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NEET MDS 2021 Counselling

 NEET MDS 2021 exam was conducted on December 16, 2020. The result of NEET MDS was declared on December 31, 2020. Its been 5 months since the candidates have  eagerly waited for the counselling process to begin we know Covid 19 pandemic has griped the nation but its not appropriate to stop the counselling indefinitely and put our lives and all our hardwork to be wasted .  It has taken a lot of focus, dedication, and appropriate preparation for giving the exam waiting for another 4 months would w

Created: 2021-05-04

Time period All countries India
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7 days 72 72


THE DIRECTOR, NSHM KNOWLEDGE CAMPUS, 124, B.L. Saha Road, Tollygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal Date: 5/5/2021 Respected Authorities,   Subj: Petition for extending the deadline for fee payment and                                                  possibly reduction of the fee amount for the facilities that                                              are not availed by the students during this lockdown                                                      period.                                       

Created: 2021-05-06

Time period All countries India
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7 days 65 65

Plight of Doctors

We the students of RAC Bareilly bach 2014 are going through immense mental trauma and we feel helpless as in spite of everything we could do to fulfill our dream to serve humanity as doctors we are stuck in the cobweb. We had completed our internship in the month of March itself but in spite of registering on the website of the Board for a permanent registration number, we were denied the permanent registration number as we were informed that our University is not registered in CCIM. We have don

Created: 2021-05-05

Time period All countries India
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7 days 59 58

Covid-19 third wave predicted, Oxygen plant required in Aligarh

THIRD WAVE OF CORONA IS EXPECTED SOON, THIS WILL HIT OUR CHILDREN, IS ALIGARH READY FOR IT?? Recently, oxygen gas cylinders are being used a lot due to the worldwide epidemic like Coronavirus. People are dying because of this shortage. Due to increasing corona patients day by day, there is a shortage of oxygen cylinders in many hospitals. In such a situation, WE NEED OXYGEN PLANT IN OUR CITY SO THAT THERE IS NO BREAK IN OXYGEN SUPPLY. Land is already available in center of city as recently afte

Created: 2021-05-06

Time period All countries India
All time 58 56
7 days 58 56


মাননীয়, শিক্ষামন্ত্রী ড.পার্থ চট্টোপাধ্যায়,                     বিষয় : দশম ও দ্বাদশ শ্রেণির পরীক্ষা পদ্ধতি পরিবর্তনের আবেদন। মহাশয়,         করোনা প্রাক্কালে যখন CBSE,ICSE এবং অন্যান্য State Board দশম শ্রেণির পরীক্ষা বাতিল ও দ্বাদশ শ্রেণির পরীক্ষা স্থগিত করেছে, তখন আমাদের রাজ্যে এই দুই শ্রেণির পরীক্ষা নেওয়ার জন্য প্রস্তুতি চরম পর্যায়ে।দেশে ও রাজ্যে করোনা পরিস্থিতি আশঙ্কাজনক এবং আমাদের পরীক্ষার জন্য বেশ কিছুটা সময় থাকলেও করোনা পরিস্থিতি আমাদের যথেষ্ট আতঙ্কিত করায় এই পরিস্থিতিতে আমাদের পক্ষে স্কুল

Created: 2021-05-02

Time period All countries India
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7 days 52 51

We Want Esports in Indian Schools

There are numerous benefits for students and they are wide ranging;  Students will develop better social skills Esports help student develop competencies based upon the games they are playing. Many esports are team based games that require communication and collaboration between players making them work together to develop strategies to to build winning strategies and understand the importance of good sportsmanship. Puzzle games help student learn problem solving skills and all games demand quic

Created: 2021-05-04

Time period All countries India
All time 25 24
7 days 25 24

Cancel board exams 2021 India

As we all know following the tragedies caused by the pandemic in the previous year, India has taken a major slump economically. Even though there is a surge of covid in the country, the government hasn't taken any measure to cancel the board exams. It is very dissappointing that even in such circumstances a students marks and grades are valued more than their lives.  To make things clear, here are the problems, which we students have faced throughout the pandemic: 1. Half of the year was wasted

Created: 2021-05-03

Time period All countries India
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7 days 22 22


Ayurveda and other Indian traditional medical systems are crying for investment & marketing. We want Ayurveda hospitals everywhere along with other traditional medicinal systems.

Created: 2020-07-09

Time period All countries India
All time 2525 2455
7 days 12 12

Plastic free environment

What’s Bad About Plastic Bags? Plastic bags are not biodegradable. They fly off trash piles, garbage trucks, and landfills, and then clog stormwater infrastructure, float down waterways, and spoil the landscape.If all goes well, they end up in proper landfills where they could take hundreds of years to break down into ever smaller particles that will continue to pollute the soil and water.Animals think they are food for them. Let us save their lives and stop using plastic as much as possible. Le

Created: 2021-05-03

Time period All countries India
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7 days 11 11

Cancel Class 12th boards exams

Due to increase in the number of cases of covid - 19 I here by requested honourable prime minister sh NARENDRA DAMODARDAS MODI ji to look upon this matter very seriously as each life in india matters and we children are the future of the country and we children of class 12th appeal to cancel the board exams due to the increase in corona cases for our as well as the safety of our parents and the people living around us in our colonies and society and i request my fellow students to sign the above

Created: 2021-04-25

Time period All countries India
All time 42 41
7 days 10 10