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Fight against NWU's mandatory vaccinations

Help us fight against the NWU's new mandatory vaccination rule and for every student's human rights. Currently no student will be allowed on any North-West University campus to participate in NWU related activities, such as contact classes or sports, if they are not vaccinated from approximately 4 March 2022.

Created: 2022-02-05 Statistics


OPEN LETTER TO THE MAYOR In the community of Durbanville in the CBD, adjacent to the SAPS and the Anglican church there is a “tent town” that has emerged over time. At first 2 tents then organic growth which now needs to be stopped.   We are witnessing the daily expansion of this informal settlement, where the is no water supply, no recognised fire-making areas and importantly no toilet facilities.   This piece of ground belongs to the municipality or the state and as such we as rate-paying resi

Created: 2022-07-14 Statistics

SA Farmers/Grain users Petision against the current JSE location differential methodology.

Against:The current JSE location differential methodology. For:A newly negotiated location differential …. What should be done:1. Put an immediate moratorium on changes to location differencials for maize, soya, sunflower and wheat untill February 2023?2. Reverse the newly published location differentials for soya.3. Keep the current 2021/2022 location differentials in place untill a new methodology is in place.4. Implement new model bases on Prof Strauss's model. How:1  Lobby for the petition t

Created: 2022-02-21 Statistics

Repair Dangerous R31!!

 The current state of the R385, merging with the R31, between Postmasburg and Koopmansfontein is life threatening. There are many accidents, people are loosing their lifes, not talking about damage to cars and tyres! This is the only tar road to Kimberley and Bloemfontein and other areas from Postmasburg and surrounding areas. It is a life line main road for deliveries, visits to doctors and hospitals and carry a lot of lorries with iron ore. PLEASE MAKE IT A PRIORITY TO REPAIR THE ROAD!!

Created: 2022-03-28 Statistics

Save the Kempton Kali Amman Temple

We the undersigned, as devotees of the KEMPTON KALI AMMAN TEMPLE, situated at: ERF 1148, NORKEM PARK EXT 2 TOWNSHIP, 2 BLYDERIVIER STREET, NORKEM PARK, KEMPTON PARK, object to the temple described as hereinabove to be sold/demolished; as this will greatly hinder our Constitutional Right to practice our religion.

Created: 2022-05-05 Statistics

Petisie teen Borg vir die aansoek teen die verdagte in die moordsaak van Natasha Booise.

Raak asseblief deel van die petisie! Ons is almal teen die Borg vir die verdagte in die moordsaak van Natasha Booise.

Created: 2022-01-06 Statistics


Mercisha Tedpaul was strangled and beaten to death two weeks ago. Her body was thrown into a ditch. She was not murdered by strangers. She was murdered by people she lived with, people she considered family. She leaves behind two little girls, aged 7 and 3.  Help us lock these Monsters away. They dont deserve bail. They dont deserve life. Please add your name to this list It will be handed into Court as evidence that justice needs to be served and that enough is enough.

Created: 2022-03-15 Statistics

Set Raaths FREE

FATHER, DAUGHTER TO CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OVER RAPEMegan Raaths (21), who has maintained that her father, Abrie (Raaths), who is in prison since 2012 because of her rape, is innocent and now is supporting him in a last, desperate attempt to prove his innocence. Together, they are approaching the Constitutional Court (Case # CCT-110/2022) to set aside his conviction and also request that the Children's Act be amended to prevent similar incidents.Abrie, a father and husband from Pretoria, is servi

Created: 2022-05-05 Statistics

Urgent installation of a filter arrow at the intersection of Delmas Rd & Barnard St

There is a critical requirement for a filter arrow to assist traffic travelling in a northerly direction on Delmas Rd to turn right into Barnard St, Wingate Park. Oncomming traffic is often unsighted and travelling fast, making this a hazardous endeavour. We therefore wish to petition Tshwane Roads Dept to install a turn filter arrow at this intersection, in the interest of road users safety. Daryl Johnston Councillor Ward 47 Tshwane

Created: 2022-02-21 Statistics

Take Department of Basic Education to court

As Unemployed Educators with the assistance of PRM & SARAWU union we are taking the Department of Basic Education to court for its Recruitment Policy Framework which is disadvantaging many of unemployed Teachers in South Africa and the issue of Education Assistants who have Teachers without teaching qualification. Our Report Memorandum of Demands have highlited some of the problems encountered by unemployed teachers when it comes to recruitment in South Africa.

Created: 2021-05-14 Statistics