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Red Upington se oorde! Save Upington resorts!

Ons die gemeenskap van Upington en omgewing (“gemeenskap”) wens hiermee n dringende beroep doen op die Dawid Kruiper Munisipaliteit (“Munisipaliteit”) om weens die redes soos hieronder uiteengesit dringend toe te sien tot die volgende; Dat daar nie voortgegaan word met die implementering van die besluit geneem deur die Raad van die Munisipaliteit op 11 November 2022 om die Eiland Vakansie Oord (“Eiland”) uit te verhuur aan Khethiwe Group Holdings Edms Bpk nie, tot tyd en wyl die gemeenskap die g

Created: 2022-11-15 Statistics

Petition to the City Manager of Ekurhuleni to hold the Energy Department Germiston Depot accountable for their poor service delivery and actions

We, the residents and businesses of ward 39 and ward 35 Germiston, the LamDel Residents Association, and others not detailed herein, hereby petition the City Manager, Dr Imogen Mashazi, to intervene, take action and hold the Energy Department Germiston Depot management and staff accountable for their lack of adherence to the service level agreements that they are supposed to follow and overall operational ineffeciency. The Energy Department Germiston Depot is consistently failing in their servi

Created: 2022-11-14 Statistics

Geen Borgtog vir bendes! Genoeg was lankal genoeg Ons as gemeenskap vrees vir ons lewens op 'n daaglikse basis

Geen Borgtog vir bendes!Genoeg was lankal genoegOns kinders is bang om buite te speel en hulself te geniet as kinders want enige tyd word daar geskiet.Onskuldige kinders word daagliks getref deer dwaal koeëls. Ons as Gemeenskap weet nie meer wat om te doen nie. Want vandag word hul opgesluit en more stap hulle weer in die gemeenskap. Die vraag is dan? Hoe lank gaan die wet nog bendes beskerm? Hoe lank gaan ons nog in vrees en trauma moet lewe? Ons is bang om ons kinders skool toe te stuur. Ons a

Created: 2022-11-22 Statistics

Stop the rezoning of Bromhof ERF 634

Erf 634 Bromhof Extension 26 is located at the intersection of CR SwartDrive and Tin Road, opposite the Bromhof Village Centre shopping centre. They are proposing to rezone Erf 634 Bromhof Extension 26 and to develop the lot to  a retail service consisting of three fast food outlets, or alternatively a mix of a fast food and restaurant facility.   Reasons for concern: Electrical grid in the area is already strained beyond its limit Tin Road itself will become unusable due to traffic flowing in

Created: 2022-12-01 Statistics


 Every Police station has a territorial jurisdiction where it can register FIRs and complaints of the general public and exercise their functions basically investigation, inquiry, search, and arrests. Klopper Park jurisdiction falls under Bedfordview SAPS, which is approximately 9km away from Klopper Parks jurisdiction.   REASONS WHY KLOPPER PARK NEEDS A SATELLITE POLICE STATION ·       The distance for Klopper Park residents to travel to Bedfordview Police Station is far.  There is huge time d

Created: 2022-11-10 Statistics

Petition to the City Manager of Ekurhuleni to hold the Germiston Energy Department accountable for their poor service delivery and actions

We, the Din-Al-View Residents as well as residents and businesses of Dinwiddie, Albemarle, Castleview and Union and others not detailed herein as located in Wards 37 and 39, hereby petition the City Manager, Dr Imogen Mashazi to intervene and take action against and hold the Germiston Energy department management and staff accountable for their lack of adherence to the service level agreements that they are supposed to follow. This department is consistently failing in their service delivery, co

Created: 2022-11-14 Statistics

Sibisi must fall

Every year RCE2601 students are faced with disciplinary pending status instead of receiving a mark. What kind of making is she doing compared to other lectures? Calling students "liars and cheaters" according to her is her respectfull way of responding to students. How many more students must be excluded from graduations? Zero mark on academic record does not look good. 

Created: 2022-11-17 Statistics

Pioneer Valley - Myciti bus in the intervals of 20-25 minutes during non-peak hours

We would like to have myciti buses in the intervals of 20-25 minutes during the day including weekends. Pioneer Valley consists of more than 536 houses occupied already with more people moving in the area almost every month as the development is still in progress (currently building more houses and block of flats). There are a lot of people who depend on myciti bus as their mode of transport. 

Created: 2022-11-09 Statistics

Octotel Fibre Infrastructure - Pioneer Valley

We would like to get octotel infrastructure in Pioneer Valley housing complex since their prices are more affordable. 

Created: 2022-11-07 Statistics


We as Property Practitioners would like to raise our voice in respect of the incompetent unprofessional manner our exam day was managed. First of all 5 weeks prior to the exam we were continuously reminded to register to do the exams and make sure that we paid the R 1 067 -00. Getting to the exam venues and wanting to start it was disastrous. And not at all the fault of the venue but of the PPRA. At 09h00 when we had to start we could not login. We battled until around 11h00 and then got n commu

Created: 2022-11-29 Statistics

Down with Sibisi

Students are called liars and cheaters... Disciplinary pending is depressing to students but satisfacatory for her. What makes her different from others? Students are tired of going through this abuse year in and year out. 

Created: 2022-11-17 Statistics

Request by members for trustees of Balwin Properties (the William estate) to schedule a general meeting

The members and residents signing this document request that the board and trustees of the william estate ( Balwin Properties ) call and arrange to hold a general meeting of the corporation to consider the resolutions listed by residents at the earliest possible date. The members signing this document nominate the estate Mananger to be the contact member for this request.

Created: 2022-11-15 Statistics

HRM306D/PRM310T Summative assessment rewrite

We were expected to study four chapters(9,10,11 and 12) only to find out that the paper consists of a few questions. There were questions that counted questionable  marks, for example, Question 1,2 counted 16 marks, question 3,1 counted 20 marks, question 4,1 counted 15 marks, making those particular questions a total of 51 marks (bearing in mind that the total of the paper is 75 marks). The examiner Dr MM MMAKO should have at least broken down the questions to accommodate more questions! Theref

Created: 2022-11-04 Statistics

Plead for speed humps in Eeuwfees street South Crest

I am staying in Eeuwfees Street South Crest for 5 years, I was almost hit by a truck while I was jogging just outside my yard 4 years ago. Cars speed up my road due to the uphill incline . Residents in our street have the same concern expecially at Labora village complex. Joggers are not safe on this road or our pets. Please help me to get speed humps outside my house, the council can investigate the area to place the humps but something must be done since this matter is ongoing for more than 20

Created: 2022-11-29 Statistics

Brother Aidan Clohessy did not Abuse Us! He Helped Us Get a Life.

Brother Aidan Clohessy of St John Of God Hospitaller took us from the streets he helped us in various ways; He paid our school fees, gave house allowance for those of us from far areas, Food and Shelter, and a place to stay for those with no parents who used to sleep under the bridge and Mzuzu bus deport he gave hope. He also taught us how to watch and pray to God. Brother Aidan Saved my life. Fill out this petition if you have ever been supported by Aidan to clear false allegations to the world

Created: 2022-11-17 Statistics

Free Economic Equity Scheme

  I agree for all my debts to be fully paid through a South African Reserve Bank  promissory note!

Created: 2022-08-10 Statistics

MyTravelution, VHI, Nexus Group or Gecko

Do you feel you have been scammed by MyTravelution, VHI, Nexus Group or Gecko? Thilo Lippert and Craig Browne the Directors of these companies must be taken to book for their unscrupulous business practices. They have been running these travel companies making false promises to people and taking their hard earned money. Please take a moment and add your name and experience to this petition to have their businesses investigated and/or closed. 

Created: 2022-01-04 Statistics


We, the residents, parents and  insitutions of Tshwane petition the Provincial Commisioner of SAPS to take action to stop the crime at the clubs along Lynnwood road known as The Strip. Rape, drugs, under age patrons, and murder are the norm now in this area. Victims are too scared to do affidavits, and stakeholder consultation is not working. SAPS Brooklyn simply denies the underage patrons, and will not provide and stats or information. We are told they send a vehicle regularly. The area needs

Created: 2022-10-12 Statistics

Petition for the securing of substations and energy infrastructure

We, the residents of LamDel, particularly Wards 36 and 39 and surrounding, hereby petition the City Manager, Dr Imogen Mashazi; HOD for Energy Mr Tshilidzi Thenga and the MMC for Water Energy and Sanitation; to install smart anti-theft solutions on the substations, mini substations and the Energy infrastructure that is constantly being stolen and leaving the residents without power for sometimes days on end. We have, in the past, constantly had energy infrastructure vandalized and stolen despit

Created: 2022-10-03 Statistics

Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity

Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity   29 September 2021     The International Criminal Court Office of the Prosecutor Post Office Box 19519 2500 CM The Hague The Netherlands     And   Ms. Karen Mosoti, or official replacement for the office of Liaison Office of the International Criminal Court to the United Nations 866 United Nations Plaza Suite 476 New York, NY, 10017 USA 212-486-1346/47/62     Email: otp.informationdesk@icc-cpi.int   Dear

Created: 2021-09-29 Statistics