4 Way Stop Sign at Highway 99/45 & Railroad Bed Road (State Road 1626)



This situation is currently dangerous and needs to be addressed.

Mark Respess (Pike Road, 2023-02-26)


A four way stop on Hwy99 and Railroad Bed is not a good solution. A blinking light on the Railroad Bed stop sign would work better.

Reatta Black (Pantego , 2023-02-26)


I have property and family in the proposed area involved and have traveled that area on many occasions. A 4-way stop will not make the oncoming traffic more visible to cars on the Railroad Bed Road and will impede the flow of traffic on Highway 99. The plan to use a 4-way stop is incompetence at its best.

Judith Lee (Jamesville, 2023-02-26)


I have lived here all my life and very disappointed that we were not asked our opinion how to correct the problem. I foresee more accidents with the stop signs then before.

Debbie Bagley (Wenona, 2023-02-26)


I am from this area and even though I no longer live in the state, I know enough to say this is the wrong solution. Government showing its ineptitude one again…

Eric Allen (Martinsville, 2023-02-26)


Because there is a need to fix this problem

Andrea Gregory (Bath, 2023-02-26)


My parents live at this intersection and the new 4 way stop is more dangerous than effective.

Brandy Moore (Pinetown, 2023-02-26)


The 4 way stop is dangerous to all

Teresa Huffman (belhaven, 2023-02-26)


This is crazy. You dont have a 4 way stop on a main road.

Hazel Williams ( Creswell, 2023-02-26)



Alicia Lilley (Washington, 2023-02-26)


This as about as good idea as putting a roundabout at 264 and 32. Raise the road to compensate where your ingenious engineers raised the bridge that never floods.

Clint Allen (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


I'm signing because I have family and friends in the area thst this affects. There should be another solution.

Etha Pate (Burgaw , 2023-02-26)


This 4 way stop is ridiculous!

Kassidy ODell (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


I am in the trucking business and it is a hazardous

Michael Morgan (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


I lived in that area a long time and travel the road frequently!!

GiGi Johnson (Belhaven, 2023-02-26)


I travel hwy 99 everyday and in a big truck this 4way is going to get someone killed

Millard Jefferson (Pantego , 2023-02-26)



Nicholas Phelps (Pantego , 2023-02-26)


I belive this is unnecessary and will cause more problems!

Angel Davis (Pungo, 2023-02-26)


This 4 way stop is not the answer to poor engineering on the states part

Paul Andrews (Belhaven, 2023-02-26)


I live near the affected area and it is a serious safety concern.

Jennifer Tuten (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


This 4 way stop is dangerous. It’s a major money making highway for truckers and farmers and large equipment. Having a 4 way stop in the middle of a highway is dangerous.

Laura Moore (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


I live in the area…travel that intersection and a four way stop is RIDICULOUS!!

Chuck Williams (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


Because of the dangers of 50 years of people not used to it being there

Stanley Allen (Plymouth, 2023-02-26)


I travel this road and it is very dangerous.

Daryl Williams (Seaboard , 2023-02-26)


I've lived here my entire life and this intersection is now extremely dangerous. Someone is going to get hurt or even worse, killed due to the irresponsible decision to place these stop signs.

June Respess (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


The 4 way stop is not safe at all big truck can’t make the turn do to other cars in the way and the bull shit sign in the middle manager road where a 4 way stop shouldn’t be

Michael Craddock (Bath, 2023-02-26)


I am local to the area and drive the intersection almost daily.

Karen Giles (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


I work at Hyde CI and go that way to work and truckers don't have time to stop for them signed nor does the school bus and it will hold everything up and cause more accidents

Melissa Whitley (Plymouth, 2023-02-26)


Four way stops in rural areas create more problems than they solve

Carleen Rath (Roper, 2023-02-26)


That 4 way stop is very dangerous!!! I have family that lives on that road!!!

Sue Harper (Bath, 2023-02-26)


Four way stop is not the answer for this intersection.

Daniell Coltraine (Washington, 2023-02-26)


I dive there all the time. It is a hazard

Vanessa Smith (SwanQuarter , 2023-02-26)


I use to live there and my family still do

Billy Rose (Ayden , 2023-02-26)


I travel this road often and find the four way stop signs to be very dangerous. The people who have driven these roads for years do not notice the signs or forget and drive through causing a greater danger. Please remove signs and find another way to help with the blind spot.

Cathy S Windley (Belhaven, 2023-02-26)


This makes no sense at all. It is a hazard to all traffic and the community. Whoever thought this up was a split minute decision with no thought behind it. For someone like myself who lives in the community and travels this road on a daily basis, a caution light that was triggered by crossing traffic would make more sense. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt again caused by the stop signs.

Morgan Shackelford (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


I’m assistant chief with Pungo River Volunteer Fire Department. We never started to have accidents until the bridge was redesigned. They need to fix there mess up instead of trying to put a band aid on this problem. It is very dangerous intersection and four way stop is not going to fix the problem.

Eric Sawyer (Pantego , 2023-02-26)


I live in the area and can attest tothe factit is a ignorant and blatantly stupid idea.

Douglas Swain (Plymouth , 2023-02-26)


I don think that is the answer

Cecilia I Brown (Belhaven, 2023-02-26)


Very unsafe should lower bridges rails instead of this

Alan Russ (Pantego , 2023-02-26)


I ride this road frequently and it’s been dangerous since the new bridge…but the four-way stop signs are even more dangerous!!

Dawn Buckalew (Manteo, 2023-02-26)


I occasionally travel the area and this will not be a good thing for truck drivers or safe for all other drivers.

Brandi Keehnle (Washington, 2023-02-26)


It’s dangerous !

Shiann Dallace (Swanquarter , 2023-02-26)


This intersection is very dangerous. There is to many blind spots

Ashley Lane (Jamesville, 2023-02-26)


I live a mile and a half away from this NC DOT engineering nightmare. What a bunch of idiots who made this decision. Raise the road on both sides of the RR bed, problem solved.

Jeffrey Respess (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


i work on railroad bed road

deanna Randalls (Scranton, 2023-02-26)


I travel this road daily and this 4 way stop is not necessary at all…

Tiffany Randalls (Scranton, 2023-02-26)


This is so extremely dangerous...how many more crosses need to line the intersection before it's properly delt with???

Virginia Alonso (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


I travel this route about everyday. The 4 way stop is just dumb. Same thing as putting the yield sign at the curve on 45 at the refuge intersection. You have the people traveling on the main roads stopping and yielding. Another example is also on Terra Ceia Road bybthe cotton gin. You put a stop sign on the main rd to have them stop and give right of way to the secondary rd. These 3 spots are in need of review and change.

Stephen Andreoli (Pinetown, 2023-02-26)


Has got to be the stupidest thing the DOT has done to date....Common sense is surly lacking....to stop traffic on hwy 99 makes no sense......just adding more confusing antics to the problem, surly doesn't fix it....

Betty Cox (Belhaven, 2023-02-26)


We visit that area quite frequently and this 4-way stop is a hazard to us all

Clara Weaver (Hertford,NC 27944, 2023-02-26)


I drive on 99 every weekday and see no reason for stopping traffic on Hwy 99 as far as i know in 3 years there's not been any accidents at this intersection these stop sings will cause more accidents than if Hwy99 was free flowing

Timothy Mewman (Plymouth , 2023-02-26)


I agree with the petition

Jenna O’Dell (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


I have family that live in this area and drive daily through this.

Julie Perry (Washington, 2023-02-26)


I dont think a 4 way stop is the solution

Clifton Everett (Plymouth, 2023-02-26)


This intersection has become a problem since the STATE ENGINEER designed this bridge and created a visual problem and now this 4 way stop has made it worse!!!

Brenda Wright (Belhaven, 2023-02-26)


I travel that road several times a day in a truck!! Why the bridge was designed that way was stupid when was the last time water came across that road?

Allan Wright (Belhaven, 2023-02-26)


I live on 99 and the signs are a lazy fix to an engineering mistake.

Phillip Dunbar (Pantego , 2023-02-26)


As a truck driver ,I agree that this bridge and intersection is one of the worst engineering
designs in the three counties of Hyde. Beaufort or Washington.

Scottie Taylor (Pinetown, 2023-02-26)


Whoever designed the bridge and added now those ridiculous stop signs need to be fired!,

Selma Conny Phelps (Belhaven, 2023-02-26)


Came through there twice a couple days ago. The petition is just about verbatim what I told my wife sitting in the passenger seat. Death trap, fix that poorly thought out bridge

Frank Smith (Bath, 2023-02-26)


I travel this area several times a week and I disagree with the 4way stop sign.

Matthew Neal (Pantego , 2023-02-26)


Because i have to travel this road. This is not going to help. Please reconsider

Mallori Marshall (Belhaven , 2023-02-26)


I’m daughter and her family that includes my grandchildren have to cross it 4 or more times a day!!!!!! The bridge needs to be lower and take up the 4-way!!!!

Lori Morgan (Pinetown , 2023-02-26)


This problem is costing me as a local trucking company. We travel this road dozens of times every day. The cause of having to stop and start, is added fuel cost, extra wear on brakes, engines, and transmissions. And to add to that, the loss of time. The 4way stop solution was poorly thought out and needs to be changed ASAP. There is not enough traffic entering from the side road to warrent stopping the traffic on hwy 99.

Everett Hershey (Pantego , 2023-02-26)


I travel this area often and I agree a 4 way stop is not the answer. A four way stop was the cheapest way, in their opinion, the State could come up with to fix the situation. Re-evaluate the situation and fix it. Also fix the rollercoaster ride a little further up yhe road before someone gets hurt there too!!!

Ione Alligood (Washington, 2023-02-26)


I vote No, I don't live in that area but am familiar with this road. I trust the judgement of the people who actually use this road on a daily basis.

Cathy Cox (Belhaven, 2023-02-26)


I travel this road sometimes and have seen the issue trying to be addressed with this petition.

Jennifer Davenport (Creswell, 2023-02-26)


I live a mile from this intersection, it is so silly to use a 4-way stop here. Much more dangerous. Just fix the road!

Angela Long (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


I live in Bath and frequently travel to Dare County several times a month by what I call the "back roads" to lead me to the railroad bed then to Washington Co to catch Hwy 64 E. That intersection at RR bed & Hwy 99 always makes me nervous because of its current design and something different needs to change to make it safer for other travelers to be aware of other vehicles coming from all the different directions like the use of flashing lights. For those that have not traveled that area should do it so they can see exactly how unsafe and how easily accidents can occur there.

Donna Grady (Washington, 2023-02-26)


Someone is going to be killed at that intersection and soon. It is more dangerous with the stop signs than ever.

Florence Fulford (Belhaven, 2023-02-26)


This is uncalled for and dangerous to the communities and society alone. Fix the railroad bed if you want to fix anything in that area.

Lonnie Hemby (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


Work in that area intersection unsafe.

James Allen (Washington, 2023-02-26)


Because this 4 way stop is a terrible decision. This is coming from someone that works EMS, been a volunteer firefighter in this area, and knowing this intersection well as this area is home. I am worried that someone or multiple people is going to get terribly hurt or even killed.

Jessica Barnes (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


It’s dangerous

Makayla Brinkley (Belhaven , 2023-02-26)


I travel the road and see the danger.

Janet Dodge (Bath, 2023-02-26)


I work in Belhaven and travel this road regularly. This 4 way stop is not the answer!

Susan Swain (Columbia , 2023-02-26)


A 4 way stop makes no sense in addressing the bridge problem. I travel this road frequently a 4 way stop only creates another liability on a 55 mph road that tractor trailers are given no room to make the turn. This is a rural road not a city street. The bridge or the adjacent roads need to be fixed to address the problem and yes a caution light to warn people to be aware of the oncoming traffic that can be easily seen when entering 99 from the railroad bed.

Thomas Pope (Belhaven, 2023-02-26)


We live on this road and it more dangerous to have a 4 way stop on a busy highway that has never been there. The bridge was not designed properly and this is the fix?

Sherry Dunbar (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


There is a better solution than a 4 way stop.

Heather Garrish (Belhaven, 2023-02-26)


This is a sorry “fix” to the bridge issue. It needs to be addressed first and fixed properly.

Maranda Cooper (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


This is more dangerous. There is a better solution

Trudy Hubers (Belhaven, 2023-02-26)


I travel through the intersection as well as my family and community citizens. The road to is too traveled by commercial trucks who are not used to there being a stop sign all of a sudden on a straight road. Especially when there has never been one. This is dangerous for regular vehicle operators as well.

Heather Slager (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


I have family living out that way. I want it safe for them and Indont think the 4 way stop is the answer.

Tracey Long (Bath, 2023-02-26)


I’m a local resident and I firmly disagree with the 4-way stop. It’s very dangerous for our citizens traveling in the community.

Quajuan Hall (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


Dangerous I’ve almost been hit twice

Michael Davis (Washington, 2023-02-26)


The blind spot needs to be fixed by NCDOT. The four way stop is not the answer. You still can’t see! Fix it like it should have been done in the first place.

Linda Cordon (Bath, 2023-02-26)


Four way stop is dangerous, Fashing caution lights when vechile entering much safer.

Richard Windley (Pantego, 2023-02-26)


The signs are not doing their jobs.

Askme Later (Belhaven, 2023-02-26)


A friend of mine expressed her concerns and fears as she travels this road daily. Her vehicle was almost hit by a large truck as it attempted to turn sharply. She had to back up out of the way. Which I think is dangerous if vehicles are having to back up on a highway.

LeAnn Prince (Belhaven , 2023-02-26)


I’m signing because I agree a four way stop at this location is not helpful and will do more harm than good.

Kelly Rouse (Belhaven , 2023-02-26)


A major road being NC Hwy 99 N is now being a 4 way 🛑. Super dangerous as many log trucks travel this road to Plymouth to the Mill, changing it up to a 4 way stop is way more dangerous than the problems they had before. Why not put some flashing lights alerting drivers that vehicles are entering highway, rather having 18 wheelers & other vehicles making a complete stop.

Brandon Berry (Scranton, 2023-02-26)


Its dangerous

Travis Hubers (Plymouth , 2023-02-27)


A 4 way stop at railroad bed road and hwy 99 is going to get someone killed.
This so dangerous. The bridge is the problem.

Connie Gibbs (Pantego , 2023-02-27)


I work nearby driving big trucks and this has become difficult for daily travel safety.

Mark Elliott (Bath, 2023-02-27)


Please reconsider this situation. Thank you.

Mary Furbee Furbee (Pantego , 2023-02-27)


A four way stop at this intersection is not a solution it’s just a different problem.

Raymond Allen (Pantego, 2023-02-27)


The 4 way stop signs are NOT the answer. Big trucks trying to come around the signs are having a hard time (they cannot make that turn with a car sitting at the stop sign), and the rumble strips are causing disruption to the homes nearby even causing windows to rattle. A four-way STOP in the middle of a major thru-fair makes NO sense.

Ollie Jay Allen (Pantego, 2023-02-27)


This is one of the most dangerous situations I have seen in a long time.

JamieLee Borst (Pantego, 2023-02-27)


This intersection 4 way stop is needless and dangerous. Please remove it.

Mark Cagle (Belhaven, 2023-02-27)


I am very familiar with the area and have traveled it for 65 years. There is absolutely no need for a 4 way stop intersection at this location.

Don Edmondson (Calabash , 2023-02-27)


I believe that this is a very dangerous situation!

Cheryl Perry (Pantego, 2023-02-27)


I drive this area for work several times a week. Someone is going to get killed here with the current solution. Fully loaded trucks have a need for a long distance in order to stop safely. They don't have it on this road.

Lori Lilley (Belhaven, 2023-02-27)


I think this intersection is dangerous now with the four way stop sign, as I travel this road every day.

Jessica Edwards (Jamesville , 2023-02-27)


There is a problem. But stop sign is not the answer

James Yoder (Pantego , 2023-02-27)


Engineering needs to be redone, to fix th real issue! Railroad Bed Rd should be raised for better visibility to eliminate 4 way stop!

Jason Berben (Pantego , 2023-02-27)


Fix the road...

Tracy Morris (Pungo, 2023-02-27)


I have family I visit in this area several times a week

Kathie Cahoon (Columbia , 2023-02-27)


I’m signing this petition to get rid of the 4 way before someone gets hurt it’s in a very dangerous area

Tyler Sutton (Creswell, 2023-02-27)


The 4 way stop signs have made this intersection more dangerous. I drive this road everyday, now I have to worry about my teenage daughter more for the fact that someone is going to run the stops signs. It's just a matter of time. Find a different solution.

Sherry Stotesbury (Pantego, 2023-02-27)


I have dear family in the area and my honda civic cannot allow me to see at this intersection when visiting. I am also concerned about my younger family who will be learning to drive in those conditions.

Heather Markham (Columbia, 2023-02-27)


These new “engineers” are clueless these days. Every time the design something it seems to make things worse than before.

Justin Andrews (Aurora , 2023-02-27)


This is a real death trap and needs to be changed

Myra D Gregory (Ayden, 2023-02-27)


The 4 way stop to try to correct a problem made by the DOT is not helping the situation.

Kimberly Harrell (PANTEGO, 2023-02-27)


I'm 52 yrs old and have been driving this rd since I was 16 yrs old!!! Ive never in my life seen such crap!!! It's a waste of taxpayers money.

Stacy Black (Belhaven, 2023-02-27)


Get rid of the 4-way stop, I don’t think the big ol K-Whopper wants to stop everytime I have to go through there.

Erick Ramirez (Belhaven, 2023-02-28)


i travel that road on a weekly basis

kirby murphy (Washington, 2023-02-28)


I’m affected by traveling these roads and have truck drivers that drive these roads.

Mia Best (Bath, 2023-02-28)


It’s dangerous

Natalie Johnston (Plymouth, 2023-02-28)


I agree with reconstructing the road to make it safer for motorists

Carol Rockenstein (Belhaven, 2023-02-28)


It’s absolutely dangerous. Log trucks come flying down those roads and they will definitely not be aware of this change since it’s been this way for years. The spot is already a dangerous spot that has taken many lives. Instead of stop signs maybe even out the roads.

Hayley Spencer (Creswell, 2023-02-28)


I travel this road everyday to work in Belhaven and it’s a bad intersection. Now you have to worry if you go cause it’s your turn, will the other cars stop or keep going.

Kathrin Nixon (Edenton, 2023-03-01)

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