Act Now: Tell the Town of Port Royal to Save the Landmark Live Oaks on 12th Street!



The magnificent live oak trees make up the character of the Lowcountry and are an important part of our identity as a community.

Cassandra Conroy (Beaufort, 2022-06-30)


I live on the corner of London Ave and 9th street and have a large live oak tree that we care for with annual preservation work by Bartlett Tree Experts. This tree was the center of a controversy in 2007 when a developer attempt to cut it down. Luckily the neighborhood residents and town took action to save this tree. Many of the town tree codes were developed as a result of this and other events. Our town should be a consistent model for stewardship of these incredible live oaks and intervene to protect the trees on 12th street.

Ken Bodine (Port Royal, 2022-06-30)


I am an advocate of the trees.

Anita Cox (Beaufort, 2022-06-30)


Live oaks of this size are more valuable to the whole community than a few dollars profit. Perhaps the developer could consider an alternate design..

Patty Crower (Port Royal, 2022-06-30)


Protect and preserve the environment while honoring the history and aiding the future
It’s about community!❤️

Caroline Hogan (Warrenton , 2022-06-30)


The preservation of Oaks should remain a priority for the Town of Port Royal.

Carol Morrissey (Saint Helena Island, 2022-06-30)


Enough is enough from chs

Donna Miller (Port Royal, 2022-06-30)


beyond of all these reasons, which i strongly support, there's this:

we citizens must be able to count on the Town to demonstrate the leadership that sees beyond any temporary "good" of an individual (developer, property, plan) and upholds the greater good of the entire community.
thank you for your time, consideration, and service.

elizabeth bergmann (Port Royal, 2022-06-30)


It appears that many oaks are coming down all over Port Royal with all the development, yet at the same time we are urged to save the oaks through our tree ordinance!

Fred Garland (Port Royal, 2022-06-30)


These Trees are our history here. The natural resources of this area need to be preserved.

George Pirrone (Port Royal, 2022-06-30)


Union Church is St. Marks Episcopal Church and is my church home and worship center of Port Royal community...

Diane Mullis-Waddell (Beaufort, 2022-06-30)


I am signing because I want the Town to deny the removal of any live oaks, especially those on 12th street.

Catherine McCaslin (Port Royal, 2022-06-30)


Please save the live oaks! These trees are home to hundreds of living organisms, including other plants, animals, birds and insects. They are essential for our coastal ecosystem. And, as stated above, these trees cannot be replaced.

Bethany Myers (Port Royal, 2022-06-30)


Live oak trees should be protected, not cut down. Protect the trees now!

Barbara Berry (Port Royal , 2022-06-30)


I oppose to removing these landmark live oak trees for a subdivision in Port Royal

Cele Seldon (Beaufort, 2022-06-30)


The beauty of the Lowcountry includes these massive old oaks that should be preserved for their uniqueness and what they add to our neighborhoods. Scalping the land only defaces the property and lowers the value.

Kathy Baxley (Beaufort, 2022-06-30)


I agree with all statements pertaining to the trees.

Terri Lee (Port Royal, SC29935, 2022-06-30)


The lots can be built on without cutting down the trees. The ordinance specifies that these trees cannot be destroyed. It's about time the town started enforcing its own ordinances.

Wendy Zara (Port Royal, 2022-06-30)


I’m signing to hopefully preserve this property and the natural habitation.

Nancy Pratt (Beaufort, 2022-06-30)


I know this developer and his team, and they are good people. But live oaks, especially landmark ones, must be saved at all costs. Surely there are "reasonable" design alternatives available, which would result in more curb appeal than identical houses anyway. These trees are absolutely irreplaceable.

Edie Pearson (Port Royal, 2022-06-30)


Save the trees. Be creative and design houses that don’t require the removal of these trees.

Tricia Fidrych (Port Royal, SC, 2022-06-30)


Design plans by the 12th Street developer should not include threatening landmark live oak trees -- Port Royal officials, please do not approve tree removal permit of the live oaks.

Pattye Benson (Port Royal, 2022-06-30)


If permits are approved, this will be an unconscionable planned destruction of landmark trees without accommodations made by developer in design of homes to preserve these natural town assets. Also, unimaginable lack of stewardship by town council, planners, and management in preserving irreplaceable natural assets which add to the charm and uniqueness of Port Royal if permits are issued.

Bud Fidrych (Port Royal, 2022-06-30)


All reasons enumerated in the Petition

Terry Stone (Seabrook SC, 29940, 2022-06-30)


We went through this bull shit when DRHorton Clear cut Oyster Bluff. The tree ordinances have been revised across the county and all municipalities.
How can the removal of these landmark trees even be a consideration! This is absolutely outrageous and cannot happen!

Jennifer Sharp (Beaufort, 2022-06-30)


Port Royal needs to protect its century oaks and not turn the community into shoulder to shoulder homes.

Pamela Keith (Port Royal, 2022-06-30)


Trees like these should not be destroyed.

Dave Freeman (Port Royal, 2022-07-01)


My greatgggg grandfather John Barnwell probably planted those trees.

Tricia Collins (Tallahassee , 2022-07-01)


These trees can NEVER be replaced

Louise Gibson (Beaufort SC, 2022-07-01)


I am sick and tired of permitting agencies in Beaufort County allowing the removal of our grand old Live Oak trees. The clear-cutting of vast expanses of land because the developers are too lazy to work around these magnificent witnesses to our history should be a criminal offense.

Henry Robertson (Beaufort, 2022-07-01)


I live in Port Royal and now is not the time to get rid of any live oaks .

Tim clancy (Port Royal, 2022-07-01)


Mature tree removal is an unethical and greed-based decision.

Debbie Anderson (Port Royal, 2022-07-01)


It's obscene to remove these historic trees for the greed of developers.

Amy Daughtry (Beaufort , 2022-07-01)


As a long term resident of Port Royal with 3 historic trees on my property, I can not imagine Port Royal without its live oaks. What a ugly place this would be without the trees. Removing historic trees at the behest of a developer sets a dangerous precedent.

Anna Ellerbe (Port Royal, 2022-07-01)


save our trees!

Charity Holland (Beaufort, 2022-07-01)


It is unbelievable that someone would deliberately cut down 200 year old trees

Francie Downing (Green Pond , SC, 2022-07-01)


I helped initially on tree saving ordinances in this County and all municipalities.
Please have them rework their land design.

Elizabeth Grace (BEAUFORT, 2022-07-01)


We need to protect the flora that make the Lowcountry all that it is. Too many developers are being given the okay to mow down trees. Not only do we lose the beauty of our trees, but it also disrupts our wildlife.

Debbie Slazyk (Beaufort, 2022-07-01)


We've lost too many live Oaks already!

Timothy E Wood (Beaufort, 2022-07-01)


I believe in trying to save the history of our small towns. And this includes 200 year old trees.

Louise Murray (Beaufort, SC. 29902, 2022-07-01)


The trees that are potentially going to be taken down are lovely…….instead of squeezing 5 houses in, it would be more attractive to put in less houses, probably 4 and save the trees which provide a wonderful canopy for wildlife and birds to reside in. The trees are very important to how that section of 12th looks , to take them down would have a negative esthetics!!!!

Robin Chase-Sittig (Beaufort , 2022-07-01)


Taking down 200 year old trees is unacceptable in terms of historic relevance, environmental value, and legality. They are part of the area’s heritage and must be saved.

Anne Hartzell (Beaufort, 2022-07-01)


I believe in the cause.

Lillian Haist (Beaufort , 2022-07-01)


I believe there are reasonable design alternatives that can be achieved that would allow the developer to move forward while still preserving the Landmark live oaks, which are so integral to our community's character and quality of life.

Jonathan Henney (Beaufort, 2022-07-01)


Because live oaks are irreplaceable.

Laurence Cole (Port Royal, 2022-07-01)


I am signing because overdevelopment is threatening the character of our beautiful small towns, the enjoyment of nature and the threat to air quality and wildlife habitat. Enough is enough.

Dianne Farrelly (Beaufort, 2022-07-01)


Letting one developer get away with this will allow others to follow. If Port Royal really wants to save its character they need to rein in this developer.

Pamela Fres (Port Royal, 2022-07-01)


I'm signing this Petition because developers, large and small, are destroying the natural beauty of this small corner of our planet. Save those trees. I mean look at them.

Denise Collins (Beaufort, 2022-07-01)


I’m signing because it’s the right thing to do. There is a time and a place for progress. There is a time and a place for trees, grass, flowers, wildlife, a place to relax and unwind. These trees provide this much needed respite. Even just looking at them creates a calm.

Kathryn Mixon (Beaufort, 2022-07-01)


These gorgeous old live oak trees grow slow. They sprouted up in a past none of us lived and stand tall and healthy in the present. They deserve a place in the future stories of Port Royal.

Dawn Douthat (Port Royal, 2022-07-01)


Our live oaks are a gift from God.

Melissa Bernardi (Beaufort, 2022-07-01)


We need to save this tree

Don Altman (Beaufort , 2022-07-02)


As aPort Royal neighbor I do not wish to learn of any trees being cut fro development, especially old oaks. These would leave a hole in our carbon footprint.

Anne Heles (Port Royal, 2022-07-02)


I am a 40+ year resident of Shell Point and enjoy the town of Port Royal and bring guests there. As climate change threatens this area, as elsewhere, we NEED these trees for reasons mentioned in the petition. They CANNOT be replaced in our liftetime as they now exist. They are part of the majesty that bring people to Port Royal & the Lowcountry. Don't let developers destroy the God-given gifts we have.

Barbara Stanley (Beaufort, 2022-07-02)


I'm signing this petition to show my NON-approval of the removal of landmark trees on 12th St in Port Royal.

Al Templeton (Port Royal, 2022-07-02)


I agree! Select another plan for developing that property. It is beautiful!! Five identical sites???? That is not just a bad idea but an ugly one!!! It is just NOT Port Royal!!!!!!

Jane Givens (Port Royal, 2022-07-02)


These trees are history!

Pameka Smith (Port Royal, 2022-07-02)


We have already lost many old trees mainly to developers who only want more and more money. Hard to replace a 200 year old tree…

Chuck Gardner (Port Royal, 2022-07-02)


Protecting this resource is essential to the environmental and cultural fabric of this community.

Kevyn Richmond (Beaufort, 2022-07-02)


I feel it’s of utmost importance that we recognize nature as an essential & honorable part of our existence, rather than an inconvenience to be bulldozed to benefit the whims of man.

Susan Dressler (Beaufort , 2022-07-02)


I believe Port Royal should grow, but it should not be overdeveloped.

El Lauria (Port Royal, 2022-07-02)


Original plans for this property showed five different sized homes allowing space for the live oaks to remain.
There is still a demand for small homes in this community although there’s an obvious trend to buildout most of the lots. This is changing the character and environment of our lovely town.

Teresa Halyburton (Port Royal, SC, 2022-07-02)


I love the beauty of downtown Port Royal. Don’t ruin it!

Wendy Moustakas (Beaufort , 2022-07-02)


I use to live there, and still visit.

Brian Sefsic (Hagerstown , 2022-07-03)


We love our grand oaks here in Conway and you should too! Protect our trees for future generations to enjoy.

James Fowler (Conway, 2022-07-03)


It's wrong to cut down 200+ year old trees just to make a buck!

Linda Good (Bluffton, 2022-07-03)


Not in favor of cutting down trees.

Mary Congleton (Port Royal, 2022-07-03)


Its time to stop the practice of allowing developers to remove old growth trees that are otherwise healthy without substantial penalty. We have more than sufficient new housing being developed in northern Beaufort County. We don't have to sacrifice our natural heritage. If the trees are allowed to go, the fee for permitting removal should be a very impressive number - sufficient to preserve a substantial amount of land that will never be developed and discouraged others from removing similar trees in future.

Alan Dechovitz (Beaufort, 2022-07-03)


Once the trees are gone, it will be too late. Port Royal has a history of saying one thing on paper and doing another with regard to their tree preservation stance. These trees need to be preserved. Period.

Julie Snyder (Port Royal , SC, 2022-07-03)


Trees of this age and significance should fall under historical preservation. Port Royal has a responsibility of preserving the past as we move into the future.. if not us The Who!

Janie Ephland (Port Royal , 2022-07-04)


I lived in Beaufort for many years and these trees are not only beautiful but a part of the history and what draws people to the low country.

Patrick Jensen (Cheektowaga, 2022-07-04)


I feel we are losing the beauty of the Lowcountry by overbuilding and taking away nature's history. Please stop the destruction of green spaces.

Linda Chelten (Beaufort, 2022-07-04)


Do not want to see the aesthetic beauty of Port Royal destroyed
The trees also help with the storm erosion protection
General wind reduction
Protection from the sun
Reduced energy costs
Reduced noise pollution

Steven Nisbet (Port Royal, 2022-07-04)


These trees make our community and plans can be done to accommodate them.

Mary Pizzo (Beaufort, 2022-07-05)


It’s important to protect what’s left of nature especially trees that define the low country.

Kathy Knisley (Port Royal, SC, 2022-07-05)


I'm signing this petition because Port Royal's tree ordinance should not be ignored and should be incorporated into the developer's proposed design.

Erinn McGuire (Beaufort, 2022-07-05)


I'm signing because my sister lives in Buford and we are planning to move down there in a couple of years and Port Royal is our favorite place because of the natural beauty. I don't understand why builders can't incorporate trees into the lot plan? It just seems like builders. Love, to cut and pave and make everything hot and ugly. Keep the trees and make the builders incorporate them into the planning. The whole reason your area is beautiful is because of the trees without them, you're just another pillaged town in South Carolina.

Leslie Dickerson (North Augusta, 2022-07-05)


Oaks, and all trees in the Lowcountry 1) are a reason why people move here; 2) provide the shade so needed; 3) are alive and should be respected; 4) add value to a house and consequently to a neighborhood; 5) act as a protection against the wind, the rain, and the sun.
This would be a terrible shame if the town of Port Royal already under much pressure to develop could not stand for its trees, its beauty, its identity!

Martine Marshall (Beaufort, 2022-07-05)


I want to save these landmark trees.

Susan Holmes (Port Royal, 2022-07-05)


There's too much development already, and too much damage to live oaks b the power company. These trees must be protected.

George Reynolds (Beaufort, 2022-07-05)


Too many decisions in development favor the developers and not the environment. The trees In Port Royal are one of the reasons it is such a beautiful and special area.

Margaret Allard (Beaufort, 2022-07-05)


These trees are important to the ecosystem and aesthetic of Port Royal. Once removed they may only be replaced at great cost to the same area.
Thank you.

Trevor Northam (Port Royal, 2022-07-05)


Save our trees

Peggy Carvell (Port royal, 2022-07-05)


Our wonderful trees make our community unique.

Nora Kresch (Beaufort, 2022-07-05)


We need to stop paving over all this precious environment that is unique on the country if not the world.

KEVIN KLINGLER (Beaufort, 2022-07-05)


Save the trees-

Buddy Brown (port royal, 2022-07-05)


Those trees deserve to live and help our environment! People move here because of our beautiful natural landscape. Please protect what so many cherish!

Nancy Andrepont (Beaufort, 2022-07-05)


These trees are too environmentally valuable!!!

Pamela Flasch (Lady’s Island , 2022-07-06)


I want to save our trees!

Jennifer Jones (Port Royal , 2022-07-06)


Don't let the community down by allowing the removal of 200 year old live oak trees, especially when a more creative design could save them. The previous owner of the lot also had 5 house designs which included the oaks. It CAN be done.
We should embrace the trees, nurture them and build around them, not destroy them.

Kit Bruce (Port Royal, 2022-07-06)

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