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Supporting the letter of the Lebanese people to the IMF

النص العربي المترجم في آخر الرسالة The Executive Board International Monetary Fund 700 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20431 United States 27 May 2020 Dear Sirs The signatories of this letter represent a cross-section of civil society and activist groups in Lebanon and abroad, concerned that failure to tackle current issues comprehensively will result in spiraling unemployment, uncontrollable inflation, more social unrest and a severe deterioration in public health and other services. On 1 May 2020,

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Dear Friends and citizens, The Ministry of Culture, The Lebanese Gvt, Lebanese everywhere,a Phoenician port has just been discovered in the Minat al Hosn city center area, on plot 1398, behind the MonroeHotel.A Development firm known as Venus Real Estate Development Co [VRED] plans to build 3 mega towers on plot 1398, a 7510 squ meter project worth 500 million $.For 5 months, the DGA has unearthed considerable archeological finds including 2 parallel canals constituting the port structure.the

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عقد المواطنة بين اللبنانيات واللبنانيين

إن انهيار البلد الذي يعاني الناس من أكلافه وويلاته بوتيرة متسارعة، حتى صار الجوع واقعاً والانتحار خياراً، ليس وليد قرار أو حصيلة شهر أو حتى سنة من الأخطاء والإرباكات، بل نتيجة لسياسات مارستها وتمارسها المنظومة الحاكمة بكل مكوّناتها وبقافلة حكوماتها المتتالية منذ عقود. أما وقد وصلت البلاد إلى ما أوصلتها إليه هذه المنظومة السياسية الجشعة والظالمة بحق الأجيال، وخصوصاً بعد الانفجار/ الجريمة في ٤ آب الذي دلّ على تخلّي البعض من أهمّ مؤسّسات الدولة عن أبسط مسؤولياتها، وعلى عدم اكتراث المسؤولين عنها وك

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Online exams

  Due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic we demand  to take the exams online.  Exams can be taken orally as a current alternative For those who agree please sign this petition so that we can send it to the university administration as soon as possible. 

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PETITION FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS IN LEBANON PRESENTED BY THE THIRD VOICE FOR LEBANON (LEBANESE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL POLICY AND THINK-TANK GROUP) La3emvoix@groups.facebook.com LAWS AND PRACTICES: Lebanon adheres to the United Nations Charter that states that all men are free and equal and have equal rights with no discrimination between men and women. Despite its adherence to the Charter of the United Nations and the signing of international treaties, there is still much discrimination against women b

3637 Created: 2011-11-05 Statistics

for a safe baalbeck

شهدت مدينتنا العزيزة بعلبك، مؤخراً، حوادث إطلاق نار مؤسفة، بعضها حصل في الوسط التجاري، مما أثر سلباً على الحركة التجارية والسياحية بشكل كبير. تهدف هذه العريضة إلى تجميع أكبر عدد ممكن من الأصوات المنددة بهذه الأحداث والمطالبة ببعلبك امنة. وسوف ترسل نسخة من العريضة إلى كلٍ من وزير الداخلية، أستاذ زياد بارود ورئيس بلدية بعلبك، أستاذ هاشم عثمان ومسؤول منطقة البقاع في حزب الله، الحاج محمد ياغي. دعونا نعمل سوياً كشباب غيور على بعلبك ولنوصل استنكارنا لتلك الأفعال المشينة البعيدة كل البعد عن أخلاقنا وعا

233 Created: 2011-02-15 Statistics

Petition to replace + sanction the current Minister of Culture

Petition to remove from his post, replace and sanction the current minister of Culture You are kindly invited to sign the petition that seeks to replace and sanction the current Minister of Culture Mr Gaby Layoun.     The current minister so far:   -     Has Okayed the demolition of Dr Ibrahim Medawar building (known as Amine Maalouf’s childhood home) in badaro, ‘for not meeting the adequate historical, symbolic and architectural heritage criteria’, after previously forbidding its demolition 3

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Tripoli Railway Station

FRIENDS OF TRIPOLI RAILWAY STATION we believe that the Tripoli railway station must be classified as a historical monument by the Lebanese Ministry of Culture.A museum dedicated to the memory of the “Orient Express” must be created inside the site.The “Orient Express” was a train that links Tripoli to Paris through Europe at the beginning of the twentieth century... أصدقاء محطة القطار في طرابلس نحن نؤمن بأنّ على وزارة الثقافة اللبنانية تصنف محطة القطار في طرابلس كمعلم تاريخي.يجب تأسيس متحف مخصص

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The opening of the cafeteria for Dine-in.

The closure of the cafeteria and the cyber cafe has caused formation of clusters in lounges and at gates. while the university insists on on-campus learning, the least students can get is a place to eat other than the cold spaces and the crowded lounges. Despite sending numerous emails regarding this issue , the Student Council wasn't able to reopen the cafeteria even with 50% capacity.  if you agree on the reopening of the cafeteria with 50% capacity , please sign this petition.  

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An open letter from the Lebanese people to the United Nations Saturday, 23rd May 2020 In 1979, Iran declared the “International Quds Day” celebrated on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan. On this occasion, on May 22, 2020, Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech in which he declared: “Our real battle is against the United States of America.” What is important to us as Lebanese people is to state that these words do not reflect our aspirations and contradict o

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