You Represent ARMY - Make an Oath to Respect BTS in Your City

IMG_2269.JPGIMG_2156.JPGAs you may already know, from any number of social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, there have been a number of incidents involving BTS and fans, during the first leg of the Wings World Tour in Chile.

We'd like to begin by stating that we here at ARMYPress do not condone or condemn the actions of these international fans. There are many stories and statements, videos and sources, and we do not stand behind any of them.

The purpose of this petition is simple. Regardless of the possible actions of other international fans, we would like to strive to be the best possible representatives for ARMY that we can be. Adorable Representative MC for Youth, right? If you feel that someone has made a mistake, do your best to learn from them, educate others, and help to continue moving our ARMY family forward in a positive direction.

This is simple. Make an oath here and now, to remember that at all times you represent ARMY everywhere. We want ARMY to be known for being kind, rather than antagonistic. Respectful and supportive, instead of selfish or rude. Mature and united, not childish and accusatory. Only if we act together and in accordance with these beliefs of what ARMY should be, will we accomplish this.

We ask that you remember the reason we all came together in the first place. These 7 boys of Bangtan. We know that some people couldn't gets tickets. We know it's rare that they come to us. We know that we love them so so much we sometimes can't control ourselves. But we must never forget the most important thing. That we love them.

We want them to enjoy coming to see us. To make happy memories with us and with each other in our cities. We don't want them to regret leaving home.

We don't want them to be tired or hungry. Achey or unhappy. We must protect them together.

Sign this petition, make a commitment to act in a respectful and supportive way toward all members while they are in your city.

If you are confused by what this means, a few examples would be: do not follow their vans. If you want to see them at the airport don't crowd or touch them. Don't follow them on their meals. It's one thing to hang around a venue for hours and hours. That's our right. But no matter what, even if they are famous, even if they are idols, they are human as well. They also need sleep and rest and all things the human body needs. As ARMY we especially need to be conscious of these things, if we love them and want to protect them.

Please pass this to as many ARMYs as you can! Teamwork makes the dream work!