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Canadian Chamber of Commerce says governments must get ahead of fourth wave right now, must use vaccine certification and rapid testing

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The city of Surrey Board of Trade has put forth a request to the federal, provincial and municipal governments in regards to implementation of a vaccine passport for domestic use. This will eventually trickle down to our kids: ie- daycamps, swimming lessons, child minding. Other businesses will follow suit.

(Surrey Board of Trade news article)
COVID-19 injections recommended or administered to employees and proof of immunization
The officials of the Surrey Board of Trade:
Anita Huberman: Chief Executive Officer

Indra Bhan: Chief Operating Officer, Membership & Corporate Relations

Jasroop Gosal: Policy and Research Manager
Regarding the Vaccine Passport, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Surrey Board of Trade, and Creative Destruction Lab  are pushing for history to repeat itself. Help stop the Vaccine Passport in Canada. Please sign this petition against its implementation.

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