Petition for the reduction of speed limit in Tong Fuk Village

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2015-11-27 05:13

Because I am a Tong Fuk resident with young children and the speed that vehicles travel through the village is dangerous and unecessary. I do not want to wait until someone is killed before action is taken to try and reduce this likelihood



2015-11-27 05:20

Even before the incident recently I have always been concerned by the general lack of adhering to the speed limit on South Lantau
From general drivers to taxi drivers to buses to trucks - many drive at their chosen speed irrespective of the speed limit



2015-11-27 07:22

Safety for children



2015-11-27 09:17

What needs to happen before the police in South Lantau take their work seriously, and enforce all the driving laws on the books? Does someone have to die before this happens?
Sarah M.

#5 Great concern

2015-11-27 10:29

As a former resident of Tong Fuk, I whole heartedly agree that there should be speed enforcement in the village. I always worried about the excessive speed at which many vehicles traveled through the village and I am very sad to learn that a child was hurt. I hope speed control is enforced quickly and effectively. 



2015-11-27 14:43

Because I have 3 children



2015-11-28 00:10

There has been worries to have accident happened near the school. Sadly it really did. Really sorry for the child who got hit. Hope s/he will get well soon.

I join hands with petition group to ask the transportation department to build speed bump along South Lantau Road espcially where children and cattles are around. This is actually a quick fix that can be done in a short time. Besides, we need the transportation department to find out the reason of the accident so as to avoid future accident. Furthermore, before the government provides enough road facility, TD should not approve the new car permits for Lantau as there have been serious parking problem and cars drives on EVA!



2015-11-28 02:05

As a Tong Fuk resident I urge the Government to take action and reduce the speed limit, and put speed cameras at either end of the village for everyone's safety. 



2015-11-28 06:28

Tong Fuk is a small village filled with people old and young, and many animals - pets and cows. At present, all are in danger from traffic hurtling through the village. More traffic has been encouraged by the government, yet it has done nothing to ensure the safety of residents. The measures called for in this petition are urgent and necessary. The current speed limit does not allow traffic to stop in time in an emergency, as shown by the recent injury to a small child caused by a passing car unable to stop in time. This situation must be rectified.



2015-11-30 07:19

I too was hit by a driver going too fast to react in time. As a result I am VERY cautious when crossing the road. When I visited a friend in Tong Fuk Village I noticed that it's hard to see the cars coming around that curve especially at night and its hard to gauge their speed since its on a curve. Also, cattle cross there as well. It isn't prudent to tie up the street traffic for miles bc some careless driver couldn't slow down in time to keep from hitting a cow.


2015-12-01 09:15

Recently, my son was hit by a car nearby our home (Tong Fuk )a situation all families would fear to be in and it's been a terrible wake up call.  We are so blessed to see him on the road to recovery! 


I would love to get your support and ask if you could help to sign this petition, to help prevent accidents such as this to happen again.


Thank you to our good friends and family for your support!



2015-12-01 11:31

Funny how there's a regular speed camera in yat tung heading from tung Chung to Lantau, dual carriage way, no pedestrians, large median strip and the speed limit is 50km/h, enforced so strictly when really the limit should be atleast 60. While south lantau road, with footpaths on either side, single road each way, disgraceful road condition, throw in a few stray cows and people heading to the beach, yet the limit is 70km/h !! Um wtf! 

Never enforced, roads never mended properly, cows never controlled properly.

Drivers carry the 70km/h speed limit or more through into tong fuk! I am surprised there hasn't been more accidents!

definatly agree there should be something done!

Safety for children, elderly villagers and pets! 



2015-12-01 15:59

I would like to have village successful on rules to be follow and to be model to other villages .


#14 ensure safety

2015-12-02 00:10

ensure safety.



2015-12-05 10:52

for the pulic safety