Stop Alexander Hamilton from preventing students from graduating

Hamilton seniors and parents,
As you know, Prom and Graduation is approaching very soon, but in order to participate in either, you must have no more than 7 absences throughout the entire school year. Cleared absences still count against you. As a student, especially a senior, that is hard to do. We are humans, we get sick, we have family obligations, we have doctors appointments, we have work related issues, and countless other things, so with that being said, Principal Brenda Pensamiento is wrong for trying to prevent us from participating in senior prom and graduation ceremony. Notes from parents are of no use to Hamilton Administration. The only way to clear an absence is by doing manual labor. In order to clear 1, yes I said ONE absence, you must complete 4 days of after school service( 4 hours of cleaning), or 4 hours on Saturday morning. Hamilton thought it would be great to tell us their plan in May. They decided letting people know in May and  will be sending out emails to all the students that will be required to clean, which I'm sure will be a majority of the senior class. 


Not only are they doing this to us a month before graduation, but they also forced students to sign a contract at the start of the school year. The principal said if we did not sign this senior contract within 2 days then we can't participate in prom, we can't graduate or participate in senior festivities. 

So please sign this petition in order to remove this rule the principal of Hamilton HS has created. 

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