Periodic Commuting Arrangement (PCA) for Singapore PR(Malaysian Citizen) Working in Singapore



It is only fair and right that Malaysia Citizen holding Singapore PR status to apply under PCA given similarity between this group and Malaysian work pass holders.

Joyp Toh (Iskandar Puteri, 2020-08-18)


As a Malaysian who had been stuck at Singapore for more than four month. We hope both government can include SPRs inside the PCA Scheme. We are apart of Malaysian who work in Singapore as well.

Rachel Ng (Singapore, 2020-08-18)


Periodic Commuting Arrangement (PCA) should benefit both country of citizens including Singapore PR who work and stuck in singapore. Malaysian who hold Singapore PR Also have family (Parent, Child, sibling and etc) at Malaysia.

Chin Chun Siung (Johor Bahru, 2020-08-18)


I am Malaysian ( Sg PR) want go home visit family.

Muhammad Zulhelmi Bin Mahmud (Johor Bahru, 2020-08-18)


I’m Malaysian!!!! I wanna go home..
Please help us as we are Malaysian and we are holding Malaysia passport!

Siew Mei Ng (Sembawang, 2020-08-18)


i am Singapore PR, felt stranded and would like to visit my beloved family

pah chang (singapore, 2020-08-18)


Please consider SPR as part of PCA. Its not fair for us.

Darmah Raj (Seremban, 2020-08-18)


I am signing because I am in the same predicament. And it is so sad that a Singapore PR who is also a Malaysian citizen do not entail the same privileges for PCA.. We have families in Malaysia too. We were born and raised in Malaysia. We have properties and contribute to the economy of Malaysia too. Please consider the rules for us SPR

Shivaraj Rajayandran (Singapore, 2020-08-18)


Is unfair arrangement

Eng Guan Sim (Johor Bahru, 2020-08-19)


I'm Malaysian with Singapore PR holder. It is so unfair that SPR is not include in PCA scheme. We have family at Malaysia to take care too. I have never been going back to Malaysia since March 2020. Hope government can open PCA for Malaysian with SPR too.

Tong Kai Ying (Singapore, 2020-08-19)


I want to go back home

Soon BC (IPOH, 2020-08-19)


My family at malaysia(father,mother,wife daugther....)

Villent Chiah (gelang patah, 2020-08-19)


I am one of the victim that miss out from the PCA. And my family now in KL,my wife going to deliver my second child on September. Hopefully can visit my family in more sensible way!

Keat Key Choo (Ampang, 2020-08-19)


we deserve it.

Cheah Kit HOE (singapore , 2020-08-19)


I have family in M’sia

Soo Fee Yen (Singapore, 2020-08-19)


I am SG PR Malaysian who is seeking Malaysia gov to relook into the PCA requirements for SG PR Malaysian.

Ng Young Ching (Singapore, 2020-08-19)


I have family at home. I am SPR and stuck in Sg for more than 5 months.

Muhammad Fazry (Singapore, 2020-08-19)


My wife is pregnant and delivering soon . Got stuck here in sg for last few months . Hope gov can consider home quarantine for SPR also

Theeban Ramasamy (Singapore, 2020-08-19)


SPR being ignored as the PCA not applicable to PR,i been stay in SG for 5 mths and separate with my son which is 8 years old, he is crying badly asking me when can i going back...but the cost is high and which i am not affordable if i plan to go back for short term home leave..
Return to JB - Quarantine 14 days at own cost is about RM2500, Quarantine 14 days when return to SG at own cost SGD2200, if let say number of days stay at home is 14 days, total need to taken up 42 days unpaid leave which is no income yet to pay total quarantine cost at both country about RM9000...i really feel helpless.

Caren Tan (Singapore, 2020-08-19)


I am also SPR who been in Singapore 4 month plus without go back see my family

Jay Loon (SINGAPORE, 2020-08-20)


Even though I’m SG PR but I’m still Malaysian and holding Malaysia IC. How come can categories SG PR as SG citizens procedure? So that mean SG PR they don’t have family, and they so rich is it !

Sri Vidya Jeyabalan (Johor Bahru , 2020-08-20)


Im malaysia and SPR need to go JB to visit my wife who going to give birth soon . Pls consider us under PCA too

Prithividharsanan mageswaran (Permas, 2020-08-20)


I’m signing because I have not seen both of my daughters for 5 months. I have not seen my parents for 5 months too. I’ve also missed the funeral of my beloved grandmother too. Why are we (Singapore PR) being left out in this arrangement? Are we not human too?

Jia Ming Low (Singapore, 2020-08-20)


Because its makes no logic that why travellers enter Singapore from Malaysia received different length of quarantine period based on the differences between holding Employment pass and Singapore PR.

Even we are holding Singapore PR, but we do have family in Malaysia too... Which no different then EP holder

We are really disappointed with PCA scheme

Both side government has abandoned us.

Dhiraporn Lee (Sin, 2020-08-20)


Total one month quarantine in both countries is cannot acceptable,since we also same as other pass holders

Ravi Munusamy (Seremban, 2020-08-20)


I haven’t been seeing my
Family for too longggggg !!! And they just had a new born. Pls pls pls, let them go back .

Jia Wei Low (Johore bahru, 2020-08-20)


my wife is malaysian with SG PR

Yu Hui Ong (Yishun, 2020-08-21)


I am PR myself, looking to travel back to malaysia

John Luk Chun Shiong (Singapore, 2020-08-21)


i wanna go home and see my family

A Syahir M Rosli (Woodlands, 2020-08-21)


I need to go out to Malaysia for follow up with my doctor as I am now wheelchairbound after an accident in September. I came into Singapore during MCO in Malaysia to get my letters and forms to submit to my lawyer but I am trapped due to border closure. Now I am trying to get out of this place, I have written email DG of immigration of Malaysia but till now no reply from them. Pls help me

Kastoori Alagappan (Kuala Lumpur, 2020-08-21)


I am Malaysian but Singapore PR and used to commute every week back to Malaysia .
I have parents that need to take care in Malaysia and my family also there .

It will be pleasure if we get same treatment like work pass to go back even once in 3 months , at least to make sure my family is okay.

Hairil Fahmi (Ang ko kio, 2020-08-25)


Because i miss my wife, kids, my mom. I have business there too which i cannot oversee. Many commitments

Manimahran Ramasamy (Orchard, 2020-08-25)



Dsnapal Kannusamy (Selangor, 2020-08-26)


I’m a Malaysian,my family all in malaysia,haven’t see my family for 5 months ready...pls consider our plight as not everybody can afford the hotel quarantine charges.just change to home quarantine for everybody coming in from Singapore..

Sidek bin Mohd Abdullah (Singapore, 2020-08-26)


It has been 6 months since I and my baby saw my husband . We really need to see him and he is stuck there with no much facilities as he rushed when Malaysia closed its border very abruptly .

Pavitra Danapal (Klang, 2020-08-26)


I'm single and alone in singapore.
I've not seen my aged parents who live alone and have to fend for themselves without any help.
It has been extremely stressful and we hope that some consideration can be made to let us have a home visit.

Rajeev Devindaran (Singapore, 2020-08-26)


I’m signing because I need to go home to visit my father who is in stage 4 cancer and only 5 months of survival. Also to relieve my mum’s burden who is in Malaysia taking care of my father alone in hospital.

Melissa Yung (Petaling Jaya, 2020-08-29)


I badly need to go back and see my young children’s and parents

June Chin Hair (Johor, 2020-08-29)


I'm signing this because i am still Malaysian holding of Malaysia passport eventhough i am SPR. Why do we need to serve 2l14 days quarantine at hotel.

Viv Law (Johor, 2020-08-29)


I want to go back and visit my baby as well as my elderly parents. I left my baby when she was just 5 months. We beg if the government could arrange something favourable for us, being a Singapore PR holders, who are also Malaysian Citizens.

Shailu Thegarajoo (Singapore , 2020-08-29)


I'm signing this because I miss my family badly and my parents are not feeling well.

Sasikala Kalaivannan (Kedah, 2020-08-29)


I want to visit my family.

Dhayanandan Ramiah (Johor Bahru, 2020-08-29)


Open malaysia borders. I have friend working for air asia no money to pay rent No money to eat. Keep borrowing2. I have a fiance in malaysia and we have not meet for 5 months now. Please open the borders.

Yasmin Begum (Singapore, 2020-08-29)


I'm a singapore PR

Krishna vani maniam (Johor Bahru, 2020-08-29)


I am badly affected.. almost six months have not seen my family

Wong Sai Hor (Singapore, 2020-08-29)


I am signing this petition because all Malaysian Citizen with Singapore PR status should be entitled PCA application and are allowed to return to Malaysia for Short Term Home Leaves.

Andrew Phua (Singapore, 2020-08-29)


Can’t go back to malaysia

Fandi Mansor (Johor Bahru , 2020-08-29)


I’m Singapore pr currently working in Singapore. Wish to come back Malaysia and visit my family’s.

Law Foo ping (Bedok, 2020-08-29)


I am going back on 9september.

Chong Sing (Jurong, 2020-08-29)


I’m still a Malaysian.

Teong Kar Lee (Johor, 2020-08-29)


Im a malaysian citizen with singapore PR and working in Singapore.

Puhvanamohan Venugopal (Skudai, 2020-08-29)


Been away from my parents for 7months, need to travel back on and off to ensure they are doing fine

Celine Tio (Singapore, 2020-08-29)


I'm really affected on this MCO.. couldn't go back and not included on the PCA

Loga Shakur (Orchard , 2020-08-29)


The current arrangements have grossly disregarded Malaysians who happen to be Singapore PRs.

Millie Millie (Singapore, 2020-08-29)


I'm one of them, Malaysian with Singapore PR..

Darrick Kwok (Johor Bahru, 2020-08-29)


I am a SPR who is a Malaysian working ib Singapore. I am a single parent and truly want to see my elderly mother and son who has medical problem as soon as possible. Please help as many SPR have families in Malaysia too. We are humans too. We have roles and responsibilities too..please help.
Thank you.

Shirly Mary (Singapore, 2020-08-29)


I am Malaysian with SPR working in essential field (education) do not have Annual Leave which we follow school holidays calendar. I used the opportunity to head home to Malaysia during the school holidays which atleast 1 week (March and Sept hols), 2 weeks (June and Dec holidays). With the quarantine applied, it couldnt cover my holidays and unable to spend time with my husband and late 60s parents back in Malaysia. Have been separated from them since 17th March! As a Malaysian still but unable to return to my own home country!

Mei San Wong (singapore, 2020-08-29)


im Malaysian citizen with SPR also have been separated with family since 18march ,Malaysia Government. please combine us with PCA agreements..treat us same like others.Thanks.

Mohd Fadli (Singapore , 2020-08-29)


I'm signing because of I need my hubby (SPR) to come back to give me a support to take care my daughter and accompany me give birth for our 2nd child on Nov 2020. Hope that the government can allow him to serve as PCA rules when come back to Malaysia.

Cherry Heng (Johor bahru , 2020-08-29)


I want my family in malaysia.

Appannah Vengadasamy (Woodlands, 2020-08-29)


Im also one of them (Sg PR who have family back in Msia), i truly understand how they feel.

Cindy xin yee Hoe (Johor bahru, 2020-08-30)


Please Grant SPR, malaysia citizen access to return to Malaysia for short term break to be with family & be quarantine at home after swab test just like work permit holders under PCA.

Sivakumar Ramakrishnan (Singapore, 2020-08-30)


I'm signing because I too have family and 4 school going young children. The last I saw my children was 5 and a half months ago. My wife has been single handedly attending to all my children's needs. I hope both sides of the government give serious consideration to include all the Malaysians holding Singapore PR under PCA scheme. We are also Malaysians.

R Jayaraju Raji (Tampoi, 2020-08-30)


I can't go back msia due to rmco extended to 31/12

Lee woon Liau (Johor, 2020-08-30)


To, madam/sir

We are malaysian but holding PR thts all. Why can't we go back, same equality right for those PCA people. I want to see my family member and please do some change with your rules regulations. Please lets us go back home.

Geitha Mathavan (Johor bahru , 2020-08-30)


I am affected very badly

Flora Wong (Johor bahru, 2020-08-30)


I am a SPore PR but family in JB. I hv elderly to look after at home

Meng Liang Ng (Johor bahru, 2020-08-30)


I already at Sg..afterthat i need going back jb for give i request pca for PR..can quarrentine at home..thanks

Maggie Ho (johor bahru, 2020-08-30)


because I am one of Malaysian with Singapore PR working in Singapore. I have a family back in Johor.

Prakash Vellayan (Woodlands , 2020-08-30)


I'm a Malaysian citizen with Singapore PR and I too have rights to go back to Malaysia under the PCA scheme to see my daughter and family.

Shaamini Chandrasekharan (Johor Bahru , 2020-08-30)


I need to go back home to see my kids, husband and parents. With quarantine 14 days in Malaysia, my employer is not willing allow me to go on leave.

Jaya Ranjinee Jaya Palan (Singapore, 2020-08-30)


i request the reduction of quarantine in Malaysia for returning SPR (MAlaasian Citizen) in line with PCA arrangements.
The difference in citizenship / residency status doesn't change increase or reduce the risk of COVID-19 for any individual.

John Tharmarajan (SIngapore, 2020-08-30)


I’m SPR working in Singapore and family in Johor Bahru.PCA should consider us too.

Parthasarathy A Arumugam (Johor Bahru, 2020-08-30)


i want to go back malaysia and hope my company apply PCA

Hasrul Hakimi (farrer park, 2020-08-30)


I am signing because I feel deeply the plight of this group of people.

Michelle Yeo (Johor, 2020-08-30)


I am a Malaysian holding Singapore PR. I really want to go back visit my parents and grandma. They are old and sick, I am worry about their health conditions.

Joyce Loo (Singapore , 2020-08-30)


I’m Malaysian..please include SPR in PCA group.. it’s it fair... I’m stuck here almost 6...

Amutha Terenaraina (West, 2020-08-30)


I'm Malaysian with SPR status.
Singspore has reduced the quarantine days from 14 days to 7 days for anyone that comes from Malaysia. It's not fair that M'sian who is a PR is not given the benefit or privilege like those under PCA.
We are not lesser M'sian.
Hope u really can consider this as it's been 6 months we are away from family.

Shatesh kumar Perumal (Johor Bahru, 2020-08-30)


Hopefully can lets spr using pca also as we also wanna back home!!

Jacky Lai (Singapore, 2020-08-30)


Having families re-unite is just as important (if not more) as commerce. i cannot understand why the two countries would allow for travellers for work but does not have any provision for compassionate/family reason.

Duncan Teh (Singapore, 2020-08-31)

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