Support Karen Serra, the founder for Counselling in Schools within Gibraltar.

Who is Karren Serra?

Karen is a local Gibraltarian who has since 2011 tirelessly dedicated her own time to provide a counselling service for the youths within the education system within Gibraltar. She has professional qualifications within her sector of expertise, some of which have been completed during her assistance at the schools in her spare time. On top of this she is also affiliated with organisations under the same realm.

Some of you may or may not know her however there is a good chance that she has provided guidance to a young child or teen known to you.

What is her focus?

Karen's vision has been to promote, establish and action counselling to the next generation of Gibraltar within its schools. Truly believing in making a positive change she has pushed for developments with the minister for education, govermnent officials for the department of education, teachers and many more.

She has a profound understanding of how mental health has a detrimental effect on youths and their development into adulthood. Prior to her involvement there was no such aid within schools, limiting options for youths to express their problems and gain the help they truly deserve.

How has she provided a service?

She has a true love and passion to help others, and for some considerable time volunteered her own time to counsel and provide therapy to those seeking help whether that be problems not only within school but also their private life. 

How can you help?

In recent months the Government of Gibraltar has made efforts to promote the movement which Karen has pursued for such a long time. As a result there has been established paid vacancies for such positions which have been released to the public.

However after Karen had submitted her application it has become apparent she was declined being given the opportunity to undertake an interview for the position based on 'failing to meet the criteria' essentially not having renewed to a particular organisation of which many that she is a member. 

For someone who has dedicated their life to helping the local community without expecting anything in return except for her own gratitute to now be disregarded is completely unjust and unfair. 

PLEASE sign this petition and give her the opportunity that she really deserves and has worked so hard for. 

The author hopes that by gathering enough signatures from the local community that when presented to the Human resources and Department of Education for Gibraltar they will reconsider, giving a fair opportunity to Mrs Serra. 

Thank you. 

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