Letter to HKCE Mrs. Carrie Lam 致特首林鄭月娥

Dear Mrs Lam

After witnessing escalating riots in the past 3 months, we urge you to take following IMMEDIATE action:

- sign Anti-masks bill

- arrest with no bail for rioters or vandalists 

- arrest Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee, Anson Chan, Albert Ho and others for Crime of Treason with no bail

- limit public transportation to HKIA for travellers with valid passport and boarding pass plus employees of airport services

- set up security checks at entrances of all MTR stations

- shut down RTHK

- terminate civil servants such as judges, members of Legislative Council, doctors, nurses, headmasters, teachers etc who are pro-riots or go on strike

- issue press pass by Police Department and arrest with no bail for fake press

- discontinue Liberal Studies


Extreme times call for harsh measures!


As born and raised or migrated Hong Kongers, we are heartbroken that the city we have participated in building in past decades turns to ruins.

We beg you to rule with an iron fist and impose proactive/preventive measures to restore Hong Kong to its former glory sooner rather than later.

Yours sincerely,

A group of Hong Kongers who vouched to Save Hong Kong




- 反蒙面法

- 參加暴動及刑事毁壞者不予保釋

- 以叛國罪拘捕黎智英,陳方安生,李柱銘,何俊仁等及不予保釋

- 往返機場交通工具只容許持有效旅行証件,登機証及機場員工乘搭

- 在所有地鐵店入口進行安檢

- 關閉香港電台

- 解僱支持暴力及罷工罷課公僕,例如法官,立法會議員,醫生,護士,校長及教師等

- 由警方發出記者証。一經拘捕假冒記者,不予保釋

- 取消通識科









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