.

Brendan Powell (Toronto, 2019-12-09)


I need my old transactions. You cannot erase decades of work!!!!

Karin Rotem (Toronto, 2019-12-09)


The new web forms are not user friendly and as they currently exist are not ready to be launched.

Tom Wilkinson (Haliburton, 2019-12-10)


I'm signing because this is the world's least user friendly tool. The Wizard is confusing, doesn't even populate the completed fields. Truly the worst

Ara Mamourian (Toronto, 2019-12-11)


The system is glitchy and not user friendly, more time consuming and a enormous step backwards

Miguel Lima (HAMILTON , 2019-12-18)


The new web forms is horrible. Takes more time and not user friendly.the old one was fine. Where is our money being spent? Embarrassing and ridiculous.

Andrea Florian (Burlington, 2019-12-18)


Old Webforms worked and didn't need replacing. New webforms is awful.

Jeff Bonner (Hamilton, 2019-12-18)


The new Webforms has a few bugs. One I noticed involved the address forld not properly filling on subsequent forms.

It is difficult to use, time consuming and prone to errors. The old webforms was not lacking in anyway.

Danny Rawson (Hamilton, 2019-12-18)


This new “updated” webforms is terrible. It’s not user friendly and the worse part is it did not bring over the old transaction kits!! Ugh so much time wasted now repeating data for repeat clients and especially Investors who buy multiple properties in a year!! Ugh!

Eileen Tallach (Hamilton , 2019-12-18)


The new webforms is not user friendly and takes longer to do the simple tasks required to pull an offer together efficiently, when time is of the essence. To the person who created it - have you tried making an offer, start to finish, using both platforms, and seen the difference in time it takes with the new platform? When writing and submitting an offer, time is of the essence. This new webforms doesn't respect that at all.

Adam George Palios (Hamilton, 2019-12-19)


I’m signing because the newest version of Web forms is awkward and more difficult to use than the current version

Susan Danio (Burlington, 2019-12-19)


I would like to invest my precious time wisely, not waste it trying to navigate a horrible program you forced on us Realtors!
What nonsense!

Robin Lebel (Hamilton, 2019-12-19)


The new WebForms is not user friendly.

Shaylah Lukas (Hamilton, 2019-12-19)


This program is frustrating and the old system was just fine. This one is a pain to use and is inefficient.

Dawn Simpson (Stoney Creek, 2019-12-19)


This is not user friendly we didn't ask for a change, old Web-forms worked fine.

Fadi El-Jnainati (Hamilton, 2019-12-19)


This is terrible! Not user friendly at all! Confusing and frustrating! Who has time to navigate this when you constantly in a time crunch!

Cindy Cloutier (Binbrook, 2019-12-19)


There are many important features of the old system that weren't carried forward. It is not user friendly and there is a lot of wasted time on entering information that is irrelevant.

James Mink (Burlington, 2019-12-19)


I'm signing because the new system is not an improvement on the current one. It is extremely awkward in comparison and the added difficulty in navigating between the documents in file for editing, is bizarre. I see no added benefits in the transfer to the new program.

Ken Knoflook (Ancaster (Hamilton), 2019-12-19)


Not user friendly to our professional needs

Laurie Faber (Hamilton , 2019-12-19)


WebKits 2019 have serious shortcomings, easily rectified with increased consultation with REALTORS®, funding and testing. The legacy version should remain available until improvements are made. And, the response of CREA to the complaints is demonstrating a serious disconnect between it and the service required of REALTORS®, and is demonstrating a disregard for the needs of REALTORS® in performance for their clients.

Cameron Nolan (Hamilton, 2019-12-19)


Diana Almonte

Diana Almonte (Hamilton , 2019-12-19)


I am signing because I find the program to be very “un” user friendly

Paula Mahony (Hamilton , 2019-12-20)


The new Webforms is awful.
Wy did they change it? the old format was great.

Julie Hua (hamilton, 2019-12-20)


I find WebForms 2019 difficult and not user-friendly

Janet Elsaesser (Ancaster, 2019-12-20)


I find the new web forms not user friendly or an upgrade from the old system. I am 25 years old and find myself very good with technology and this is some of the worst technology I have ever had to use.

Zac Willms (Hamilton, 2019-12-21)


"new Webforms" is
* slower,
* less user-friendly and
* involves many more clicks to produce documents.

I've had conversations with tech support at CREA who also admitted that Legacy version was far superior from a practitioner point of view.

I would echo the calls to reestablish the legacy version. "new Webforms" is a huge step backward. The new software administrator, Lone Wolf, has made a mess of it and complicated it. I'm a techie guy but this needs to be simplified and made more efficient.

Ron Wall (Surrey, 2020-01-23)


I am recommending a new name

"CREA Webforms 1919"

This platform is a step back in time. Not user friendly, cumbersome, seems to be set up for a data in-putter/desk sitter. It takes me 4 hours to do up a listing when it used to take me 1/2 hour. I am not "embracing" Webforms 2019 "with open arms" and end up entering my data on Legacy Webforms due to time constraints.

Jill Hall (Chilliwack, 2020-01-27)


The new Webforms is a downgrade , more work and much more confusing, give people the option to use the older version or make a change please !!

Dyllan Prest (Chilliwack , 2020-01-27)


the system needs to be improved

kelly mendonca (chilliwack , 2020-01-27)


A horrible disservice to my business.

Rod Friesen (Abbotsford, 2020-01-27)


I am very dissatisfied with this new web form format, it is totally not user friendly, realtors do not have hours of time to implement this system to work, it appears to me this system is good for high rolling realtors who have private assistances and team members to implement your format it is unacceptable for the average working realtor. rateing 3 out of 10.

ron leontowich (Chilliwack, 2020-01-27)


I don't think anybody asked for an entire file management system within our webforms. We need a program that is fluid, consistent and works every time we use it. This is a step in the wrong direction, having to babysit every field of a document to make sure it was auto-populated properly. The only problem with legacy was it was slow to look for forms and transition from page to page. It actually worked

Clayton Diebert (Chilliwack, 2020-01-27)


Typically, migration and progress go hand in hand, sadly not this time! The new version of webforms is less robust than the legacy version! It should not have been rolled out until it superceded the legacy version. That’s how software upgrades and migration are suppose to work. CREA needs to anti-up and fix this mess that they’ve saddled us with!

Carol Edwards (White Rock, 2020-01-28)


I’m not at all happy with Webforms 2019. While CREA continues to work on the development of this platform, as Realtors our business suffers.
I’m extremely unsatisfied with the way the platform was rolled out, taking away the Legacy system that worked fine. CREA should have allowed more overlap whereby users could continue using the legacy version or move to the Webforms 2019 system when it had been fully vetted by testers and became stable.

Webforms 2019 needs a more intuitive easy-to-use interface. In my opinion, Webforms 2019 is difficult to navigate and use. The forms are full of bugs, such as text which cannot be justified, text clauses which do not scale properly when printed or downloaded as a PDF. The Wizard feature has unrelated fields which our board does not support and the Wizard in most cases does not populate onto forms properly. On our MLS® system sometimes Webforms 2019 cannot find the listing and will not populate any information.

As REALTORS® we have lost many features from the Legacy version, such as the thumbnail document slider which could be anchored to the left hand side of the page, which allowed a user to navigate through the transaction kit’s documents and by simply touching on the correct thumbnail page open up that very page in the editor. Auto pagination of clauses, whereby a contract would automatically add additional pages as required if you had extra clauses.

I could write chapters on the shortcomings of Webforms 2019. The long and short of it is... the Webforms 2019 platform is presently... MAYBE... in Beta as far as development, I would say more likely in Alpha version. How could this have been released without proper testing. Unless fixed quickly this will greatly impact my business this year.

Murray Brown (Kamloops, 2020-01-29)



Gus Prokos

Gus Prokos (Toronto, 2020-02-17)

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