Cancel firewall for entering 5th year



It is unfair to put such new rules mid-course, especially when it is set in the end of 3rd year, 1 month prior to the second exam period of that year. Some people planned to take exams later for personal reasons, adding to that the whole pandemic thing that prevented these people from passing these exam in the exam period of January 2022 (4th year).
If the University wanted to implement such a rule, they should have at least done it right after 2nd year.
Furthermore, it was stipulated that only subjects from the 8th semester could be taken in the September 2022 exam period, an extra rule which is basically pushing/forcing people to be inactive against their will.
All of this is just very unprofessional to me, coming from a University having such a high tuition fee, and a course leading to so many personal sacrifices.
We left everything behind to come study in this University, and recommended it to other people wanting to study vet med. Never forget that it is also in the University’s own interest to be fair with its students.

Keren Avni (Budapest, 2022-04-02)


This extra firewall was not in my agreement with this university when I decided to accept the offer to become a student at this institution. Large decisions like this should only be made after consulting the student body that it effects, and this was not the case. To change rules like this in the middle of our education, with seemingly no regard for student opinion, is highly unprofessional, and severely disrespectful to all the students this is now affecting. As well, with the yearly increase in the number of new admissions and no parallel increase in the capacity to teach the higher number students, this decision to insert a new firewall was clearly not made with the quality of our education in mind.

Jordan Bagshaw (Budapest, 2022-04-03)


Implementing this extra firewall at the end of 4th year is not fair , as we have started the course without knowing that there would be an extra firewall. Furthermore, the Covid situation has changed the format of the exams, some people couldn't take their exams due to technical or personal reasons and we have had less hands-on practice and few in person classes. So it is not possible for us to be at the same academic level as previous 4th year students. Which means that many people will be forced to go inactive after all of the personal sacrifices this course requires.
My parents are very upset that you have modified the rules mid course and created the risk of not achieving the exams after a spending of around 40000 euros.

Clémence Dollie (Budapest , 2022-04-03)


I also agree with your opinion!

Haeun Yun (Budapest , 2022-04-04)


I find it unfair that this rule was implemented during the only semester where alone (without retake exams) we will be having 12 exams. Throughout our entire university career we have had 6-8 exams maximum. This is an unavoidable set up for failure/forced inactive year, for those who have retakes. For those who just have regular exams we will have to take multiple exams in a single week, which not everyone is capable of regardless if you studied during the year (some of us just need time because we study at a slower pace or can focus on one thing at a time).

Julia Gilbert (Budapest, 2022-04-04)


I was inactive 2 years, it was a really hard time to struggle with exams and my only motivation was that after third year the system would no longer be "against me" and that I could actually graduate.

Mathilde Chesnier (Sannerville, 2022-04-04)


Don’t want to sign with my name, I’m scared of negative consequences, but I support this

Third year Student (Budapest, 2022-04-04)


The firewall was implemented long after the start of our studies and thus goes against regulations that say the conditions of our educations should stay as they have been promised to us at the start.

Victoria van Eijk (Budapest, 2022-04-04)


It makes sense

Gabrielle Bakkehaug (Harstad, 2022-04-05)


This is absurd.

Karoline Skogvik (Oslo, 2022-04-05)


Major changes like this should not be sprung upon students months before it’s arrival. It should be made knowledge from day one so the students can decide if this is something they are willing to accept when enrolling in the uni.

Niamh O’Shaughnessy (Budapest, 2022-04-06)


I'm signing because there are enough firewalls already to stress about, this regulation is not gonna help any student.

Orhan Samil Gürhan (Budapest, 2022-04-19)

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