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2020-02-10 16:42:53

Attention Muskegon County 2nd Amendment Patriots:

We really appreciate your support.  You are an action taker.

We need 5 minutes of your time right now to WAKE UP SLACKERS!

We are up to about 329 members in the FB group, and 257 signatures.

We need to AT LEAST double those numbers in the next 24 hours. If each of you just invites even 2 more into the group and to sign the petition, we'll have the strength we need to bring our resolution to the board tomorrow.


1) Invite at least 2 (as many as possible really) of your patriot friends to the Muskegon 2A Facebook group RIGHT NOW:

2) Ask(no - TELL 'em to do it) your patriotic friends to do the same.

3) Ask your patriot friends to repeat #1 and #2 above RIGHT NOW

We've got to get at least 500 signatures by tomorrow at 11 am so we can have time to get them all printed out for the Board Meeting tomorrow afternoon at 3:30.

1000 signatures would be alot better. It should be EASY. We're making it EASY. If you don't act now, this will be harder later.


Dave VerSluis, Casnovia Township
Muskegon County Constitutional County Citizens Group

Muskegon County Constitutional County Citizens Group

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