Stop Housing Corruption in Ekurhuleni

The right to housing is enshrined in our Constitution, however many South-Africans have fallen victim to housing fraud. In the City of Ekurhuleni, unscrupulous officials have taken advantage of unsuspecting victims, selling them RDP houses and stands. 

Our communities are being robbed of their hopes and dreams of ever owning their own homes as corrupt officials and Councillors charge people monRDP-houses.jpgey for land and homes that they will never legally own.

Ekurhuleni is faced with a massive housing backlog and an ever increasing informal settlement footprint. Only by stopping corrupt officials and Councillors will Ekurhuleni be able to service our people and build homes. 

We can no longer stand by and let a select few steal the future of our people for self-enrichment. On this Day, we call on the Government to make good on their pledge to end housing corruption and request a judicial inquiry into this matter.

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