Stop Double Dapple breeding!

Noddy & Saartje were both born blind & deaf, because of breeding dapple x dapple.

Dapple x dapple causes a lot of problems; blindness, deafness, microphthalmia, skinproblems, etetera.

In some cases, these poor pups can even be born without limbs...

Noddy & Saartje have their own website and Facebookpage, to make people aware of the dangers of this kind of breeding.

The special animal-police can't do anything, because this kind of breeding is not illegal...

That has to stop!

We think this kind of breeding is pure animal abuse and it needs to be forbidden and the breeders should be punished.

Please sign- & share, so other dogs don't have to go through the same struggles as Noddy & Saartje.


Thank you so much!