Most popular petitions in South Africa in 2014

  • Country: South Africa
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Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu)

Bottom of Form Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) Petition We are asking for your help and your signature on our petition. The striking Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) is being irresponsible towards its members and the country. They need to stop this madness !!! People are hungry, children are not going to school, businesses are closing and crime in the platinum belt is increasing Workers want to go to work. They want to pay their debts and

Created: 2014-03-27 Statistics


Please read if you'renot 100% sure what the petition is all about and follow the instructions at thebottom as soon as you're done reading and you've made a decision whether youagree or disagree with this new lawAlien animals21. (1) The animals referred to in Schedule 4 are alien animals (2) The MEC may by notice in theProvincial Gazette amend, substitute or repeal Schedule 4 to this actRestricted activities involving an alien animal22. (1) No person may, without a permit-(a) import;(b) transpor

Created: 2014-02-04 Statistics


Dear Executive Mayor, SAMWU and SALGA This petition is our way of saying: “Enough is enough.”   We urge all residents and businesses within Buffalo City Metro Municipality to join us as we demand our leaders resolve the crisis crippling East London and King William’s Town. The “strike” by municipal workers has brought violence to the CBD and left mounds of rotting rubbish on street corners. Other services have come to a halt and the breakdown in law and order is destroying our reputation.

Created: 2014-02-11 Statistics

Stop Cable Theft!

How much longer before this entire country will be without an electricity and communications network due to copper cable theft? Dishonest and criminal scrap metal dealers are the reason why what once used to be National Key Points are looted by cable thiefs for copper. The electricity infrastructure of our country is at risk which may soon cause a national disaster if a stop is not going to be put to cable theft. On a daily basis copper cables are cut off and power stations and sub-stations are

Created: 2014-07-08 Statistics

Woolworths and Sandton City STOP Racist, Zionist harassment!

  Are people of colour safe to shop in Woolworths and Sandton City Mall?   On Sunday, August 10  2014 a group of South Africans wearing Israeli flags and shirts belonging to Zionist Organisation, B'nei Akiva, were seen and recorded carrying out a hate campaign both in and out of Woolworths and at various points within the Sandton City Mall. They were targeting people of colour and those whom they assumed were "Muslim" based on appearances, with racist and discriminatory slurs. Some were called

Created: 2014-08-13 Statistics

Against Du Noon residents' settlement relocation

The residents' of Kensington & Factreton demand that the City of Cape Town and Transnet reconsider the decision to relocate Du Noon informal settlement residents' to the Kensington/Factreton area. Our democratric rights cannot be violated by relocating an entire community of people into our community without consulting the Kensington/Factreton community. Neither can the Du Noon residents' democratic rights be violated by relocating them to a total different area, out of their way, that's rif

Created: 2014-10-30 Statistics

Retain the BAA, AEA and CCA courses in South Africa

The undersigned persons seek to petition the Honourable National Minister of Health within the Republic of South Africa to retain the current vocational training structure (otherwise referred to as "short courses") of the Basic Ambulance Assistant, Ambulance Emergency Assistant and Critical Care Assistant for the Emergency Medical Services in South Africa. A substantial number of existing emergency medical services staff members have already begun their careers via the vocational training method

Created: 2014-06-11 Statistics

TRANSFORM THE CAR PARK, cnr 3rd & 7th Aves, Parktown North

ISSUED BY THE PARKTOWN NORTH RATEPAYERS' and RESIDENTS' ASSOCIATION (PNRA) Parktown North includes a property on the corner of 3rd and 7th Avenues which has for years been used as a car park. Unfortunately we have witnessed a significant deterioration in the area over the last five years: TO illegal street traders, it has become a trading venue with disregard to land-use zoning rights relating to the property and to by-laws relating to business licensing, environmental health and the like; TO th

Created: 2013-12-13 Statistics

JUSTICE for Burmeister's sake!

PHOT0: Burmie and his Iron Lady                       Knysna police officers (during Johann Burmeister's trial) admitted under oath in court to lying and disregarding police standing orders (national as well as station standing orders) and whose falsehoods ultimately led to Burmeister's dismissal. Why have they not also been charged and punished? Johann Burmeister was acquitted on Thursday, July 24, after the State could not find any evidence that he had not returned a stolen laptop to police st

Created: 2014-08-08 Statistics

Put a STOP to ALL trucks on M13 Fields Hill (KZN, South Africa)

NO MORE TRUCKS ON THE M13 - STAND UP & BE HEARD!Enough is enough. We, the concerned Citizens of the Upper Highway, together with friends and family of those lost or living in the Upper Highway, and the general public concerned and touched by horrific and tragic events, call on the Department of Transport, Municipality and Local Government (whom are wholly responsible) to finally put an end to innocent lives lost by putting a STOP ALL trucks using the M13 freeway. There have been countless ac

Created: 2014-11-28 Statistics