Most popular petitions in Lebanon in 2017

  • Country: Lebanon
  • Language: English
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Help Marc change his barber

In the last couple of months, Marc's haircuts have been (sadly) amusing. Although Marc does not mind criticism, it is time for him to change. His closest friends feel threatened by his situation. Indeed, his New-York based friend, Mayssa Ackawi, said:"Marc ressemble à un coq".Help Marc and his friends. Sign this petition.

Created: 2017-03-01 Statistics

Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play Lobo

After seeing him in so many grey area characters w how he portrays characters such as The Comedian and Negan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the perfect choice for Lobo. He has very similar features and his voice and manniarism are on point*.* He just needs to get ripped and he's perfect for him*.* So please DC, Warner Bros, Goeff Jhons and everyone else get Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play Lobo*.*

Created: 2017-05-12 Statistics

Tripoli Railway Station

FRIENDS OF TRIPOLI RAILWAY STATION we believe that the Tripoli railway station must be classified as a historical monument by the Lebanese Ministry of Culture.A museum dedicated to the memory of the “Orient Express” must be created inside the site.The “Orient Express” was a train that links Tripoli to Paris through Europe at the beginning of the twentieth century... أصدقاء محطة القطار في طرابلس نحن نؤمن بأنّ على وزارة الثقافة اللبنانية تصنف محطة القطار في طرابلس كمعلم تاريخي.يجب تأسيس متحف مخصص

Created: 2011-06-02 Statistics