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Petisie teen Borg vir die aansoek teen die verdagte in die moordsaak van Natasha Booise.

Raak asseblief deel van die petisie! Ons is almal teen die Borg vir die verdagte in die moordsaak van Natasha Booise.

Created: 2022-01-06 Statistics

SAICA releases the APC results prior to candidates being forced to rewrite.

SAICA has put forward the proposal that candidates will rewrite the APC exam prior to the results being released. This means that after SAICA's horrendous management of the APC writing process, they have not taken any consideration for candidates into account by deciding on their behalf when they will rewrite. The audacity to suggest candiates have to write twice based on SAICA's incompetence is a slap in the face that will not be accepted. This petition is to convey to SAICA that the candidates

Created: 2021-12-07 Statistics

Urgent petition to the Ekurhuleni Energy department

We, the residents of Elsburg, Klippoortjie A.L. and Estera in Germiston demand that each substation in these areas be looked at, urgently upgraded and then secured to avoid theft.

Created: 2021-10-15 Statistics

Objection against demolition and intended development on Erf 296, 31 First street, Lambton

We, the residents of Ward 39, Lambton, Parkhill Gardens, Denlee, Hazelpark, Hazeldene, Webber, Delville and neighboring suburbs, hereby strongly object to the current demolition and the intended development of a multi unit complex on the Property, 31 First Street, Lambton, erf 296. Our infrastructure cannot cope with any additional load, the ongoing power outages this area has experienced in the last months is a clear indication of this, furthermore placing more pressure and overloading the allr

Created: 2021-09-27 Statistics

Natasha Booise Moordsaak- Petisie

Raak asseblief deel van die petisie! PETISIE TEEN BORGTOG VIR DIE VERDAGTE IN DIE MOORDSAAK VAN NATASHA BOOISE. Vrydag 07 Januarie 2022 te Piketberg.

Created: 2022-01-06 Statistics

Call for a Referendum by the Citizens of South Africa

A petition by South Africans to call for a Referendum to reclaim our Independence and put a stop to Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates and Medical discrimination against the citizens. We request our Government to test vaccine mandates against our Constitution before allowing Corporations and Entities to enforce it on the population. The majority of South Africans have not accepted the vaccines as sole solution to Covid-19 as per our constitutional rights and based on the fact that the vaccines ha

Created: 2021-10-18 Statistics

Stop the relocation of Pomona Informal settlers to Tedstoneville

Urgent request for community to stand together against the moving of the Pomona informal settlers (Kempton Park) to Tedstoneville. Please assist by signing an urgent petition to demand that the council stop this planned moved immediately We, the residents of  Germiston, hereby strongly object to the relocation of informal settlements into our suburbs!  Stop the planned relocation of informal settlers into a park/open space area in Tedstoneville Ward 42 Germiston and any other intended areas! We

Created: 2021-10-02 Statistics

Matriculants should receive their results via SMS.

I as a matric 2021 candidate go against the POPIA's decision of MATRIC results no longer being received by candidates via SMS. We as matriculants are already panicking, stressing, overthinking as we approach the release date of matric results, and to add on top of everything we do not need to face the trauma of going to school to get our results. It is already a bad idea to discuss matric results between candidates themselves as it could add pressure and the feeling of failure on top of us. Rece

Created: 2022-01-13 Statistics

Prevent the City of Cape Town from shutting down the Rocklands and Eastridge Clinics, in Mitchell’s Plain, South Africa

Less than two months after the Local Government Elections in Cape Town, services are removed from densely populated areas in Mitchell's Plain. Where next?! What next?! What is the value of your vote if those that you voted into Government are removing services in your areas with NO REGARD for babies, children, and mothers that have to access these services? It is a DISGRACE! GOOD does not support the closing (SHUTTING DOWN) of the Rocklands and Eastridge Clinics. We request that the City reviews

Created: 2022-01-12 Statistics

We demand accountability and action on service delivery! Petition addressed to the Mayor of Ekurhuleni, Premier of Gauteng and Parliamentary representative of COGTA

We demand efficient and effective Municipal Service Delivery NOW! Save our suburbs, Save Ekurhuleni now!! The LamDel Residents Association and the residents of Ward 39 and Ward 35 and others in the greater City of Ekurhuleni, demand that the  Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality urgently address the collapse of service delivery in Lambton, Parkhill Gardens, Delville, Webber, Denlee, Germiston Lake and across Ekurhuleni. We, the active citizens of LamDel and Ekurhuleni are united, we are tired o

Created: 2021-08-15 Statistics