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Immediate Removal of current Administration at Franklin County Animal Rescue

Dying kittens and dirty cages: Workers allege mistreatment at Franklin County Animal Rescue - VTDigger We as a community need to stand together for the animals and demand action be taken! FCAR has not only failed the animals but also the community they claim to support! The current administraion has and continues to lie to thier community. To many animals continue to die unnecessarily and or, are not given the right to a peaceful passing! Many pass due to pure medical neglect! There is also cons

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با هشتگ #با_کردستان_آزادی_ایران حملات موشکی و پهبادی سپاه تروریستی جمهوری اسلامی را محکوم کنیم. #ژینا_امینی #مهسا_امینی

Once again Islamic revolutionary Guard Corps  showed its fear of the unity of the Iranian people by attacking residential areas and schools in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Now out of fear of Iranian people’s uprising, in their think tank groups, the IRGC commanders decided to spread lies about separatism. The Revolutionary Guard of Iran not only targets a civilian flight, at the same time it shoots heads and chests of Iranian youths on the streets throughout different peaceful demonstrations.

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Justice for Melanie and Beau

   On the evening of September 14, 2022, Melanie, the world-renowned singer, and her son, concert guitarist and musical accompanist Beau Jarred were treated unfairly by Sabine de Veer-Peters, the manager of hotel Bastion in Arnhem. For addressing, the poor cooking of dinner the hotel manager asked them to leave the hotel and called the police. The first two police that came into Melanie’s room expected the seventy-five-year-old singer to leave her room within five minutes. When this failed these

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Fire CEO Rader and Remove board Chair Hathaway and Director Clapsaddle

The new CEO for Guide Dogs of Texas, Rader, has been reported harassing, intimidating and threatening staff, especially women and also reported engaging in discriminating practices. Board Chair Hathaway and Clapsaddle have protected him rather than listen to the staff, say staff members who want to stay anonymous because otherwise they say the board will attack THEM and protect Rader. There is 1 EEOC complaint filed and 3 more in progress. The board refused to let staff address them directly to

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Butte County Roosters Matter 2022

As a resident in Butte County I am shocked at the limitation of having roosters on our own property. My family has had a rooster for over a year now. My 5 children have bonded with and love our Rudy the rooster. Typically the hens and rooster free range during the day and are in their coop's at night. On September 20 I had to attend a funeral out of town, the chickens had to stay in their coop to ensure their safety while I could not be home with them. During that day my rooster was not very ha

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Demand that Governor Murphy restore the Council on Affordable Housing

    Cranford Township Committee recently joined 10 other NJ municipalities calling for action to get the courts out of the affordable housing arena and return authority to Council on Affordable Housing (COAH), as was intended by 1985 Legislation.         The action urges Governor Phil Murphy to make appointments to the COAH Board which no Governor has done since Gov. Chris Christie tried to abolish COAH in 2013. Leaving important development decisions to trial judges is unfair to municipa

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Seara Burton Memorial Parkway Petition

         As you all know, today we are a city in Mourning. We have lost one of our city’s finest, in Officer Seara Burton. Richmond, as a community is feeling the heartbreak of this devastating loss. That is why I am here tonight. A community can come together over shared grief, and experience healing through honoring the sacrifice of such an amazing, selfless hero. I have not had time to yet assemble a petition and get signatures yet, but I have a proposal.                       My proposal has

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For all those who love Our Lady of America, Patroness of the United States of America. We were all introduced to Our Lady of America, The Immaculate Virgin by Sister Mary Ephrem. To know Our Lady even better, we would like to have a ground-swelling effort to embrace Sister Mary Ephrem as Servant of God.    In the Church, we understand Our Lady of Lourdes through St. Bernadette; Our Lady of Fatima through Servant of God Lucia Santos; Our Lady of La Salette through Melanie Calvat, and so on. To u

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Shongelo is a small recreation area located 5 miles north of Raleigh, Smith County, Mississippi and 21 miles south of Forest, Scott County, Mississippi. Shongelo Lake is a 5 acre lake offering bank fishing, a swimming area, several Picnic sites, picnic shelter and a hiking trail. Shongelo is a site that is appealing for family day-use enjoyment.  Shongelo is currently a fee area and is open seasonally from May through September. The National Forest Service has indicated that it plans to close an

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Keep the WT Clarke RAM

Parent Volunteers take on a personal liability in any activity they participate which each one does for the betterment of the students and the school.  WT Clarke HS Administration, after four years, has suddenly decided that our RAM is a liability.    This petition requests that WT Clarke HS Administration keep our RAM.  Don't take a part of our school pride, activites and memories.  Figure out a way to make it work!!!  Resolution can be as simple as requesting a waiver of liability.   Please si

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