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Save the memorial

My cousin passed away July 12, 2017, along with 3 other young men in a terrible car accident. We have a memorial up where it happened (63rd n Rowland) and it's been there for the past 4 years, it has never been a problem until now. The neighborhood has a petition going around to take it down because they think these boys memorial is causing bad things to happen in their neighborhood like stealing and crimes. This memorial is very sentimental to not only my family but to the other boys family's a

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Lottery for non-residents

  We want a lottery system to be put in place for non-residents to hunt sika deer and waterfowl on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. In this lottery system a non-resident would have to purchase entries in hopes to draw a tag. The number of tags available should be the absolute minimum required to maintain healthy populations of the wildlife discussed. Also, another point to be considered when determining the amount of non-resident tags is overcrowding. Overcrowded hunting locations cause destructio

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Bring AT&T Fiber to Bridgefield and The Reserve Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods of Bridgefield and The Reserve in Madison, AL are located off of Wall Triana. Currently, these neighborhoods are serviced only by AT&T by their U-Verse service and Wow! Other parts of Madison City including close neighborhoods located off of Gillispe Rd. and Browns Ferry Rd. have AT&T Fiber capability. This is a petition to demonstrate the interest of AT&T Fiber in the neighborhoods of Bridgefield and The Reserve.  Signing this petition merely demonstrates interest

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Farmingdale Prayer Room

We believe as students attending a recognized institution such as SUNY Farmingdale State College, a prayer room must be provided to the student body, which allows devoted Muslim students to perform prayer in a clean, safe and peaceful environment.

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Make employers liable for any injury caused by mandatory vaccines.

Right now the vaccine companies are completely immune from liability for their products and the governments around the world are mandating that employers mandate the "vaccines" for employment.   If the vaccine companies are immune, and the government is immune, then the corporations that are mandating these for their employees must be made financially responsible for any injuries or death that occurs from taking any of these "mandatory" vaccines.   It is a simple ask really, shouldn't any employ

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New Manager of Deepfried.soaringpride

The New Season is Lacking in comparison to last years DeepFried Media Presence. It time we new a manager, sign to save soaringpride

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Nathan, and Vincent Ramos, Boxing match.

Nathan and Vincent Ramos, otherwise know as the twins, will have a boxing match if this petition gets 200 signatures. This boxing match will be 3 rounds and each 3 minutes long. We will also be placing and taking bets.

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Travis Loving Severna Park Boys Varsity Coach

Please sign in support of Coach Loving being hired as the permanent Head Coach of Severna Park Boys Varsity Lacrosse

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STOP Flying L Dollar General

We, the citizens of Bandera County and other concerned citizens do not want a Dollar General Store located at the entrance of the Flying L Resort and community, at the intersection of the 173 and Whartons Dock Road.  We ask that our elected officials impress upon Dollar General the strong dissatisfaction and opposition of the people to this proposed site. We ask Dollar General to recognize they are not welcome in this location.  Our appeal addresses some of the reasons we do not want a Dollar Ge

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Crestwood Senior Cap and Gowns

The senior class has a tradition where the boys of the senior class wear red caps and gowns and the girls wear white caps and gowns. This year a change was proposed that both the guys and the girls wear red caps and gowns. I believe that with all the change we have been through the past 2 years we should have something that stays consistent such as what colors we wear at graduation. If you agree with me please sign this petition for the school board to review in consideration for our senior clas

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