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South Africans unite against the heinous murders & rape of our citizens

What makes you a citizen of South Africa?  Obviously if you were born here, your parents were born here or if you legally obtained citizenship on emigrating here. However today, being a citizen means that you are part of a group, and that you have legal and political rights within that group. It brings with it both privileges and obligations.    What makes you a good citizen of South Africa?   Honesty – tell the truth. Integrity – be morally upright. Responsibility – be accountable for yourself

Created: 2020-10-11

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 507 484
7 days 167 159

Petition For Loch Vaal Residence

Residence of Lochvaal and Van der Bijl Park we would like to draw to your attention the following petition.  We hereby request that a property on the river in the area has decided to put up a "Theme Park" and this has not been disscussed or agreed to by any neighbours of property near the said  "Theme Park"  This is being erected on the said site, and are not in agreance to this being done. We hereby request that this needs to be investigated by the correct authorities and handled according to l

Created: 2020-10-19

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 135 134
7 days 135 134


We demand radical transformation in the department of social development. Years have passed and no jobs for social workers. Promises are made each year, the dream for employment for our social workers graduates still remain elusive. We want transparency in the department We are tired of corruption We demand change and employment of our graduates Sign this petition to show support and put an end to the misery faced by social work graduates

Created: 2020-09-16

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 1078 1073
7 days 72 72

Fix Boksburg Streetlights!

We the residents of Boksburg, Ekurhuleni are fed up with dark and unsafe streets at night and lights burning away precious electricity by day. We thereby petition the MMC for Water, Sanitation & Energy, Cllr. Tiisetso Nketle, to urgently implement a turnaround strategy that ensure that the Electricity Department has enough vehicles, tools and human resources to effectively deal with streetlight complaints. In addition, we demand the appointment of a street light management contractor to ensu

Created: 2020-10-12

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 151 151
7 days 42 42

Help save the ecology of Goedeburg, Benoni

We the undersigned residents of Goedeburg Benoni and surrounding areas, hereby petition the MMC for Environmental Resource and Waste Management, Cllr. Khosi Mabaso, to urgently install Clearview fencing around the perimeter of the bird sanctuary bordering Goud and Venus Streets in Goedeburg/Atlasville. This was previously approved on the IDP, however, the fence was never completed. The purpose of the fence is to prevent the continual illegal dumping that is destroying this ecologically sensitiv

Created: 2020-10-08

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 76 76
7 days 38 38

Against the removal of SIC Internacional bt DSTV

This petition is to tell DSTV that the Portuguese community in South Africa is aggrieved by the removal of the Portuguese channel SIC, without any consultation with the Portuguese Community in South Africa.   When SIC in Portugal was contacted they have informed us that it was DSTV in South Africa that did not want to renew the contract with them. This is what the older Portuguese community have relied on for many years to watch news and current affairs in a language that they could understand a

Created: 2020-10-19

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 31 31
7 days 31 31

Bedfordview: Garden Waste, Grass Cutting, Pruning

We the residents of Bedfordview, City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Petition the MMC Khosi Mabaso of Environment and Waste is urgently requested to do the following: Make available a Green Waste Site in Bedfordview for residents to take their garden waste. There is a perfectly suitable site at GilloolysFarm for this purpose. Compost can be generated and resold to the community. Capacitate Waste Department and Parks departments to removed hundreds of bags of collected waste in our stre

Created: 2020-10-19

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 30 30
7 days 30 30

We Support Wesley Neumann, Principal of Heathfield High School

We support Wesley Neumann in his fight against the WCED in their witchhunt against him. Mr Neumann was simply staying true to his principles and beliefs about the safety of the educators and learners during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Please sign this petition to show your support for Mr Wesley Neumann against the WCED acts of victimisation and bullying.   

Created: 2020-09-29

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 692 684
7 days 30 28

The Earth has reached its limit - we do not need to add to the problem. Oppose the installation of a communication tower at # 14 Sebakwe Road, Selcourt, Springs

    There are notifications displayed on trees and lamp-posts in Sebakwe road, Selcourt, Springs asking for objections to the installation of a communication tower at # 14 Sebakwe Road, I know I for one do not want a tower that assumably will emit 5g EMF radiation anywhere near where I live.    There have been no tests done on the harmful effects of the radiation emitted by these towers. People overseas who have already had them switched on are experiencing numerous alarming and frightening eff

Created: 2020-10-15

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 13 13
7 days 13 13

Action to curb the crime in 13th street Menlo Park.

The crime and criminal activity 13th street Menlo Park around the Menlo park Spar/ Post office must be stopped ! People being followed home after shopping or using the ATM and being robbed, attacks on people at the ATM, the gambling in the open on the side walk, the illegal trading, as well as the drugs sold needs urgent and decisive action from SAPS Brookyln and TMPD ( City of Tshwane)  The community wants action, and this includes a satelite SAPS in 13th street Menlo Park to ensure the safety

Created: 2020-09-26

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 575 572
7 days 13 13