Various Problems Of Booking Italian Embassy Appointments For The Academic Year (2021-2022)

Dear Italian Ambassador,

As per the inconvenience experienced regarding the visa Type-D appointment scheduling through CKGS's website (, a large group of applicants would like to notify you of the critical condition we are currently experiencing. We are entirely aware of the embassy and CKGS's limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing number of applicants; however, this difficulty has become a big concern for the embassy applicants and has put a tremendous amount of pressure on the prospective students of the upcoming year.

We would be truly grateful if the embassy obligated the applicants to upload the confirmation document issued by just before booking a visa appointment. This way, the appointments will be available strictly for eligible individuals. Since all the available appointments are taken in a short period of time, we are suspicious and doubtful that there is a third party who gets appointments unfairly and then sell them at exorbitant prices. Besides, some applicants have reported that they have bought appointments from these illegal dealers.

The exact same situation was going on last year and unfortunately culminated in many young talented students losing their time, chance, and hope. What we are writing for is to ask for your assistance to prevent that from happening again this year.

Therefore, given the newly imposed restrictions in Iran due to the fifth wave of Covid, as well as the inevitability of a sixth wave in Iran predicted by Iranian officials which will probably result in more and more limited number of visa appointments available on the website, we ask you to kindly take the necessary measures to tackle this problem so as to prevent talented students from being deprived of the opportunity to apply for a student visa, hopefully acquire it, and pursue their academic goals. Just as a humble suggestion, increasing the number of daily appointments, considering the high number of applicants, will be of great help to fulfill the aspirations of talented young students.

Best regards,

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