State University of New York COVID-19 Booster Mandate



It is our right to put what we want into our body. The government has absolutely no right to my body .

Alix Nimphius (Hawthorne, 2022-01-12)


I'm signing because my daughter is a student at SUNY New Paltz and she has not only received the 2 mRNA shots, she has also just recently had Covid. She does not need a booster and I do not want to impose undue risk upon her.

Jill Cruz (Valley Cottage, 2022-01-12)


Taking a booster shot needs to be the individual choice of a human being. We are fully experiencing that the vaccines and boosters are not stopping the spread of the virus.

Barbara Renold (Spring Valley, 2022-01-12)


This is unconstitutional and against the Nuremberg Code.

Susan Buchanan (Mohegan Lake, 2022-01-12)



Laura Harilla (Yonkers, 2022-01-12)


This is wrong forcing people to get an experimental vaccine which isn’t even effective just to get an education! Shame on you guys!! Healthy younger people so not need a vaccine for this to begin with.

Kim Heady (Yonkers , 2022-01-12)


I'm following the science and the VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system) and see the the risks outweigh the benefits.

Janis Sharkey (Katonah, 2022-01-13)


My son and daughter both attend and received two vaccines of Pfizer each do not feel medically necessary for them to receive a third vaccine in less than 6 months.

Jacky Conroy (Liverpool , 2022-01-13)


I’m signing because my child falls under the #2 proposed exemption.

Christine Callear (Corinth, 2022-01-13)


I am a parent of a student athlete that has already had covid, and been fully vaccinated. The shot doesn’t stop the spread and as a parent and a RN, the risks far outweigh the benefit of booting a healthy 19year old. Should be a choice.

Lauren MEAGHER (, 2022-01-13)


Students should have a choice.

Courtney Gleason (Huntington, 2022-01-13)


Enough is enough

Daniel OMalley (Monroe, 2022-01-13)


The WHO has concluded boosters can be dangerous at this point. Not necessary. My son is already vaccinated

Matthew Peers (Fairport , 2022-01-13)


I do not think it is necessary for the booster for students under 35 years of age

Annmarie Standfast (DIX HILLS, 2022-01-13)


I am signing this because I am a concerned parent of suny student who is fully vaccinated but is being forced to take a booster shot. Which at this time is being pushed on these young adults who just are trying to get a college education.

Ellen Cordova (Massapequa, 2022-01-13)


I am signing if this because I am a suny student who has been fully vaccinated and feel that I am being forced against my own will to receive a booster that was rushed and forced on me to be able to go to school. I am a young adult that wants to be able to make my own choices on a booster shot and not be told that it is mandatory there is not 100% proof that these shots are safe years down the line. I don’t want to develope another condition years down the line all because I wanted an education. My life my choice

Sam Cordova (Massapequa, 2022-01-13)


Let’s go Brandon

Doug Schanars (Melville, 2022-01-13)


My daughter had health concern about vaccine and got it despite her concerns to go to school. Had Covid over the Christmas break and now has to get booster that she doesn’t want in her body,

Tanya Bayles (Selden, 2022-01-13)


I am signing this because I am a grandparent of a suny student who should not be forced to get a shot to get a college education.

Robert Grigas (Massapequa, 2022-01-13)


I am signing this because I am a concerned parent of a suny student. Who should be able to make his own choice in regards to receiving a booster shot.

David Cordova (Massapequa, 2022-01-13)


I am signing this because I was a former suny student and I feel if I was still a student I would want to have a choice weather or not I want to receive the booster. At this time there is not enough evidence that these shots are safe for us years down the line. My body my choice.

Daniel Cordova (Massapequa, 2022-01-13)


I am signing this because my grandchild all attend college and they are all being forced to do something they don’t feel comfortable doing. These kids are victims they are not getting boosters to stop the spread they are only helping these colleges get money. Because if these kids didn’t want to get educated they would not go to school and these colleges would lose money. Where our these kids rights.

Bob Grigas (Flagler beach, 2022-01-13)


It should be choice.

Angela Ackerly (huntington station, 2022-01-14)


If there is risk, there should be choice and there is definitely risk with this booster and not enough evidence and data to support it is worth the risk…..

Amy Willie (Northport, 2022-01-14)


These mandates are a human rights violation. Saying no to medical apartheid!

Kathleen McCarthy (Oakland, 2022-01-14)


My son had covid over the Christmas break and I do not believe it to be necessary to have the booster shot right away. I am afraid for lasting negative effects that an unnecessary booster may cause.

Katherine Lombardo (East Hampton, 2022-01-14)


I’m seriously concerned about my sons heart health as well as fertility it’s to the point that if you do require this I will pull
Him from the campus and you will lose boarding and food

Maria Balunas (East Islip , 2022-01-14)


My son had the initial vaccine and Covid and his antibodies are high. He is young and healthy. Why does he need another vaccine?!?

JoAnn Evans (Saint James , 2022-01-15)


I’m signing this petition in support against mandating boosters for young adults. The boosters aren’t containing the spread and have the potential to hurt healthy immune systems.

Anna Miller (Mount Kisco , 2022-01-15)


I'm signing because it's Unconstitutional , these are symptoms of the flu. Quit frankly I fed up with all of this.

Rose Contes (Canandaigua , 2022-01-15)


No one gets to dictate what my child does to her body.

Elizabeth Perlstein (Huntington, 2022-01-15)


100% against this mandate. This all needs to stop. This is Infuriating to say the least.

Laura DiRosa (Binghamton , 2022-01-15)


My daughter is a student at SUNY Binghamton. While she is boosted, we disagree with mandates.

JULIE YOUNG (South Orange, 2022-01-15)


My daughter is a SUNY student, has been double vaccinated, and tested positive for Covid 19 in November of 2021. I don't feel there is enough data and research to indicate the she, and other students with similar vaccination status and exposure, need a booster. The universities have such a high vaccination status as it is and there's no way to control or mandate community spread around the university, which is where her positive case resulted from (working off campus located within walking distance of campus).

Michelle Robinson (LOCKPORT, 2022-01-15)


I don’t believe booster shots are necessary for this age group or any age group for that matter. It should be a person’s choice. Not a mandate!

Christine Barsic (Amityville , 2022-01-15)


It is an outrageous abuse of power to coerce anyone, let alone a young adult seeking a higher education, into a medical intervention that they do not want.

This goes against every moral principal, and against basic common sense. My body my choice has been the rally cry on college campuses for decades. Now, your institution is trampling on the very ideology that is a hallmark of academia, namely to ask questions, use critical thinking and apply ideological and physiological autonomy.

I am shocked and appalled that an institute of higher learning could have so lost its moral and basic values compass as to be creating & imposing such policies. History will not look favorably on these actions. It is not too late to withdraw them and stand as a positive role model for the students you hope to guide.

Lisa Lipkin (Millwood, 2022-01-15)


I am signing this petition because I believe individuals should maintain their medical freedom and have their medical/personal/religious beliefs honored.

Anne Marie Nandzik (Watertown, 2022-01-15)


I believe in individuals freedom of choice in their healthcare. Also your medical records should be confidential between you and your health care provider. This is America! Land of the free home of the brave. Never Forget

William Kirkham (Rockville Centre , 2022-01-15)


The very well known dangers of heart conditions in college age groups especially males after the injection, It’s proven! Why take this chance again? Also it’s causing autoimmune disease. It’s proven to actually damage and weaken the immune system over time. How is it legal to mandate a well known harmful EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY??? Key word EXPERIMENTAL! NOT FULLY APPROVED BY THE FDA. Who will be held accountable if the booster (3rd shot) hurts someone? There was zero informed consent for the first 2 injections, zero! No one will even allow us to know what the ingredients are of the “medicine” that is being mandated. How is this legal??? Also, why isn’t natural immunity being considered even though it’s proven to be more protection?

Cheryl Ventricelli (Lincoln Park , 2022-01-15)


I have two young kids that I don’t want this for . It’s enough

Kristie Fatscher (East northport, 2022-01-15)


I am opposed to my children receiving the booster vaccine after already having covid and receiving the mandated vaccine in their fall 2021 semester. They are fully vaccinated and have high antibodies. This forced vaccine is unacceptable.

Janice Norton (Kings Park, 2022-01-15)


There is no scientific evidence showing that the benefits outweigh the risks of mandating young people to take these injections. It does not slow or stop the spread. We have yet to see the State University of New York provide any evidence that proves this is beneficial to the young, extremely low risk population of people. A disease that kills less than 1% of the world population has now seized the minds of many into believing that 100% of the population is at risk. Please prove us wrong with data snd peer reviewed papers.

Nova Iannuzzi (Hilton Head, 2022-01-15)


I strongly believe the Covid 19 booster shot has no valid research indicating the protection against Covid 19. In fact, the booster has been proven to cause severe side effects in all ages of people, especially young men and women. As a parent is my right and my job to advocate for my child. I decide what is in the best interest for my child. Therefore, I am signing this petition to protect my child against the Covid 19 booster.

Cynthia Wright (Medford , 2022-01-15)


Getting the vaccine and/or the booster should be an individual decision based on each individuals situation.

Lorraine Valenza (Hauppauge, 2022-01-15)


I do not want my daughter to endure another vaccine!

Karen Palumbo (Jamesville, 2022-01-15)


My son will be attending SUNY Potsdam this semester. He is 20. He falls in the high risk group for myocarditis and the risk is not worth it! He is vaccinated and had COVID which increases his risk of an AE. He just wants to go to college and have his life back. I'm concerned him having to make this choice could prevent that from happening with an AE that would change his life forever.

Rebecca Ashley (Massena, 2022-01-15)


I’m against mandates

James Wright (Medford , 2022-01-15)


There is no reason to mandate this vaccine the population already vaccinated has the T cells to protect. Also it is now known it does not prevent spread but it does hold risk especially to young men of myocarditis. There is literally no reason to mandate boosters

Darlene Brunetta (Baldwin , 2022-01-15)


I’m signing because this booster is emergency use only, heart ailments have occurred after receiving this booster.
Reinstate religious exemptions for those who took the vaccine. Clearly this does not work. Cancel this mandate.
Parent of two SUNY Students

Eileen McManus (Rockaway Park, 2022-01-15)


Stop the overreach!

Michael Grimes (Lynbrook , 2022-01-15)


The booster shot should not be required

Rudy Casimir (Cortland , 2022-01-15)



Roberta Siegelson (Oceanside, 2022-01-15)


There is no scientific evidence showing that the benefits outweigh the risks of young people receiving the vaccination. Studies show that:
* the vaccine does not prevent one from getting or spreading COVID.
* the booster proves to cause severe side effects in all ages of people
* the vaccine damages & weakens the immune system.

jessica iannuzzi (New York City, 2022-01-15)


I am absolutely terrified of adverse affects from a booster shot! The Gov. said a halt in our SUNY/CUNY system is a big financial disruption! What?! It’s all about $$$??? THESE FORCED DECISIONS ARE UNACCEPTABLE! PLEASE SAVE OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH!! PLEASE!

Christine Murphy (Massapequa, 2022-01-16)


It’s my RIGHT to choose if we want vaccine/booster or not

Melissa Cesark (Poughkeepsie, 2022-01-16)


I don’t believe in the booster shot ! You demanded these students get the vaccine and they did! Now , you are demanding them get the booster when it doesn’t work! Show me what’s in the these shots! Show me the data

Adrienne Gleave (Seaford , 2022-01-16)


My does not want to get it and he should not be forced to

Jayne Baillie (Merritt Island, 2022-01-16)


My son is leaving the school if he needs the booster. Unfortunately SUNY is not following the science behind the booster

Vincent Servidio (Staten Island, 2022-01-16)


I have hybrid immunity and do not believe I should take anymore risks of having adverse reaction to a vaccine to something I should be protected from and the shot is proving to net be effective at preventing infection or spreading infection. I believe in medical freedom not being forced to take something that is not in my best interest.

Zachary Christman (Carthage , 2022-01-16)


I believe in freedom of choice.

Marie Rogers (Seaford, 2022-01-16)


The booster is unnecessary for this population. The damage far outweighs the benefits (if there are any).

Deirdre Mannix (Sea cliff, 2022-01-16)


I do not want my son to be mandated ro get a booster.

Tania Gullo (Brooklyn , 2022-01-16)


This should be a choice. Students are trying to get an education. Their body their choice. Nothing forced for something that doesn't even work.

Nilda Tirado (Buffalo, 2022-01-16)


Getting the vaccine DOES NOT PREVENT you from getting Covid. It DOES NOT prevent you from spreading Covid.
It does not work as a vaccine is intended to work.
It is severely harming & killing people! Just look in the CDC website! It is there in plain site!
Thank you for putting an END to this insanity! No more mandates!

Mary O’Shea (Rockville Centre, 2022-01-16)


There is no scientific data to back up the need for boosters for college students. Actually quite the contrary the WHO has stated that boosters should not be given. Leave our children alone!

Joy Malota (Warwick, 2022-01-16)


I’m signing because the vaccines did not prevent Covid from moving through the campus. A booster made for the original
Strain will not prevent future spread. We do not know the toll or long term effects these “shots” will have on our children. The risk is too high with a virus that poses less risk!

Jordana Turcotte (Ballston Lake , 2022-01-16)


Enough is enough. These young adults have already done their part and shouldn’t have to subject themselves to more vaccines over and over.

Melissa Keneally (Warwick, 2022-01-16)


I’m singing because my kids already had covid and their immune system worked much better with covid then mine. I was vaccinated and it didn’t really help me . And I can see that my friends who were not vaccinated recovered more easily and faster .

Alla Richard (Bronxville , 2022-01-16)

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