Petition for the reduction of speed limit in Tong Fuk Village

Background: In light of the recent accident where a child was hit by a car near the village office on the 24 November 2015, we are petitioning the Hong Kong Transport Department (HKTD) to take action to prevent other such incidents, through the reduction of the current speed limit & the implementation of effective speed control devices.

Petition: This petition is to ask HKTD for a reduction in the speed limit from 50km/h to 30km/h on South Lantau Road in the vicinity of Tong Fuk Village. It also calls for the implementation of effective speed control measures to ensure drivers abide by the speed limit. For example, the installation of speed cameras such as the one in Pui O, & the addition of speed control/ limiting devices, such as speed humps or speed limiting strips. Lastly, we also request for the installation of warning signs such as the ‘child crossing’ & ‘speed limit’ signs so as to compliment the reduction in speed limit & serve as reminders for drivers to slow down within the vicinity of the village. The residents of Tong Fuk, especially families with young children, as well as students at the Tong Fuk Campus of Lantau International School, would benefit from the increased safety & peace of mind from such measures to increase road safety here. We urge you to sign this petition to request the HKTD take appropriate action to prevent another incident from occurring. Thank you for your consideration.