Stop Including Immigrants into American Freedmen Reparations

This petition was created to send to organizations that are now including immigrants (Africans, Caribbeans, Hispanics/Latinos) aka BIPOC and other people groups into the Black American Freedmen Reparations claims against the United States government for the badges of slavery, "Forty Acres & a Mule" SFO15, debt owed, mental and psychological harms, rape and sexual assault, inhumane treatment classaified as crimes against humanity; Jim Crow laws, Black codes, domestic terrorism, and injustices against American Freedmen and their descendants that are Natives of America. American Freedmen have a unique history as Natives of America. They, Black American Freedmen, are a unique ethnic group that has built, developed, and advanced American civilization and society even under oppression via the American government. The harms and injustices suffered via this particular ethnic group cannot be assigned to other groups that willingly decided to immigrate to a known unjust and racial society. They (immigrant populations) have decided to align with the US government in committing harms and injustices against Native born American citizens.



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