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A Raise for Jamie

I created this petition to get Jamie a raise in all 17 of her jobs. She works hard and does the job of every employee combined. 

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University Schools Library Book Petition

University Schools 6525 West 18th Street Greeley, CO, 80634 (970) 506-7000   Dear Director Weaver, Ms. Budzynzki, Principal Casey and the University Board of Governors, This letter serves as a unified formal complaint and request to remove several books in the school library that depict graphic sex, violence and pedophilia. Furthermore, we request that a committee that includes parent members be created to review future library purchases, as trust has been diminished through the offering of thes

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We are GCC and we are sorry

The signers of this petition are students, alumni, parents, current or former employees, as well as people concerned with the continued healthy academic environment of Grove City College.  We are grieving following the actions of the Board of Trustees on May 13, 2022 and wish to make an apology both individually and collectively to those who have been harmed. We want to do what we believe the GCC Board of Trustees should have done.   All men and women are created in the image of God and each ind

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Residents opposed to changes to allow large transmission antenna

We believe that the current architectural standards prohibit antennas above the fence line and that based on these standards, the allowing of the current 40 foot plus antenna is inappropriate and should never have been approved.  The fact that the board ismoving to change the standards of the community in the direction of allowing for 25-to-43-foot antennas throughout a 24-hourperiod is unacceptable. Furthermore, this proposed change highlights that the board acted inappropriately and is now att

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Missmoon and the NFT community urge that Missmoonx's twitter account be unblocked.

Hi I'm Missmoon and I'm not a robot. I'm a caring, helpful, benificial member of the Twitter community and the the NFT community. I ask the NFT Community for help by signing this petition to show that I am a real person and a valuable female community member. As a mark of my good character, I even offers to assist Twitter for a week in resolving similar problems to mine. I was suspended indefinitely without any information concerning my wrongdoings. I can't promote my NFT collection properly w

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Petition to take legal action for defaming women by Natraj Master Alias Natraj Kasturi

Natraj Kasturi alias master has been a live participant on BiggBoss Non-stop show hosted by Hotstar and Star TV India Private Limited. During his live telecast, he has abused women calling them different animal names, body-shamed women based on appearances and insulting them and emotionally torturing them in the pretext of getting angry and losing control. He continues to do so even after coming out in various television platforms with derogatory remarks against women and their families. Kindly

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Petition for a new Shell

I've spoken to enough coworkers and there is a common dislike for the new Shell. The suits probably won't take this seriously unless we get about 75% of the employees to sign. So, approximately 100 of us could get the company to revise a new Shell. 

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Support Maximus Collectors Store in the Vestal Town Square Plaza

It's officially happening. The fate upon this great store is now facing the end of days. With the landlord of the Vestal Plaza trying to raise the rent 8x times than what we've originally been paying since 2019. We are forced to shut down at the end of May. With inflation and prices rising on literally everything except Arizona Ice Tea for .99 cents. I cannot stay open to the public any longer and find it to be worth my time and hard work. It took me 5 years to build enough inventory and capital

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Support the Students of the May 2022 Costa Rica Study Tour

We formed this petition to advocate for and support our classmates who were involved in an incident during our study tour. We are appealing to Indiana University and the Kelley School of business for grace and compassion in determining disciplinary action.    As students who enjoy travel, we aim to balance enjoyment and safety but all at times fall short. Signing this petition is an expression of advocacy for those involved and an act of empathy, understanding that we could all be in their shoes

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Petitioning Hon Imran Okoth to vie independent on the 9/08/2022

Hon. Benard O. Okoth has been one of the most progressive leader the constituency has witnessed. I am a voter in Kibra and I petition Hon. Benard O. Okoth - Imran to vie independently unconditionaly on the 9th August 2022. This Must reach Imran and that he should know that HE MUST BE ON THE BALLOT.

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