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Online Mode of Examination

All the People knows the exact problems and issues why its very difficult for students' to go on with this physical examination starting from this hazardous virus to transportation and accommodation. It started online everything and thus students are embedded with the knowledge from online and is to be precise little bit unfair to all the students. We the students don't demand to do everything as we wished and demand for but to just look up on the matters and do the same.

Created: 2021-11-18 Statistics

Reduction of Fees for 2nd year LLB Students YCLC

The pandemic has been tough on a majority of the population and we, the students of YCLC, are no different.  Given the impact of Coronavirus and the current circumstances families are drastically affected financially. Most of the students are unemployed fending themselves for their livelihood. Some students are hailing from rural areas and finding it difficult to make ends meet with the prevailing situation at hand. Unfortunately, our college is asking us to pay a full semester fee with exorbita

Created: 2021-10-27 Statistics

Campus Reopening For Freshers

With the delay of about a month from normal years this year’s classes, in online mode, in our esteemed university commenced on 15th oct succeeding a weeklong orientation providing us with the detailed knowledge about the working of our university. After having to go through a year long of online education in class 12th and unplanned cancellation of the board examination in various state as well as central board, we students strongly believe that university education, which shapes our future, nee

Created: 2021-11-17 Statistics

Inclusion of financial literacy in middle school curriculum.

Financial Literacy is essential for the development of a country. Finance is a part of everyday life, and therefore understanding it shouldn't be a luxury.  Hence, I urge CBSE to include more skill-based subjects in the middle school 5th grade onwards) curriculum, covering all the basics of finance required for day-to-day life. This is to further establish financial stability and security in the general population of our country.

Created: 2021-08-18 Statistics

Request to expedite the process for grant of aviation NOC to M/s Hagwood commercial Developers Pvt Ltd Nagpur in their project known as Prozon Plams

    Request all of you to  go through the petition and sign it to make sure to unify our strenght in expiditing the NOC for project Prozon plams

Created: 2021-10-26 Statistics


Comments/Suggestions/Objections to the Proposed Amendments to the 'Forest Conservation Act, 1980' The history and perspective behind the 'Forest Laws' in India date back to the colonial exploitation of India's Forest Lands. It was under the British when extensive Forest Lands were disturbed and deforestation peaked, in order to gather timber for the British.  Under the circumstances, it had become an urgent necessity, post independence to reform and amend the exploitative and problematic imperia

Created: 2021-10-16 Statistics

Language problem due to the new NEP 2020

In the National Education Policy 2020, language is a negative factor as there is a problematic teacher to student ratio in India, thus introducing mother languages for each subject in academic institutes is a problem. Sometimes, finding a competent teacher becomes a problem and now another challenge comes with the introduction of the NEP 2020, which is bringing study material in mother languages.

Created: 2021-09-27 Statistics


TO  THE PRINCIPAL, Paramedical Institute Of Kolkata  4th Floor,1/504,Gariahat Road,Jodhpur Park, Kolkata, West Bengal-700068 Date - 24/8/2021     Subject - Hariyana Offline Exam Cancel & Application for online exam permission. Respected Madam,                                With due respect and humble submission we beg to state that we are the students of B.SC and DIPLOMA  second semister in your reputed institution.        We are unable to give our offline exam in Hariyana due to covid-19 s

Created: 2021-08-24 Statistics

Reducing the amount of notes given to write on daily basis. As no time is left for self study

We the students of class 11 kendriya vidyalaya hpcl jagiroad, request you to reduce the amount of notes given on daily basis as we are unable for self study. Daily there are 5 classes and we are expected to write down all the notes of those five subject daily. Every day at least 1 chapter is completed and we have to write all the notes for that chapter and copies are checked often. Exams are nearby and all our time is going in writing those notes.No amount of self study is possible after writing

Created: 2021-09-21 Statistics

Switch of faculty regarding anatomy demonstration classes

To, Dean of Academics, We the students of Batch C (Rollno.101-150)hereby want to draw your concern regarding a growing issue. We are unable to follow the anatomy demonstration classes taken by respected Prof.Dr.Ajay Babu Sir.Since day one the classes regarding the topic Head Neck Brain We are unable to interpret and understand well from sir's lectures. So it is a request if u can kindly arrange for alternate faculties available for taking our upcoming lectures,we will be highly obliged. Looking

Created: 2021-09-03 Statistics