I disagree about mandatory

Nikola Adegoke (Ayia Napa, 2021-11-25)


I wish my son can breath fresh air and not to be choked by mask

Andrea Vojtášková (Přerov, 2021-11-25)


I am against testing and the masks for kids!

Botnari Inga (Paralimni, 2021-11-25)


I dont accept my children wear mask at School !!!

Veronika Zakou (Frenaros, 2021-11-25)


im signing this petitions because to put masks on children is nonsence! shame of you who approve this meausere now!

marina efremova (limassol, 2021-11-25)


It worsen kids health and well being!

Nagiya Naznaz (Kazan , 2021-11-25)


I think it’s absolutely disgraceful we are depriving our kids from an immune system that god provided for us to have!!!!Torturing children with masks is absurd!!!!!

Sonja Stainton (Frenaros, 2021-11-25)


Kids should breath fresh air.
A mask is not good for your own health.

Amy Kaastra (Frenaros , 2021-11-25)


Because I don't want my daughter to be deprived of her basic human rights and because I feel that it's sheer violence against our children. The next step will be compulsory vaccination. The numbers do not justify such measures, it's some sick *******s at power that have decided to slowly murder our children. I SAY NO!!!!

Irina Z (Larnaca, 2021-11-25)


Kids should breath FRESH AIR - an oxygen.
It is healthy.
And I t is more proven than protecting from viruses.

Low oxygen levels may cause a child to act very tired and may indicate respiratory fatigue.

Masks can cause severe acne and other skin problems. The discomfort of a mask distracts some children from learning. By increasing airway resistance during exhalation, masks can lead to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the blood. And masks can be vectors for pathogens if they become moist or are used for too long.

March, Ireland’s Department of Health announced that it won’t require masks in schools because they “may exacerbate anxiety or breathing difficulties for some students.” Some children compensate for such difficulties by breathing through their mouths. Chronic and prolonged mouth breathing can alter facial development. It is well-documented that children who mouth-breathe because adenoids block their nasal airways can develop a mouth deformity and elongated face.

The possible psychological harm of widespread masking is an even greater worry. Facial expressions are integral to human connection, particularly for young children, who are only learning how to signal fear, confusion and happiness. Covering a child’s face mutes these nonverbal forms of communication and can result in robotic and emotionless interactions, anxiety and depression. Seeing people speak is a building block of phonetic development. It is especially important for children with disabilities such as hearing impairment.

Irina Bond (Larnaca, 2021-11-25)


It's not locally and right for our kids to not breathe fresh air

Linda Ekstrom (Frénaros , 2021-11-25)


Because letting a child wear a mask long term will cause respiratory problems and long term health problems it's inhumane and against your human rights, so my children will not be subject to this barbarian political bullshit. The government are animals and should be put in cages.

Steve Barns (Paralimni, 2021-11-25)


I don't agree our children should be wearing mask its ridiculous how is a six year old gonna keep a mask on...cyprus government our a bunch of clowns

Gina Georgia (Frenaros , 2021-11-25)


my child is allowed to breath clean air

ekaterina peevska (paralimni, 2021-11-25)


I'm signing because I don't want my child to wear a mask. I believe that this harms the health of my child!

GevLidis Svetlana (Agia Napa , 2021-11-25)


Masks are not effective to stop this virus but they create additional problems for health. Don't tell us that doctors are wearing masks all day and everything is perfect. At least they know how to do it properly. But children don't know. And every adult who has a child knows about it. NO MASKS FOR KIDS!

Svetlana Mardapitta (Nicosia, 2021-11-25)


Ridiculous measure

Marit Grahmbeek (Agia Napa, 2021-11-25)


Because this is barbaric, unconstitutional, criminal and inhumane. Never ever we will agree. They are our children not the government. They can go to hell and burn

Chrystalla Georgiou (Larnaca , 2021-11-25)


Mask has no proven effect of stopping virus.

Louise Stavrou (Paralimni, 2021-11-25)


Because wearing masks by kids is useless, kids can not even wear it properly.

Alina Farkona (Paralimni, 2021-11-25)


No masks
No test for the kids!!!!!

Nataliya Grabynska Paschali (Larnaca , 2021-11-25)


I am not agree with this measures, not with masks, not with test, not with experimental vaccines

Olena Karpenko (Larnaca , 2021-11-25)


No masks and tests for children! They should have a choice .

Nadia Fomin (Limassol, 2021-11-25)


I’m not support new “rules” of government to wear children into masks!!!
Don’t kill our future!!!

Alona Lazarenko (Larnaca , 2021-11-25)


It's wrong

drew thane (ayia napa, 2021-11-25)


1. I want my kids to breath fresh air - without masks.
2. I don’t want to do tests for HEALTH children.
3. It is cruel to force children to be vaccinated without the proven safety of this vaccine.

Irina Pa (Larnaca, 2021-11-25)


I am signing it because i believe that none in this world can put the kids faces under the masks ruining there mind. I don’t want my kids feeling stress when they are without the mask. I believe that the vaccine could done more harm then the virus.
Nor vaccination nor facemask has been proven effective against COVID-19.

Ekaterina Stadnik (Limassol , 2021-11-25)


Our children should not be subjected to such measures. Any child displaying symptoms can stay home until they have been tested and it safe to return to school. My children have sensory processing difficulties which means they CANNOT wear masks.

Kaylie Kyriakou (Liopetri, 2021-11-25)


Wrong in so many ways!!

Kelly Martin (Sotira, 2021-11-25)


I'm signing because I don't want my sister to suffer from masks and being forced to do the Vaccine.

Yeva Orykhun (Paphos, 2021-11-25)


Children should not be penalised for grown ups illness.

Olga McDowall (Limassol, 2021-11-25)


We must have choice and freedom

Maria Golub (Limassol, 2021-11-25)


I'M against masks and tests and vaccination to children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olena Tsyvina (Limassol, 2021-11-25)





Don’t want my kid to wear a mask in school, there are nothing about health

Mariia Shugaeva (Limassol, 2021-11-25)


I’m against masks and tests

Maria Melekhina (Limassol, 2021-11-25)


Because it's an absolute nonsense and no one can decide for the kids apart them self and parents!

Audrius Griskevicius (Limassol, 2021-11-25)



Iwona Blazejewska (Limassol , 2021-11-25)


bc it the measures imposed are useless and dangerous for health of my kids

Olena Safroniychuk (Limassol, 2021-11-25)


Kids shouldn't be forced to do this

Sam Wilcock (Southend, 2021-11-25)


No to segregation, no to fashism, no vaccination, no masks

Elena Goloubeva (Limassol, 2021-11-25)


I agree with above statement

Larisa Volova (Limassol, 2021-11-25)


Please don’t force my kids to be in a mask all day🙏🙏🙏🙏

Tatiana Lando (Larnaca , 2021-11-25)


I am a Mother!

Zaina Duat (Limassol, 2021-11-25)


God gave us freedom respect that.

Sunday Maras Maras (Nicosia, 2021-11-25)


Because I am against the fascism, brutal illegal violation of our basic rights and freedom!

Viktoriya Orbu (Limassol, 2021-11-25)


I support the petition and I have child.

Alina Pashko (Nicosia, 2021-11-25)


I'm signing because I'm against fascism, discrimination and absurd measures taken by government.

Valeriya Antoniou (Limassol, 2021-11-25)


I don't agree with the order for kids wearing masks

Romana Tavitian (Lemesos, 2021-11-25)


This is completely and utterly stupid!! No masks no test!! This is enough!! Save the kids!!

Loizos Orfanou (Limassol , 2021-11-25)


I do not accept experiments with my kid , mask not helping!!!

Svetlana Levinskaia (Limassol , 2021-11-25)

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