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Please give a legit explanation why team Thailand lost two points and does not allow substitutions s

Another one petition website, pls sign it too! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/please-give-a-legit-explanation-why-team-thailand On behalf of Thailand Volleyball fan,We just watched volleyball game between Thailand-Japan. That's very fantastic match during game I appreciate their agility & willful that made it's a good match until come along to final set(5sets). THE REFEREE gave 2 yellows cards while ......1. Thailand lead 12-6 , Thai's coach tried to put the button for substitution his p

174181 Created: 2016-05-18 Statistics

DBRC Junior Monthly Subscription Fee

Discovery  Bay Recreation Club ("DBRC") will introduce a monthly subcription fee of $100 per calendar month for Junior Memberships (Aged 6-17).The additional fee will be based under the " user-pay" principle. However, the principle is already in effect through the fees for activities that are mandated to be paid via DBRC. DBRC receives significant cash flow from the activities the children of DB particpate in.  We the undersigned feel the increase is unfair and takes advantage of loyal members w

405 Created: 2016-02-26 Statistics

Bring Back Live Music

Please support musicians in Hong Kong to perform again. Independent musicians are suffering as bars and clubs still are not allowed to host live music.  Since April 3 this year when the bars were first closed, most of the estimated 1,000 musicians in the city have been out of work. Some lost their jobs earlier, when the coronavirus first swept across four bars in Central, Wanchai and Tsim Sha Tsui, ultimately leaving more than 20 musicians infected with Covid-19, and about 50 others placed under

389 Created: 2020-10-02 Statistics


We are a group of fans, listeners, followers and supporters of Starship Entertainment (Korea)'s SISTAR.   We are demanding Starship to release a physical album of SISTAR'S Lonely and For You.  SISTAR disband is a blow to the KPOP Music Industry, their songs and performances are already missed by many.  Rated by many as a befitting finale song by SISTAR, it is a shame that there is no physical album released.  The album will miss the opportunity of rated as a Legend in the years to come. Starship

1610 Created: 2017-06-05 Statistics

反對中大清潔工被強行調遷 聯署行動

中大爆出清潔工人遭剝削事件,多名工友被無理調遷,抗爭後隨即遭抽後算賬,孤立無援,急需你的支持。 歡迎中大各位同學、教職員、校友、職員加入聯署!亦歡迎所有市民加入聯署!注意:中大同學聯署時可於First Name報上院系級,於Last Name報上姓名! 詳情可參考中大學生報「中大清潔工友抗爭號外」,已有詳細報導:http://cusp.hk/?p=2163 中大學生會關注清潔工人被強行調遷事件聯署聲明 近日,有四十多名中大清潔工友聯署反對主管部門強行調遷。在該政策下,工友被迫遷往新環境,熟悉新的服務對​像,喪失與拍檔的默契,如此種種皆令工友身心俱疲[註1]。清潔​工友日常工作已承受沉重壓力,不但工作環境惡劣,亦難以​得到尊重。可是管理層卻未見體恤,以行政效率為由推行工​友強烈反對的調遷。本會現呼籲各位同學加入聯署支持工友​,要求校方撤回政策。 這群工友來自物業管理處(EMO)室內清潔組,該組​負責清潔非教學樓。五月尾,室內清潔組助理經理黎凱珊在​無諮詢的情況下通知工友會強行調遷,工友需接受強制抽籤​,中籤工友將被即時調走,以後每兩年一次抽籤。六月初,​室內清潔組54人中有43人聯署反對

318 Created: 2011-07-22 Statistics

Guardian Pass for accompanying minors to DBRC pool and Siena Pool

This is a petition to allow holders of Guardian passes to Discovery Bay Recreation Club and Siena Club access to accompany minors to the clubs pools. As we pay for guardian passes for our helpers they should be allow to use these passes to act as guardians for club members children who wish to use the pool.

222 Created: 2014-06-03 Statistics

Petition for the reduction of speed limit in Tong Fuk Village

Background: In light of the recent accident where a child was hit by a car near the village office on the 24 November 2015, we are petitioning the Hong Kong Transport Department (HKTD) to take action to prevent other such incidents, through the reduction of the current speed limit & the implementation of effective speed control devices. Petition: This petition is to ask HKTD for a reduction in the speed limit from 50km/h to 30km/h on South Lantau Road in the vicinity of Tong Fuk Village. It

220 Created: 2015-11-27 Statistics

Country Park for Hoi Ha now

To:  Dr. Alan Wong - Director Of AFCD;   Dr Leung Siu Fai - Deputy Director of AFCD. Cc:  Mr Thomas Chow, Permanent Secretary for Development (Planning and Lands); Mr K K Ling, Director of Planning; Hon C Y Leung - Chief ExecutiveRe: Hoi Ha enclave status as Country ParkI am writing to inform you of my total objection to the plan to allow development companies to build large numbers of houses inside the country park boundary, especially at Hoi Ha.Given the small size of Hong Kong and the increas

220 Created: 2013-10-23 Statistics

Dedicate Time To Praise God (3-Day Gospel Camp)

The 3-day gospel camp is an annual tradition that our school has held for many years. It is an opportunity for students to praise, worship, and connect with God without distractions from academics. Although the recent developments in Hong Kong have caused a lot of trouble at school, we, the students, still wish to have a three-day gospel camp not only to bond with each other but to focus on God. By signing this petition, I, a student of CAIS, am vouching for a 3 day Gospel Camp and will accept a

127 Created: 2019-11-14 Statistics

Petition urging FISA to preserve lightweight rowing

 Please sign this petition urging:  FISA to work to increase universality in rowing by preserving a significant lightweight program at the Olympic Games, and at the very least to maintain the number of olympic medals for lightweight men’s rowing.    FISA to work to improve gender equality in rowing and to expand opportunities also for women in rowing by adding a women’s lightweight event that would allow as many women as possible to row so to emphasize the characteristics of team spirit that is

8826 Created: 2016-10-19 Statistics