Stop University System of MD Covid Vaccine MANDATES Now!


Please join the fight TODAY for our University System of Maryland (USM) students and employees!

 On April 23, 2021, the Chancellor of the USM mandated the COVID-19 vaccine to all students and employees as a requirement for school enrollment or employment. Many students and employees have serious concerns about this vaccine, which is still experimental, not fully approved, and now is labeled with a warning.

We are taking immediate action to challenge this mandate in court. The plaintiffs, the students and staff need your support TODAY to bring legal action against the USM. The mandate violates their right to informed consent and denies them equal access to their education and employment. Allowing this to continue will set a precedent for similar mandates to be implemented anywhere!

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Coalition for Future Maryland (CFMD) is an all-volunteer, grassroots coalition of parents, students, and concerned citizens. We are leading the fight for individual choice and equal access to education and jobs, regardless of one’s decision to be vaccinated against Covid-19.  


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