Stop Meg ford from messaging everyone non stop !!

Myself along with all of my friends family even my ex's have been getting non stop messages all hors if the day and night.

I am happy to live her life to her fullest with whoever and where ever she likes.

but the continuous messaging and harassment talking about me to anyone associated to me including my family friends has to stop. She will even add people she doesn't even know but because she knows the are associated to me she will do so and start talking to them. 
she did this to her last friends and was locked up in a mental institution in orange.

I would get an avo but as the police said that won't stop the harassment to everyone else, they will all have to take one.

she has openly laughed about walking past my work numerous times a day just to get a bite out of me. Myself family friends ex's have been harassed and stalked to the point I reached out to her family in complete desperation and tears asking them to get her to stop or get her some help. I have 5 Facebook accounts of hers blocked and received another message from another account again today! I have received that many messages from so many people saying that it's actually scarring the lm what she is sending them how often and her obsession!!

everyone is at there wits ends it isn't funny not a joke and they are all wanting it to stop but don't know what to do or want to hurt her or ruin her life. 
I met her working with my old employer who put her on because the employment place paid 70% of her wages. 
I have asked for their help to which they have ignored everything ! This has had a major impact on my life. I have asked her begged her and nothing works!! 
I am doing this today to hopefully get her the help she needs maybe her family can see how many people agree with this and something is finally done about it.



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