Wattpad: New Profile & Old Profile

Recently, there have been several controversies related to new and old Wattpad profile. Many users have given up their account because of the new profile and they think it does not fit with the spirit of WattpadMost people still love the old profile and his uniqueness and they do not think it needs to be in trend with twitter and facebook.

Here are some things that users don't like to the new profile:
- circular icon cut edges of initial picture;
- there is no status bare;
- the background image is never clear, even if it has big dimensions;
- the dedication list is gone;
- the votes are gone;
- it's not displayed the integral number of followers;
- it's not displayed the integral number of readers;
- it's not displayed the date of the account was created;
votes and comments filled the wall;

Wattpad users want the old profile back!
The new one is too fancy while the old one is original.

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