Forney Residents Against Forney ISD’s Proposed Rezoning 2021-2022

Many Gateway and surrounding residents are concerned about the proposed rezoning by Forney ISD, which puts neighborhoods south of HWY 80, most notably Gateway Parks, into schools north of 80 for intermediate and middle school students. Parents of students affected by the proposal firmly oppose the changes as they would:

1. Reduce the quality of education for all affected students currently in Gateway Parks. Test score and student performance indicators for zoned schools would dramatically decrease from (Great School ratings) of 8 & 9 to 5 & 6.

2. Remove current elementary school students from their current feeder pattern which is known to cause disruption for children and impact student success.

3. Not follow natural zoning boundaries and would create a significant inconvenience for Gateway families with children in multiple grade levels on both sides of 80.

4. Negatively impact more students than would other options for rezoning, such as beginning the new boundary line at highway 80 and extending it further north and west.

Furthermore, in a recent survey, most parents affected by the proposed rezoning shared that they would either relocate, send their child to private school or homeschool rather than have their child attend the proposed schools. 
Because families made the decision to move here to attend schools south of highway 80, which is a natural boundary line, and will now be forced to make the above decisions, the seat calculations will be rendered inaccurate.
Given the continued growth on both sides of highway 80, it has been and remains the most natural boundary for zoning. 1641 is a natural corridor for schools that would serve Gateway and surrounding areas and should not be a dividing line. Rhea is at least 1 mile closer to Gateway than Smith, and up to 2 miles depending on the road taken. 

Please sign this position to make clear our strong opposition to this zoning modification. 

Thank you!


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